Futsal Boys!!!! Anime Gets Rescheduled to January 2022!

futsal boys anime release date

In the recent live stream for “SalBo Channel!!!!” program for Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bandai Namco Arts, and diomedea, Futsal Boys!!!! Project announced to be rescheduled for January 2022.

Although the staff announced before in August about the rescheduling of the anime, there wasn’t an exact date, but now we know that it will release in January 2022. The franchise also released a new key visual.

The key visual shows the story’s main leads Seiichiro Sakaki and Haru Yamato. You can view it here:

futsal boys anime key visual

The cast will be competing in the tournament event related to the anime on December 29. At Tokyo’s Futsal Stage, the cast will participate and amuse the fans, and there is also a drawing for the free tickets on November 28 to attend the event, and a live stream has been planned as well.

The crew members of the anime include:

  • Tamaki Higashi as Embellishment
  • Tomomi Ishikawa as Character Designer
  • Hitomi Tsuruta as Sub-Character Designer
  • Si Man Wei as Art Director
  • Hironori Nochi as Color Key Artist
  • Akari Saito as Editor
  • Yukie Yamamoto as 3D Director
  • Maho Takahashi and Toshiki Kaizu as Art Setting crew
  • Yasuyuki Itou as Compositing Director of Photgraphy
  • Ryousuke Naya as Sound Director

There was also a smartphone game for anime which was delayed since anime couldn’t be aired in time. However, it is still listed to air this year.

futsal boys anime key visual

The cast members include:

  • Ryouta Takara as Haru Yamato
  • Shuto Ishimori as Seiichiro Sakaki
  • Kohei Yoshiwara as Toi Tsukioka
  • Kazuki Furuta as Ryu Nagumo
  • Ryotaro Yamaguchi as Tsubaki Yukinaga
  • Hiromu Mineta as Louis Kashiragi
  • Yasunao Sakai as Taiga Amakado
  • Yuya Arai as Shin Yuki
  • Junpei Baba as Kaito Kazanin
  • Satoru Murakami as Takumi Kuga
  • Tomoya Yamamoto as Tomoe Futaba
  • Naoya Miyase as Sei Kyogoku
  • Kazuki Ura as Kyosuke Aiba
  • Keita Tada as Rio Hanamura
  • Minato Kamimura as Yukimaru Kurama
  • Mizuki Chiba as Natsuki Sogo
  • TAKA as Ren Kiryu
  • Takao Sakuma as Nozomi Komori
  • Shoichiro Omi as Togo Tachibana
  • Nobuaki Oka as Shun Shirakawa
  • Takeru Kikuchi as Asa Minase
  • Keito Okuyama as Ao Asahina
  • Ayato Morinaga as Ayato Imazono
  • Takuya Tsuda as Soya Akiduki
  • Sousuke Shimokawa as Ryutar Sera
  • Takahide Ishii as Ryosuke Minase
  • Tsubasa Kizu as Saku Hasumi

Well, the project plans to release an anime, smartphone game, and as a bonus, the actual futsal matches between the cast. In case if you’re unaware of Futsal, it is a similar game to soccer but played indoors instead of in a huge playground.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork!

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