Tower of God Anime’s Adaption Sets for Spring 2020.

Tower of God

Even though there are a bunch of anime shows out there, anime fans are always looking for the new worthy anime. It seems like God has answered our prayers. Tokyo is a house of manga writers and an opportunity for the foreign writers as well. You are not getting what I’m talking, am I right?. Well, you will find it as you go through the news.

“Tower of God” is a remarkable web manga that relatively has a premise plot, but with its seamless blend of backgrounds, it came back to life. Apart from these astounding manga visuals, it does have a great storyline and always keeps you excited to the very end. Even though webtoons haven’t got much recognition in the west, it feels right at least it’s getting a little attention in other regions. This Korean webtoon is finally getting an anime adaption, which involves a whole lot of in-depth stories and improvised characters.

As for the information on manga, with its webtoon being a significant hit on the market, we can expect that it won’t be an anime like those 12-episode adaptions where everything is rushy until the end. And the fans know how much potential it has. If it is executed well, it could easily be one of the best anime series over the world, but I hope they wouldn’t mess it up. We might not know the exact details like production and cast, but here is everything that we know about the first season so far.

When is ‘Tower of God’ going to premiere?

With its adaption from one of the most liked web manga, the ‘Tower of God’ anime is anticipated for a very long time. People who are familiar with the manga would know the depth and potential of the first arc. And the good news is, the wait is finally over, and the adaption reveals that it is scheduled to release in Spring 2020. And the official Twitter page of the anime shows a new visual of the anime which might spice you up. You can check it below.

Kami no Tou: Tower of God – Plot

The story of the Tower of God follows a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who spent most of his life trapped beneath a mysterious tower with his friend Rachel. One beautiful day, Rachel decides to climb to the top of the tower by seeing a glimpse of the starry sky. Bam, who is the only person ever cared about her, chooses to accompany her towards her dream. To clear each floor in the tower, they have to face new rivals and obstacles, which make it hard to achieve. With this motive, the story becomes quite interesting, and it shows character development, as seen in the webtoon.

And even the original voice episodes are great with subtitles; some people still prefer English dub. So, the question is, when will the anime release its dubbed episodes?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding its English dub, but with its popularity over the world, we can definitely expect a dub from the production, and probably we’ll have to wait for Funimation or Crunchyroll to announce the details. As soon as the news gets out regarding the dub and its precise information, we’ll be sure to update them. If you want to check out the original web manga, you can find on the website – Webtoon.

In the past, there were some petitions about making this manga into an anime series. Well, it seems like it worked out. Those petitions are proof that the anime is going to bring major influence in the anime community. So, let’s hope for the best and Stay tuned for more updates!

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