The Eminence in Shadow TV Anime Confirmed for 2022 & More Info!

The Eminence in Shadow anime release date

The Eminence in Shadow titled “Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!” in Japanese is a pretty famous light novel written by Daisuke Aizawa. So, there has been important news regarding the light novel.

The official website of The Eminence of Shadow anime adaptation announced the anime’s release date and revealed a teaser, visual, cast, and crew.

The anime will be premiering in 2022, although we’re not currently aware of the exact release date. In any case, here are further details regarding the anime.


Key Visual:

The Eminence of Shadow Key Visual

The Staff members of the anime include:

  • Director: Kazuya Nakanishi (was Chief Animation Director for Darwin’s Game)
  • Original Character Designer: Touzai
  • Character Designer: Makoto Lino (Adapting the character designs from Touzai)
  • Script Writer: Kanichi Katou (Previously worked on Black Clover and Those Snow White Notes)
  • Animation Studio: Nexus

If you’re not aware of the plot, here is a little synopsis for you:

Shadow brokers go unnoticed all the time, but in reality, they’re the people who control everything from behind the scenes. Sid wants to become one of them and trains every day in secret but unfortunately dies in interaction with Truck-kun (a traffic accident). However, he wakes up in another world and immediately finds himself in between a battle of an evil organization. He finally gets his chance to finish his dream!

I haven’t read this light novel, but from the reviews I’ve seen, it seems like a pretty good one. So, I’m excited to watch the anime when it premieres. What about you? For more updates like these, stay tuned on Anime Ukiyo!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork!

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