13 Best Yuri Manga to Read for Lesbian Lovers!

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  • A Yuri Manga Between a Delinquent and a Quite Girl That Starts From a Misunderstanding
  • While I Was Asleep

Though yuri manga has been getting a lot of popularity these days, it is mostly directed towards the adult audience. If you’re not accustomed to the term yuri, it is a genre that focuses on the strong (or not) relationships between females, and as they love each other, they had to get through the obstacles to make their love flourish.

There are tons of yuri manga out there, and with the days passing by, they have been gradually piling up. The sole reason is that the yuri genre is recently getting a lot more attention for its unconditional love. If you’re into yuri manga/anime for a long time, you would know the beauty of this relationship.

So, since you’re here for some recommendations, we made a splendid list of yuri manga for you. Shall we get started then?

Best Yuri Manga to Read!

13. After Hours

After Hours- best yuri manga

After Hours follows Emi, who isn’t much fond of late-night clubs but ends up at one because of her friend. After a brief encounter with Keiko, a DJ, and a lesbian, Emi gets attracted to her. But what’s more surprising is that when she wakes up the next morning, she finds Keiko beside her.

With this experience, Emi discovers a new perspective in her life, and indeed, she likes it. So, what type of life will she lead after this experience, and did she really fell in love? Read this amazing yuri manga to find out.

This manga not only features the beautiful relationship between Keiko and Emi but also their struggles in making the relationship better. The chemistry between the character keeps the reader completely occupied, and the story doesn’t go downfall.

Well, if you’re new to reading yuri manga, this might be a good start. It features a light-hearted romance with a little passion for music in it. So, we recommend this yuri manga as one of the best ones on the list, and we hope you’ll have a good time with it.

12. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick- best yuri manga

Sakura Trick is a story between Haruka and Yuu, who have been best friends since middle school. When they decide to study at Misato High School, they get placed in the same class, but their seats are far away.

After a small misunderstanding, Haruka gets jealous of Yuu and runs away. However, Yuu catches up to her and apologizes, but in the process, she kisses Haruka. With this incident, they’re not just best friends but more than that.

While its anime has been a cute one, the manga isn’t an exception. More than depending on a standard plot or conversations between the characters, it features tons of beautiful moments between the main and side couples.

If you love reading a yuri manga where the main couple is too adorable, then this might be your cup of tea. It gives you a warm feeling of love while reading, and thus we brought it to the list of best yuri manga.

11. Wife and Wife

Wife and Wife- best yuri manga

Wife and Wife is a sweet and beautiful yuri manga out there. The story is simple and features Sumi and Kina, who started living together as a couple. In short, it depicts their daily life events such as buying groceries together, going on trips on weekends, and often meeting friends.

While it doesn’t sound much interesting, it is actually quite a delightful manga to read. Adorable flirtings, sweet bullying, and lusty romance make every chapter very enjoyable. It has good humor, great characters, and a generous plot.

But rather than centering on just humor, it depicts their relationship troubles and how they become even closer after a few misunderstandings. If you love reading yuri manga, then you should be reading this right now.

10. Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana)

Aoi Hana- best yuri manga

Akira and Fumi have been close since their childhood, and Akira always used to babysit Fumi. But when Fumi moves away with her family, now Akira is left alone. After a few years, Fumi moves back, and they both bump into each other while on their way to high school.

Since it’s been a long time, they both spend some quality time together. To add a small plot twist to the story, Fumi gets attracted to an upperclassman who somehow connects to Akira. How does this story turn in the end? Read this exciting yuri manga to see for yourself.

Throughout the read, you’ll have a unique feel of nostalgia. The creator Shimura wants us to feel how unfair love can be sometimes and also how it can be sweet the other times. As you see the relationship troubles of Fumi, you’ll feel disturbed and at the same time, it gives you warmth.

The art is pretty amazing, and the characters relish the reader until the very end. Overall, it makes you come back every time you remember a particular scene from this yuri manga. So, we suggest this yuri manga if you’re looking for both story and character-driven ones.

9. Girl Friends

Girl Friends- best yuri manga

Mari is a timid and introverted girl who doesn’t express her feelings and never had any friends. But when Akiko gets close to her and converses with her, Mari likes it. Not long after these little incidents, they become really close and often hang out together, having a lot of fun.

