10 Best Isekai Manhwa Recommendations You’ve Ever Seen!

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

Isekai is one of the genres that is famous everywhere out of japan. Constantly more and more new isekai manhwa are being brought to us, and we readers can’t get enough of it.  

The best part of the isekai genre is whenever the protagonist gets transported to another world, and some become overpowered characters. 

So, here is the list of best isekai webtoons you’ll love to read over and over again.

Best Isekai Manhwa List!

10. Strongest Caveman

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

The main character of the strongest caveman is transported to a primitive world. The protagonist was an engineer in his previous life. The people that live here are not that civilized, and they live their lives by forming tribes.

But some of the people awaken the totem in their body and can get recognition from everyone. Most people go to awakening when they are 15 years old. But the main character was only 12 years old when he got awakened.

Overall, the story is very good, and sometimes it gets funny too. The plot and even the story progression is amazing. I can definitely tell you that it will leave you amazed.

9. Greatest Boss System

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

The main character gets betrayed and killed by the one he saved. After dying, he receives a boss system that gives him tasks to level up.

Then he is reborn into a different world where he only had a younger sister as his family. In this life, he swears that he can become a villain, but never a hero.

Overall, the story is good, and the protagonist of this isekai manhwa is intelligent. Even the art is good, and most of all main character has a cheat system.

8. Elqueeness

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

The protagonist of this manhwa didn’t have a good life. He constantly gets bullied in school, and even his parents didn’t want him. One day he is run over by a truck (the most common way of getting isekaied), and his soul starts to wander.

The soul-catching spirits find him and take him over to their world. Later he finds out that he didn’t really belong to this world. It was a mistake done by Spirit catchers.

Later he is transported to another world as a water spirit. There he learns what work he needed to do and what happened because of his absence in another world.

Overall, I liked the Mc character. He never felt any remorse towards his family for treating him like that. It’s a good manhwa, and I highly recommend you try it.

7. The Last Tomb Keeper

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

This one is a story about a poor boy who didn’t have any family. He was always alone and always used to wear the same clothes and do side jobs to meet his end.

One day while solving an accident, he is sucked into a game. There, he finds out about his grandfather, who left him since it was dangerous for him to stay with his grandfather.

Overall, it has a great story, and the main character is given a cheat-like ability by his grandfather, the creator of that game. There are many mysteries in this manhwa which makes it much more interesting to read it.

Even the lead and overall plot will leave you amazed. It even has an anime version that you might be interested to see. 

6. Global Martial Arts

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

The story is about a boy who gets transported to a parallel earth. On this parallel earth, people are obsessed with martial arts.

It even determines their social status. Just like any other isekaied character, he is given a system that helps him level up and make him grow.

Overall as the story goes, you might even see dungeons and hunters in a later chapter. It reveals everything in the mid-chapters, and it also fills you in with a lot of action.

5. The Strongest Cheat Player

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

It is every gamer’s dream to enter the game world and play not as a virtual character but as a real character. The main character finds out that he got sucked into the game, and there was no way out.

The world sets in a martial art world, and he even got a gaming system that determines his level.

Overall, it is just like your average manhwa, and the story is good. And again, I’ll say read it for yourself and see if it is good enough for you. Cause what one might not like can be preferred by someone else.

4. Bug Player

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

If you are looking for a manhwa with a kingdom-looking system, this might be for you. The main character even has a system that helps through his journey. His soul gets transferred to a son of the duke’s body.

The story starts from that point where he starts adapting to his new life since the world he was transferred to was a game world.

The main character even has the memory of everything that is gonna happen in the future which makes him more Op.

Storywise, I highly consider you to check it out. Everything from the story to the premise excels in each one of them. You might even crave more chapters when you start reading it.

3. Hellper

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

It is a completed webtoon and a story about a guy who was a gang member in his previous world. He is transferred to hell, where the only way to reincarnate is to collect bracelets from the same people like him.

You will be amazed by its story. It even came in controversy because of some parts of the story. Nonetheless, it is a go-for isekai webtoon if you want to see a lot of action.

It is a webtoon, but it is in black & while like Japanese manga, but don’t stop after reading it. Even though it is black & white, the art will leave you speechless.

2. Cultivator Against Hero Society

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

As the name suggests, a cultivator accidentally transferred to a world of science. The heroes were the strongest beings in this world, but when faced with the cultivator they had no way to win.

The cultivator’s only intention was to where he was, but both hero and the cultivator couldn’t understand each other.

It is a unique isekai manhwa that you won’t see quite often. I’ll highly recommend you to read it. It is very exciting and who will win if a cultivator and a hero fight?

1. The Beginning After The End

best isekai manhwa/webtoons

I think most of you might be already aware of this amazing isekai manhwa. It is a story about a boy Arthur Leywin, who was a king in his previous life.

It is a very popular manhwa right now (2021), and if you have not read it till now, then I’ll just say you are missing a lot.

Concluding Isekai Webtoons!

We highly suggest you consider all of these manhwa titles on the list. Each of them is unique and a masterpiece you will never regret reading.

So this is all for the list and if you have any other suggestions or queries, make sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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