13 Greatest Isekai Manga Recommendations You’ll Ever See!

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  • A Second Time for an Other World Summoning
  • The Seed of Evolution
  • Gekokujyo Program by a Child Prodigy Sefiria

When it comes to isekai manga or anime, the audience feels as if they are really transported to another world (metaphorically speaking).

But that’s the central theme in these isekai manga where the MC gets transported to another world and becomes overpowered, or if the concept takes a different route, it might be the opposite as well.

This genre has been a popular one for many years, but recently, with light novels and web novels, there has been a significant rise in popularity. Taking a simple concept of setting the environment in the other world, more isekai manga are evolving day by day.

If you’ve read a few isekai mangas, then the recommendations we present are pretty rare to find. So, without any bragging, shall we get into this fantastic world of isekai manga?

Best Isekai Manga to Read!

13. Wiseman’s Grandchild

Wiseman's Grandchild- best isekai manga

“A young man who died in an accident was reborn in another world but as a baby. Then a sage known as Merlin Wolford raises him and names him Shin. Merlin passes his teachings to him and makes him a powerful man.

But when he reaches the age of 15, he realizes that he taught him everything but common sense. Now begins the journey of an abnormal hero in the fantasy world. Well, we think this isekai manga is recommendable to you.”

Wiseman’s Grandchild can be suited for both isekai manga fans as well as new readers of isekai. The plot is excellent, actually, but it is predictable to a point. However, the best thing about this isekai manga is that it gets better over time.

New readers seek something new, and this isekai manga offers exactly what a reader wishes. Don’t you think it’s quite convenient? Well, besides the plot, it also has decent character development. So, if you’re looking for a good isekai manga to get rid of your boredom, then it is for you.

12. The Berserker Rises to Greatness

The Berserker Rises to Greatness- best isekai manga

“First off, the MC gets transported to another world and loses memories about the previous world. He steadily gets stronger, but he is not a hero. He does it because he fell in love with the summoning goddess and wants to summon her.

But to do that, his stats need to be high. Before he knew it, he becomes incredibly strong, and as you can expect, the real journey begins now. If you think the plot is not so attractive, then believe in our words and give this isekai manga a try.”

Starting our list with one of the most predictable and lovable isekai manga, we present you with this one. The Berserk Rises to Greatness is kind of rare since the story seems stupid in the beginning, but if you go through the chapters, you’ll realize its greatness.

The best thing is you won’t be witnessing any complex character building, and it merely takes you on an incredible ride. So, if you’re looking for a simple but great isekai manga, then this one is made for you.

11. A Veterinarian in Another World

A Veterinarian in Another World- best isekai manga

“Kazami Shingo is summoned to another world and not as a hero but as a veterinarian. The purpose was to make the world more prosperous. However, don’t underestimate it just because it looks like a cute little game because the world has dragons, monsters, and many different races.

Even so, the MC becomes a public servant who helps with autopsies, improving agriculture, and making medicine; the story depicts it in the best way. Now, the question is how Kazami Shingo turns his new home into a prosperous one?”

You might’ve heard about a hero in the isekai world or a villain in the isekai world, but who is this veterinarian in another world? There’s a similar isekai manga like this known as Exterminator, and it is worth trying if you like this.

The reason we include this manga on our list is it has the best balance in writing, narration, and character development. The story itself is pretty good, and the art is decent. So, if you think you can watch a unique one in the isekai genre, then you must try this one.

10. Welcome to Japan Ms.Elf

Welcome to Japan Ms.Elf- best isekai manga

“Kazuhiro Kitase likes to sleep a lot and also enters a wondrous world to have thrilling adventures. One day he goes on an adventure with an elf girl, and when he wakes up, he finds the elf girl sleeping next to him. Is he still in his dream? Absolutely not.

The elf girl from his dreams is in his world, and now he has to take her on new adventures in Japan. Isn’t the concept amazing? Make sure you add this fantastic isekai manga to your list.”