But still, Mari seems awkward with everyone, but deep down, she knows that she’s deeply in love with Akiko. How can she express her love if she can’t even deal with her modest behavior? Read this romantic yuri manga to get a unique experience of lesbian love.

There are more than a few anime/manga with similar concepts, just like Bloom into You and Citrus. While one character lacks something in their life and the other one brings light to her life. It isn’t a new concept but what matters is the chemistry and execution of the plot.

You need not worry about that because out of all the yuri manga I’ve read until now, this one stays on the best ones with its pace and all. If you’re into yuri manga, where it always makes you anticipate the story, then this one is right up your alley.

8. Citrus

Citrus- best yuri manga

Citrus tells us the story of Yuzu Aihara, who loves to dress in fashion and cares a lot about her appearance. She never kissed anyone and was not into a relationship before but likes to hang out with friends. But when her mother remarries, she gets transferred to a new school where makeup and fashion sense are against the rules.

However, Yuzu doesn’t care about that and goes on with her daily routine, but the student council president, Mei Aihara calls her in front of everyone. After getting back home from school, she finds herself in a difficult situation when Mei introduces herself as her new sister. But she ends up kissing Yuzu and gets obsessed with her.

Despite the storyline being a fitting one, the romance between the couple is no joke. Though in the beginning, it seems a bit forced but later on, you’ll love every scene to the core.

One thing that might disappoint you is its ending, but the rest is fascinating to the point where the reader actually falls for either of the main characters. So, make sure to read this astonishing yuri manga that brings the gay out of you.

7. Kase-san and Yamada

Kase-san- best yuri manga

Kase-san tells the tale of Yui Yamada and Tomoka Kase, who are two polar opposites. Yui is a quiet and shy girl who passes her time by greenifying the school after school hours. On the other hand, Tomoka Kase is athletic and track field ace with a quite friendly nature.

What happens when these both cross their paths? In general, nothing should happen, but in this yuri manga, you get to witness a beautiful relationship between Yui and Tomoka as they grow closer.

It is more like a Shoujo Ai where you get to view cute romances instead of steamy and adult lesbian scenes. Well, it has its share fair of the romance you’re looking for, but it feels more beautiful than romantic.

The pace of the story is decent, and it focuses a lot on both main characters. For starters, it might become one of the best reads they’ve ever had. So, make sure to give it a try at the least.

6. Octave

Octave- best yuri manga

Miyashita Yukiko lived her life as an idol until her group disbanded due to the lack of sales. After a few years, now she’s 18 and working as a manager but still can’t let go of her dream. When she meets a girl named Setsuko, a songwriter of an unsuccessful idol group, Yukiko develops feelings for her.

What if she’s the one who can restore Yukiko’s broken past and unachieved dream? Read this wondrous yuri manga that can make you laugh, cry, and happy at the same time. Though it lacks in visual impressiveness, it’ll give a very good experience to yuri lovers.

At some point, we can relate ourselves to the characters, and Octave tells us not to let go of dreams even if we fail to achieve them. In other words, it is a yuri manga that can basically provide you with some good lesbian action and a life lesson to remember.

5. Gunjou

Gunjou- best yuri manga

Gunjou is a psychological thriller manga and definitely not your typical one. The story focuses on Megane, who gets abused by her husband regularly. But she’s in love with another woman. When she gets sick of her abusive life, she asks the woman she loves to kill her husband, and once it is done, they both can move on with their lives.

This yuri manga isn’t something you can handle if you’re light-hearted because the dark and psychological theme involves tons of sexual abuse-type themes. While it provides you a massive amount of thrill, you won’t get short on some girl-on-girl action.

The depth of the characters and their backstories are definitely appreciable. Every chapter gets the reader more excited and describes the story in the most exclusive way possible. While it gives you a little feel of fear, it has some great lesbian moments to calm you down.

Overall, it will be a great ride for you both story-wise and experience-wise. Even if you’re a starter, you’ll get to view an amazing thriller and some lusty scenes that will help you with your desires. So, make sure to add this yuri manga to your list.

