Food Wars Season 6: Confirmed Release Date, Plot, and More Updates

Food Wars season 6 release date

Food Wars was undoubtedly one of the intense and delicious anime with all the food recipes and the tension going on between each episode. But there is no season 6 for Food Wars yet.

So, the question is, Will there be Food Wars season 6? Or is the Food Wars season 6 release date announced already? In this article, we’ll reveal all the details to you.

Food Wars Season 6 Release Date!

Although Food Wars season 5 felt a bit rushed, the ending was extremely satisfying, seeing how Nakiri fell for Soma and how he reached the pinnacle of cooking. However, what is the continuation of the story?

Well, most likely, Nakiri Erina will marry Soma in the future, and he’ll run his family’s diner since that’s what his most important goal to begin with. So, since the story has officially ended, we won’t be getting another season.

Will There be Food Wars Season 6?

Food Wars Season 6 Release Date!

To determine whether Food Wars gets another season, we need to consider three main factors: It’s popularity, past performance, and source material.

Popularity: Food Wars popularity is undeniably immense and even after five seasons, people tend to re-watch previous seasons.

Past Performance: Past Performance refers to no. of sales, and although we’re not sure on overall sales, to say it performed extremely well is not an exaggeration.

Source Material: Source Material refers to the source from where the anime adapted the story from, like manga, games, and light novels. In this anime’s case, it is manga and unfortunately, Food Wars manga ended and anime completely adapted it through the end.

Food Wars Manga Continuation!

food wars manga

As we mentioned above, Food Wars manga has come to an end and anime adapted until the every last chapter. So, there isn’t really any more story you can get from reading the manga.

However, season 5 felt quite rushed, and it’d make sense to read manga from there. You can start reading the manga from Chapter 264 if you felt season 5 wasn’t satisfying enough. We’ll also link a reading source for you if in case you don’t have one.

Food Wars Season 6 Trailer!

Since there is no official confirmation of Food Wars season 6, it is not logical to expect a trailer or teaser. So, we don’t have a trailer yet but in case, if in the future, through a sheer miracle, we get a season 6 or an OVA, we’ll make sure to update it here.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, we won’t be getting another season of Food Wars anytime soon or forever. The reason being—manga of Food Wars has reached an end of the story. The most we can expect now is a couple of OVAs or a reboot for fifth season.

However, it is difficult to get a reboot, but we do have a chance of getting a few OVAs if the franchise feels like doing it. So, you can find another delicious food-themed anime instead of clinging on to false hope expecting to get it another season.

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