From any other isekai manga you’ve read, this one will be unique and surprising. It’s not only about the plot, but the whole presentation of the manga is unique. The artwork is topnotch, and the character designs bring life to the manga.

When we meant it is unique from other isekai manga, it not only differs from the storyline but also in other aspects. So, if you want something unique to read and gives you a good another world manga experience, then try this one.

9. Knight’s & Magic

Knight's &Magic- best isekai manga

“Reincarnated after his death, an otaku encounters his new life in a world where magical robot knights are the main weapons for warfare. His interest in mecha anime lets him set a path to become a Knight Runner who pilots these mecha knight robots.

With his new dream, Eru, along with his childhood friends Archid and Adeltrud, strives to become the greatest Knight Runner. This fascinating story will always make you wonder what will happen next.”

If you’re going to be reincarnated in another world, don’t you think it’ll be better to have your lifelong dream come true? With his experience as a coder, Eru learns a powerful way of using magic by becoming a Knight Runner.

I guess you can relate to yourselves that most Otakus want to live in such a world. So, if you’re interested in reading an incredible isekai manga with some good action, then you can go on with it.

8. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody- best isekai manga

“Suzuki Ichirou is a twenty-nine-year-old programmer who gets transported into an RPG fantasy world. He becomes a 15-year old boy, and at first, he thinks he’s in a dream, but when a few incidents make him believe that he is in a different world.

Soon he gets a lot stronger and gets bored of leveling up, so he tries to live a peaceful life. But can you expect that to really happen? Make sure you add it to your list. After all, it is one of the best isekai manga of all time.”

Yet another isekai manga with the routine concept but very enjoyable. But it does differ from other isekai manga on a large scale. The best part of this manga is its amazing art, and the world-building is quite impressive.

While some of the characters seem annoying in the beginning, they’ll become better before you can drop it out. But before you read it, just keep a thing in your mind that this manga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

7. The Man Picked Up By The Gods

The Man Picked Up By The Gods- best isekai manga

“Ryouma Takabayashi leads a misfortune life and dies at the age of 39 in his sleep. Three deities offer him another chance to live a happy life but in another world where it is full of magic. Gods even offer him enormous power and skills to master to survive in this world.

Now in his new life, he is a young man and evolves into a great person, but one thing he misses is the company of humans. Can he find his happiness at last? To know, read this best isekai manga right now.”

This manga is an example of how a man who got sick of his life really feels. It is more like a laid back relaxing story, and it will get you entertained well. The MC is OP, and you’ll love the way his character development takes place.

If you’re looking for some funny moments, then it does have a lot of them. Truth to be told, an isekai fan would recognize it as one of the best ones they’ve read because they know what makes an isekai manga the best.

6. The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic- best isekai manga

“Ken Usato is a high school with typical grades, a lack of dreams, and dislikes extraordinary people. But somehow he finds both president and vice-president friendly and befriends them. That’s when Ken and his new friends get summoned into another world.

In this new world, he finds that he has a scarce ability known as “Healing Ability.” But getting everyone’s attention is not always right. Is it? Read this isekai manga to experience a new type of concept.”

An isekai manga comes with a twist unless you know its premise to be an isekai genre. However, what if you can encounter a plot twist knowing this fact. Well, this manga is exactly the one we’re describing above.

The title says it all about how something can go wrong with healing magic. In the beginning, it seems silly, but with humor, you can move forward until it gets better. So, we’d recommend you to read this fun isekai manga to get rid of your boredom.

5. Different World Wandering With Ridiculous Skill

Different World Wandering With Ridiculous Skill- best isekai manga

“Mukouda Tsuyoshi gets transported into a fantasy world along with three other heroes, and it seems clear that he came here by accident. His only ability is to open an interface to fetch food-related items and gets driven out of the palace.

He sets out on his journey, and with his expertise, he gets renowned over this fantasy world. Soon a legendary wolf Fenrir finds about him, and after tasting his food, it makes a contract with him to become his familiar. And this is how our MC turned into both a merchant and adventurer.”