4. Hana to Hoshi

Hana to Hoshi- best yuri manga

Hana to Hoshi is about a girl, Hanai, who used to be the best table tennis player in her prefecture until a freshman beats her. Later on, she loses lots of games and eventually quits playing table tennis. Now in her high school life, she accidentally meets the girl who defeated her in table tennis, and it turns out that she also quit the game.

Hanai always thinks that the girl has a cold expression and looks down on her. But one day, she notices her falling asleep in class and tries to wake her up. As she does it, the girl tries to kiss her and says that she had a sweet dream about Hanai. But Hanai doesn’t care, does she? Read this cute and exciting yuri manga to have a good time.

In three words, this is a simple, cute, and funny story. There is nothing incredible about this manga, but it lets you read all the chapters without any unusual imperfections. In other words, it is a good-paced and fascinating yuri manga you can read to pass your time.

Once you get into the manga, don’t expect the romance too soon because it is a slow burner. Once it gets to a point, you’ll have plenty of girl-on-girl action except hot and steamy scenes. Overall, it’ll be a great read for you, and it is one of the best yuri manga out there.

3. What Does the Fox Say?

best yuri manhwa

‘What Does the Fox Say?’ isn’t exactly a manga, but a manhwa with a totally different art style. Seong Sumin works as a team manager at a mobile developing company owned by her ex-girlfriend. While she tries to move on to another girl, she always ends up coming back to Seju (her ex), or should I say, Seju always makes sure that she stays beside her.

But when Sumin meets a new colleague named Ju Seongi, everything seems different in her life. But can Sumin make Seongi fall for her while Seju is making sure nobody steals Sumin from her? Read this sensual and unique yuri manhwa that makes you crave more.

The one thing you need to notice in a manhwa/yuri manhwa is its artwork. While the art is gorgeous, the story is pretty amazing along with, some twists and turns in it. The characters can be both adorable and hot all the time. Overall, it is an amazing yuri manga/yuri manhwa to read.

2. SQ: Begin W/ Your Name

SQ: Begin W/ Your Name- best yuri manga/yuri manhua

As we have just done with a yuri manhwa, we thought it would be better to mention a manhua as well. SQ: Begin W/Your Name is a Chinese manhua that mainly focuses on two girls Qiu Tong and Sun Jing. Sun Jing and Qiu Tong study in adjacent schools and they always cross paths at the bus station.

After a few days, they become friends, and Sun Jing always finds Qiu Tong’s smile as warm sunshine. Read this amazing yuri manhua/yuri manga that gives you a cute lesbian drama vibe. As it features lots of adorable moments, it also has a few lesbian scenes to amuse you.

You don’t need to stress over the events happening in the story because it doesn’t have any relationship crisis-themed scenes. Even if you find such events in a few chapters, they’ll only feel more gentle and refreshing. So, make sure to add this yuri manga to your list.

1. Bloom into You

Bloom into You- best yuri manga

Bloom into You is one of the most beautiful manga (not just yuri manga) I’ve read in my whole life. The story follows Yuu Koito, who has always loved romantic songs, manga and always believed that she would have an exciting love story in her life. But when one of her classmates confesses his feelings, she doesn’t feel anything and concludes that she can’t fall in love.

Now she is in her high school, and as she is on her way to the student council’s room, she witnesses the student council president, Touko Nanami, turn down a confession. Inspired by this event, Yuu approaches for help. Who would’ve known that Touko is the next person to propose to her and the first person ever to make her heart flutter?

This Yuri manga or Shoujo Ai manga is beautiful in every way like, the plot, music, animation, pace, and what else? The main characters are very well characterized, and it feels as you’ve experienced a new kind of life in just 50 chapters. Even for the starters of yuri manga, this will be a great choice.

So, if you feel like reading a beautiful and delightful yuri manga with a standard plot, then this is the one you’re searching for. Make sure to read this masterpiece at least once, if not twice. After all, it is the best if not one of the best yuri manga out there.

Concluding Lesbian Manga!

Well, that’s our top yuri manga list uniquely made for you. If you’re new to the yuri world, then you’re more than welcome because you can find unknown beauty here. And if you’ve already explored this yuri genre, we hope that you’ll find a good manga to read from our list.

If you’ve liked or enjoyed some other yuri manga, we’d love to include them on our list. And what yuri manga did you find the most interesting from our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you have read all the yuri manga above and want more, you can get some best ones here: More Yuri Manga!

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