Haikyuu!! Final Unveils the Film’s Title and Logo

Haikyuu final movie news
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The title of Haikyuu!’s final movie is here and logo as a bonus.

Haikyuu anime is preparing to bring the franchise to an end, as the new Final anime film Title and Logo were revealed on the official Twitter page of the franchise.

The final film will showcase the climactic battle between Karasuno and Nekoma High, which will follow the events of the fourth season.

While the anime had four seasons, and most fans expected there would be a fifth season, sadly, it didn’t happen. The remainder of the anime will be continued and concluded in the Final two movies.


A shonen and slice of life anime series, Haikyuu, follows the story of a Junior high school student, Shoyo Hinata, who has recently become obsessed with Volleyball after watching a rival school on National television. His drive to become a volleyball player knows no bounds. Fixated to emulate a player called by the commentators “The Little Giant.” Haikyuu will follow the journey of Shoyo Hinata and his team.

Haikyuu, being a slice of life anime and a shonen manga at its core, is one of the best sports anime out there. Its end might be a significant blow to fans, while some may still find solace knowing that there will be a Haikyuu festa party in 2023 in Japan where you can attend the anime cast’s original script reading, written by the creator of Haikyuu himself, Haruichi Furudate.

Source: Crunchyroll News

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