Fire Force Anime Review: A Visually Striking Gem!

Fire Force anime review

Fire Force is one of the most popular anime, but it also gets quite the amount of hate. Well, the fan service! Some people don’t watch the anime because of its negative popularity, or some people just don’t like fan service.

So, is Fire Force anime worth watching? My impressions of the anime might seem a bit different from the ones you have come so far. I’ll let you know how it influenced me in the Fire Force anime review below.

Fire Force Anime Review!

Before we get to any conclusions, every anime needs to improvise a few aspects before getting into TV. So, we’ll be going through each one to see how well the anime is done.

1. Storyline

Fire Force Anime Review!

The plot of Fire Force seems quite simple at first glance, but once you get into the actual anime, the depth of the story is unimaginable. Just like Attack on Titan, it presents you with lots of mysteries such as Adolla Burst, The Great Cataclysm, Infernos, etc.

One thing I loved most about the anime is its constant pace and the way the story progression. It feels as if you’re reaching the end of the story at the end of the first season, but it just keeps you excited more and more.

2. Characters

Characters are definitely one of the most important things you need to watch out for when judging an anime. Fire Force has some unforgettable characters like BenimaruShinraArthurJokerBurns, etc.

Shinra’s development might seem a bit off, but the anime has accurate logic. Although a few characters are the reason for Fan Service, which might ruin a little bit of fun, it has done well in this aspect.

3. Animation

Well, what can I say? I have no complaints on this one. In fact, I was quite surprised and impressed with the animation in this anime. David Production killed the visuals, and everything was on point.

From the intro to the outro (including the anime), everything was effortful. In the animation department, the anime is on par with studios like Ufotable, Kyoto Animation, etc. I’m not exaggerating; it’s just how I am impressed.

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4. Soundtracks

Fire Force Anime Review!

I’m just as impressed as I was with the animation. The opening songs are addicting, and the background scores are pretty amusing as well. Especially during the special attacks between fights, the soundtracks amplify your experience.

Fire Force has a great voice acting cast, and the result is quite apparent. All I can say is, it didn’t fail in this aspect in the least. So, this aspect scores at least 9 out of 10.

5. Action

Fire Force is an action anime, and of course, you’d be expecting some incredible action scenes. Well, you’ve got plenty of them, and I can’t see these are the best action scenes I’ve seen in my entire life, but they qualify as one of the best.

The abilities of the characters are pretty cool, and some fights will leave you speechless. Action scenes do succeed in maintaining creativity, and all it needs is some strong enemies (which you’ll see plenty of).

6. Fan-Service

Fire Force Anime Review!

Now onto the most crucial aspect, which degraded the anime a little. Fire Force is supposed to be an action-shounen anime, but it went a little overboard with fan service.

It’s okay to showcase a few ecchi scenes in between the scenes, but it had to choose the worst moments. Like in the heat of an ongoing battle, they show you an ecchi scene with Tamaki. It’s all good since most people tend to love it but just got to pick the right moment.

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