Fourth Season of Seven Deadly Sins Anime has been Delayed to COVID-19!

seven deadly sins season 4

One of the most hyped and also one of the disappointing season of 2020 is Seven Deadly Sins season 3. It did disappoint us in terms of animation, but when it comes to storyline, the third season is far the best of the series.

But we still loved it even though the last season of Seven Deadly Sins didn’t reach our expectations. When the creator announced the fourth season of the series, everyone thought it would be amazing instead of ending like the previous season.

That’s a relief because the last season’s negativity didn’t affect the upcoming season much. Let’s get into the news to know more about the forthcoming season of Seven Deadly Sins.

New Seven Deadly Sins Anime Delays!

According to the official website of the Seven Deadly Sins anime, the upcoming season of the anime (Seven Deadly Sins: Anger’s Judgement)  has postponed due to COVID-19. The product committee also announced the same news through their official twitter accounts. Previously, it was destined to premiere in October, but considering the current announcement, we might have to wait for a while.

The anime’s official Twitter account and website will announce a new release date soon. And the new anime series will premiere on TV Tokyo’s channels and BS-TV Tokyo. And as per the cast, the staff of the previous seasons is continuing their works with the new season of Seven Deadly Sins.

seven deadly sins season 4

Even though they stated that manga ended back in March, it is going to get a sequel titled Mokushiroku no Yon-kishi, which is The Four Knights of Apocalypse when translated to English. But this sequel manga is likely to be based on one of the four horsemen Tristan.

The animation studio for the upcoming season is the same as the previous one- Studio DEEN. But this time, they didn’t rush like the last season and also collaborated with a Korean studio. So, most likely, we’ll get a fantastic season soon. Anyway, let’s hope it to be the best of the series.

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