The Popular School-Live Manga Gets Sequel in June 2020!

School-Live manga
Image Credits: Manga Time Kirara Forward

If you’re a fan of Slice of Life manga, then you must have read School-Live manga by now. Or at least you might’ve heard about it. The anime series of School-Live manga is pretty famous in the prefecture of Slice of Life and Zombie genre. Just in case, if you haven’t read the manga, we’d suggest you watch the anime at least because the anime has so many things that can push your excitement towards manga. Well, let’s not brag much about that. Shall we get into the news?

School-Live manga Gets Sequel!

Recently, the official Twitter account of Manga Time Kirara of Hobunosha magazines revealed that the School-Live manga would get a Sequel starting by the last week of June. The title of the upcoming sequel is going to be Gakko Gurashi! Otayori. The story of this Sequel includes the unrevealed mysteries that happen at the end of the previous manga. According to the info, most likely, the Sequel of manga will release on June 24.

School-Live manga
Image Credits: Manga Time Kirara Forward

The manga of School-Live launched in Manga Time Kirara Forward in 2012 by Kaiho and Chiba. 12th and the final compiled volume of the manga have shipped on January 10, 2020. So, at least they came up with a sequel manga which grants us with the logic behind the cliffhanger of the previous manga. If you want to read the manga in English, make sure to visit Yen Press.

“The story of School-Live manga follows the members of a club who have fun together after school. These members include Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yuri Wakasa, club advisor Megumi Sakura and optimistic Yuki Takeya. But soon, they stuck in school alone where a zombie apocalypse occurs.”

The manga also inspired an anime series with 12 episodes that premiered in 2015. And you can watch it in Crunchyroll since it streamed all Episodes as they aired. But later, HIDIVE also started streaming the anime in both sub and dub versions. Make sure to watch it wherever you’re comfortable with and what are your thoughts on School-Live manga? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Watch School-Live on Crunchyroll

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