10 Best BL Novels to Read If You’re into Guys!

Best BL Novels

BL is a genre targeted at both girls and gay fandom. Even if some people don’t appreciate or feel them as worthy, we think they are as beautiful as the romance between a man and a woman.

So, with those genuine feelings in mind, we have compiled a list of the best BL novels that you might be interested in reading and without any definitive ranking!

BL/Yaoi Light Novels List!

Heaven Official’s Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing

Xie Lan ascended to the heavens for the third time after becoming a laughingstock among his peers. On his first task, he meets a mysterious person who is feared by both ghosts and gods. It seems this person has been eyeing Xie Lan for a long time. Could he perchance have any hidden motives?

Heaven Official’s Blessing is a truly blessed story for the people who love BL stories. The main leads are so cute together and the backstories will put you in tears. The romance is off the charts, and it would hurt you physically, since you won’t be stopping yourself from reading it.

Look At Me

Look at Me Yaoi

Heerak came to his senses, he was passionately making out with a man who he thought was an omega. However, the man was nowhere to be seen in the morning. Soon, he finds out that the man is actually a beta and what’s worse is, he is an employee at his company. Can he control his desires in front of him?

Look At me was a sensual and soft romance novel. The main characters are so considerate with each other, and you won’t be coming across any forcible/violent scenes. The story is so captivating that you cannot stop yourself from craving more. If you’re looking for bl Korean light novels, try this one out.

Immoral Darkness

Immoral Darkness

Meguru Shina gets ravished by his math teacher Sasakawa in a train station’s bathroom. Ever since then, Shina is starved by the love and eventually, gets drawn to Sasakawa’s sweet talks. Will he get love he is craving for?

Immoral Darkness is not a sweet love story, but an intense and mature one. It tells you about loneliness, desire, and how people act when they’re in need. Regardless, the story is well-written, and the romance is pretty good too.

Passion: Forbidden Lovers

Passion: Forbidden Lovers

Hikaru is in love with his teacher, Shima. Just like every desperate lover, he traps Shima in an empty classroom and seduces him. After thinking about what he has done, he asks for a way to atone instead of getting turned in to the authorities. Then, Shima decides to become a “make-believe” lover until Hikaru graduates.

Passion: Forbidden Lovers is a gentle love story between a teacher and a student. The story isn’t predictable and well-written. You’ll get absorbed into the novel from the very first page, and might even read it in one go. If you’re looking for some good bl manga novels (yes), this one is for you.

The Soldier and the Samurai

The Soldier and the Samurai

Kanno Sakamoto, a Yakuza, gets released from the institution on the orders of the Oishi Noburu clan and finds himself at the mercy of a trio. He is forced to marry the boss’s daughter and had to run as the governor for the elections. Even though it seems like a great opportunity, he is heading into something really dangerous.

The Soldier and the Samurai don’t really fit the context, does it? Contrary to your expectations, the main character’s traits match the title, and you can’t get enough of his charming anti-hero version.

The story explores the darkest atmosphere of politics and yakuza, so you won’t be getting any lovey-dovey moments. Nevertheless, if you’re into yaoi light novels, you’ll enjoy reading it.

Yes, No, or Maybe?

Yes, No, or Maybe?

Kunieda Kei is a rising star in the evening news who is loved by many viewers. However, his private is quite the contrary. He hid his hot-tempered and prickly personality from his professional career. An encounter with a motion animator reveals his true self, and he’s afraid it might ruin his career. But what if the person actually begins to accept and love both of his sides?

Yes, No, or Maybe? is a fun and light-hearted read with countless fluffy moments. There is really nothing groundbreaking with the premise, but you’ll enjoy reading it nevertheless. If you’re looking for cute bl light novels, it is just what you need now.

Caged Slave

Caged Slave

Tsukasa has fallen for his boss, yes, the one where secretaries fall for their aspiring bosses. However, when his boss gets married to the company president’s daughter, he faces heartbreak.

Feeling lonely, he hits a bar and somehow hooks up with a beautiful man who gives him immense pleasure. But the man doesn’t reveal his name. What could be the reason?

One of the best things you’ll notice in this yaoi novel is the story. It is well-written without any confusion, and the romance is off the charts. It is steamy and makes you feel like having a hook-up as the main character did.

The Aristocrat and the Desert Prince

The Aristocrat and Desert Prince

Being the youngest son of a wealthy family, Takeyuki never had any hardships in his life. However, he gets kidnapped when visiting his brother in Cassina and gets saved by a mysterious man who seems to be staring at him since his journey.

When they make a back trip across the desert to reach their destination, they both form an unusual relationship. But can Takeyuki trust him?

Everyone loves bl novels that hook us up right from the beginning. This one belongs to the same category, as you’ll never stop reading it after a couple of chapters.

It gives the Arabian Nights vibe with gay romance, and the chemistry between the characters is quite exquisite. If you’re looking for a unique bl novel, it is right up your alley.

Fall of the Demon Prince

The Fall of Demon Prince

In the Continent of Tiandi, there lies a village named Jinwei where Lu Xiao grew up as a locked bird in a cage due to his illness. However, when a disaster struck the village, a handsome man arrived and took away Lu Xiao. What could be his reason?

It is not so often we come across such a cute and fluffy boys’ love Chinese novel, and that’s the more reason why you should read it. If you’re into wuxia/xianxia bl novels, we highly recommend you try this one before even going for other titles.

The Sundered

The Sundered

Physician Yuu Kisaragi has a crush on his colleague Hasunuma, but he never returned his feelings. To distract himself, he seeks pleasure in the bar every night. When he meets a man named Kanesaki, he expects a good relationship, but fate seems to have different plans.

This yaoi novel is a bit slow to pick up steam, but once it does, it can be immensely pleasing. It has a lot of emotion with engaging characters and story. So, make sure to keep a box of tissues by side before diving into this bl novel with a tragedy tag.

Concluding BL Novels!

We might not be huge fans of bl novels, but we have read our fair share of this beautiful and unusual relationship-themed books. So, this is the list we’ve come up after going through numerous titles.

Although 90% of the titles aren’t much popular among the fandom, we found them to be very intriguing. So, if you have any queries, do mention them in the comment section below.

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