Link Click Review: A Must-Watch Chinese Anime

Link Click Anime Review
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“Here’s our honest Link Click review.”

We bet you’ve encountered the buzz surrounding Link Click, hailed by many anime critics as the “Anime of the Year.” But does this Chinese animation series live up to the hype? Well, let us tell you, it absolutely does!

At first glance, you might think it’s just another run-of-the-mill rom-com or BL anime, but you’d be mistaken. Link Click is far from your ordinary, lighthearted drama. It takes a dark and thrilling turn, and things escalate faster than you can imagine. So, here’s our honest take on the anime in the form of Link Click review.


Shiguang Dailiren, a.k.a. Link Click, revolves around Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who co-run a photography studio. Wait, there’s more to it! Behind the scenes, these two share a secret ability. They can travel back in time using photos provided by their clients.

But hold on; there are some rules to follow. Cheng Xiaoshi can enter the past by assuming the person’s identity in the photo. While Lu Guang keeps track of time and all the crucial details to assist his partner.

They have a limited timeframe of 12 hours to complete their mission. And fulfill the client’s requests, all without altering reality or impacting the present. It’s a fascinating concept that adds a dash of mystery and time-traveling excitement.

The Storyline

Link Click Review
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In Link Click, time travel takes center stage. Our main character, Cheng Xiaoshi, possesses the unique ability to enter a photo and assume the role of the person who took it. With the guidance of Lu Guang, the other main character, Cheng, can witness past events through the eyes of the photographer.

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When Cheng enters a photo, he not only takes on the person’s appearance but also inherits their emotions. This small detail has a massive impact on the overall plot.

Now, there are rules to follow when entering a photograph.

  • They have a limited 12-hour window
  •  They must refrain from making any changes, and
  •  They must let the past and future be as they are

As the story progresses, Cheng and Lu embark on various scenarios, gathering information and resolving time-related complications for those seeking help. The narration is epic, drawing you in with its captivating storytelling.

While the show starts with a touch of humor, it evolves into a series that plays with your emotions. And keeps you engaged with heartwarming endings and suspenseful cliffhangers.


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Let’s meet the trio of characters that take center stage in this anime: Cheng Xiaoshi, Lu Guang, and Qiao Ling.

Cheng Xiaoshi embodies the archetype of a typical Chinese anime protagonist. He’s carefree, impulsive, emotional, and can be a tad annoying. But his strong-willed nature shines through.

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On the other hand, Lu Guang is the epitome of coolness. He’s level-headed, intelligent and enjoys teasing and occasionally spoiling Cheng Xiaoshi. He’s the brains of the group, always one step ahead.

At last, we have Qiao Ling, the landlord of ‘Time Photo Studio.’ Who goes beyond her role as a landlord and becomes an integral part of the group. She finds clients for our dynamic duo and acts as the intermediary, bridging the gap between the studio and her clients.

Together, these characters form a unique and engaging trio that keeps us entertained throughout the anime.


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Link Click is a visually stunning show that leaves a lasting impression. The character design, art style, and attention to detail are the highlights of this series.

It showcases the incredible efforts of the animation artists at Haolin Animation League. From small reflections to intricate details, the level of craftsmanship is evident throughout.

If you’re new to Donghua, the character design might feel unfamiliar. But you’ll become accustomed to it and end up loving it. The character design sets itself apart from typical anime. And leans more towards manhwas, featuring bold outlines and unique edges.

The show features bright colors, resulting in a clean and beautiful aesthetic. While the art style is impressive, the animation itself falls a bit short in comparison. At times, you can notice a drop in quality, affecting the smoothness of the animation.

Nonetheless, it’s not a significant issue that detracts from the viewing experience. After all, you don’t need flawless animation to enjoy the captivating story that unfolds entirely.

Musical Score

The soundtrack really plays a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the emotions of each scene. We must say all the original soundtracks (OSTs) are truly impressive. They have this fantastic chill & cool vibe that just grabs you.

Some of the OSTs might feel a bit repetitive in the later episodes since you’ll hear them multiple times, but it will not bother you too much.

Now, let’s talk about the opening (OP) and ending (ED) themes. We absolutely love both of them. The OP, “Dive Back in Time” by Bai Sha Jaws, is simply incredible. The animation sequence that accompanies it is just mind-blowing.

On the other hand, the ending theme, “Overthink,” is a dope and chilling rap. It’s catchy and leaves a strong impression.

Link Click Review: Final Thoughts

Link Click is a must-watch! It has a great plot and top-notch animation that will satisfy you. In a sea of mediocre productions with confusing storylines, Link Click breaks free and offers a unique experience.

In the mystery and thriller genres, this donghua really hits the mark. Chinese production houses genuinely shine with this donghua. They are standing shoulder to shoulder with their Japanese and Korean counterparts.

From the plot to the background sound to the characters, it’s a satisfying watch all around. So, if you’re craving a captivating and well-executed series, give Link Click a shot. It’s definitely worth your time.

Overall Rating: 9.0/10

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