Horimiya Anime Review: Best Rom-Com Ever?

Horimiya anime review

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun

Who said the year 2021 will be worse than 2020? Whoever that is, I completely disagree with them. Luckily I stumbled upon Horimiya anime to make this year a little better.

With the recent romance sensation “Horimiya,” I’ve been captivated too much and can’t get it out of my head since the day I watched the first episode.

You’re probably here wondering whether it is worth watching or not. So, check out our Horimiya anime review to know about it from our perspective!

Horimiya Anime Review!

Title Horimiya
Animation StudioClover Works
Original RunJanuary 2021-
DirectorMasashi Ishihama
Manga AuthorHero
GenreRomance, Comedy

The Plot

The story isn’t that unique, and the concept of two characters with dual-personality falling in love with each other isn’t new either. The concept is flawless, and with every episode, the chemistry between the characters grew better.

Horimiya Anime Review!

It has a simple yet most captivating and elegant story-telling. During every episode, my reactions were changing continuously. I laughed, cried, and felt comfortable!

The Characters

Miya, the hubby every female Otaku loves, Hori, the cutest, Toru, a friend everyone deserves, and what else! Every character is like a protagonist of his own story.

Horimiya Anime Review!

Personally, I liked these three characters, and also KyousuShindou literally killed me with their humor. I couldn’t have asked for more from this anime.


Who else can’t get enough of the opening song? The vocals of Yoh Kamiyama and the background were so pleasant that made me listen to it a thousand times already.

As they say, you shouldn’t skip an opening in anime, and with this op, I pretty much got what they meant (JK, I never skip Anime Openings). The opening is very well made with such extraordinary visuals.


I would expect no less from “Clover Works,” which gave us some amazing anime Series like Bunny Girl SenpaiThe Promised Neverland, and a lot more.

Horimiya Anime Review!

Especially, when their real selves are presented using the shadows, I lost myself staring in “Awe!” The character designs were mesmerizing and stunning making us blush as they become cute.

A Few more Thoughts!

Right from the first episode, I felt it, that one feeling, which has been connecting us to the story. It felt as if we relate to the characters, and truly, every episode is a million-watch worth.

And yes, the character designs were awesome. With a perfect blend of colors for each character, it felt unique. I’ve never read manga before, and I’m glad to get into the anime before reading manga.

Even if people aren’t that interested in watching romance anime, they need to consider giving this one a shot. I mean, it truly deserves all this praise.

So, if you haven’t watched Horimiya yet, you’re missing a lot (I mean, really). A true rom-com every anime lover deserved and meant to influence the people who aren’t into anime.

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