There is no other isekai manga that can dominate when a certain one runs on character development. When a show is either story-driven or character-driven, it definitely is a decent one. And this manga is one of those isekai mangas you need to read.

Seeing the title does make it look like something was off, and it is indeed an accurate intuition you had there. While it is unique in concept, it won’t miss you entertain in other aspects and thus ranks #5 on our list.

4. I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated

I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated- best isekai manga

“The protagonist in the anime gets reincarnated into another world but as a sword and stabbed to the ground. When a demi-human cat encounters danger, it meets the MC and befriends him.

Could this be fate that he became the sword for a defenseless catgirl? Or is it just a coincidence, and what’s the truth behind his reincarnation? I guess you’ll find out once you read this fantastic isekai manga.”

Perhaps this manga is more famous for its Light Novel, and we got to admit, it stands for its popularity. The most notable aspects of this manga are its art and characters. The story is decent, but these aspects make it even more engaging and exciting to read.

If you want me to state a particular thing that made me like this isekai manga, then I’d say it’s humor. It stands out on a new level from what you’ve read so far. So, if you think you feed a different recommendation that sets out unique from the normal ones, then try it.

3. Moon-Led Journey Across Another World

Moon-Led Journey Across Another World - best isekai manga

“Misumi Makoto is a high school student with some fantasies. When the god, Tsukuyomi, calls him to the other world to become the hero, he gets excited. But when other heroes reject him and kick him out to the edge of the world.

Tsukuyomi leaves him to find his way to prove that he is the true hero this world deserves. Now starts the journey of Makoto to find his way and to learn the mystery behind his summoning. So, if you’re looking for a good isekai manga at a good pace, then try it.”

Isekai concepts are boundless, and even there is a slighter difference between the ideas, it can make a great outcome. Moon-Led Journey Across Another World is one of these isekai mangas with a funny concept but stands out in the race among other manga.

It is more like ‘That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime‘ but with a different approach. So, if you’re looking for something funny and story-driven, then you might as well go with it.

2. The Faraway Paladin

The Faraway Paladin- best isekai manga

“William finds himself alone in a city of the dead without any clue. Only his vague memories of his past life come back, and he realizes he is a failure that couldn’t achieve anything.

In this life, he determines never to repeat the past mistake, but does that really mean he is satisfied with his new life. Raised by the undead, can he find the answers to his unsolvable questions? You’d definitely want to read this isekai manga if you’re looking for something new.”

You might’ve read a lot of isekai manga in your life, but this one is unique to the ones you’ve read so far. Not just the concept but the setting, art, and every aspect in the manga stands apart from the list.

No wonder it is #1 in our list of best isekai manga. For the people who are bored with the routine concepts, this will be a significant change of pace within the genre. So, we’d recommend you start with this isekai manga from our list.

1. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation- best isekai manga

“A thirty-four-year-old NEET loses his life while saving a stranger in an accident. Somehow he gets reincarnated in another world as a baby with the name Rudeus Greyrat. The world he’s born in is full of magic, and when he turns two, his magic ability gets into the light.

The magic tutor Roxy Migurdia takes him as a disciple to refine him into a great mage. With the enormous power of magic, Rudeus wishes to fulfill his desires that he couldn’t live in his past life. Can he make it possible without having any regrets?”

I’ll just say one word for this manga. Once you finish reading it, you’ll only ask for more. In the beginning, it seems like a regular isekai manga, but once you get through a few chapters, then you’ll know the difference.

But if you consider my opinion, I’d recommend you read the light novel because it has way too many moments to remember while manga skips some of those. Still, this manga is 100% recommendable.

Concluding Isekai Manga List!

Well, it seems like we’ve reached the conclusion of the list. Since our list is made of a mostly unknown list of isekai manga, you’re sure to find a unique one from the ones you’ve read so far.

So, make sure you check out the whole list to find it, and what do you think of our list? What is your favorite genre in both anime and manga? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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