Is Vinland Saga based on a True Story?

Since 2019, Vinland Saga has been topping in every aspect as one of the best anime shows. Makoto Yukimura’s work has turned out into a classic, and his efforts hadn’t gone to waste. The main attraction of the series lies in its visuals and storyline. And Vinland Saga is a type of anime where you get the right amount of plot, character development, music, and animation into the full extent.

Despite all these, there is something that’s been attracting even more audience. And it is its relation to the Vikings history. So, the question is whether Vinland Saga is based on a real story or not. Well then, let’s find out. Shall we?

Is Vinland Saga based on a Real Story?

Not really. Vinland Saga is genuinely based on myths and stories that focus on Vikings. But these tales are nor historically accurate neither factual. However, the anime takes inspiration from myths regarding Vikings are mostly considered as a reference to build up the story. The characters in the anime are historical figures whose names are modified to make them suitable for the story. Now, the next question that will arise in your mind- Is Vinland Saga portrayed based on Vikings?

Is Vinland Saga Portrayed based on Vikings?

In history, Vikings have made quite a name as violent raiders who conquered countless kingdoms. But the preeminent theme of the anime is about Non-Violence. From this statement, you can pretty much assume that Vinland Saga isn’t a complete version of Vikings history. Instead, it’s more accurate to say that it took the basis of the concept of the way of Vikings and portrayed it in the way that fans like. It’s not fair to assume based on just these deductions. So, why don’t we dig a bit deeper? There are four places in the anime which suit precisely to the lifestyle of Vikings and other things included below:


vinland saga

In history, Vikings found a place to settle and leave a peaceful life and the place they found is Iceland. In the anime, Floki is the commander of Jomvikings. And in history, one of the seafarers who discovered Iceland has the same name. So, you could say that he took some references and adjusted them according to the story. And Iceland is where Thorfinn was born.

AMERICA (Historical Spoiler)

Even though we haven’t seen America’s name in the anime, it plays a massive role in the upcoming story. The name Vinland refers to North America where Vikings settled temporarily after a great war. So, you might be able to witness it soon.


vinland saga

Vikings origin is from Denmark and in the anime, Thors fought alongside Vikings against England. And Askeladd who is half-dane and half-welsh, but he fights for anyone who pays him well. In history, Vikings conquered England under King Sweyn, and that exactly settles the score with the story in the anime.


Vinland Saga anime takes place around 1013 AD where story focusses on Thorfinn growing up. If you look into the records of history, the raid of Vikings started in 790 and continued until 1066 AD. And the battle in the anime is also based on the real one that took place in the year 986 and known as Battle of Hjorungavagr. The Jomsvikings led the battle in the anime which also matches with the history of Vikings.

Stories and Myths 

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If you can remember the names of the characters in the anime like Thorfinn, Thorkell, Floki, don’t those names remind you of anything? Yes, it’s just as you suspected. According to Wikipedia, they are the descendants of the legend known as Ragnor Lodbrok. And the king referred in the anime is popular in Vikings history for his achievements. And his sons Harald and Canute (Yeah, you’re right) also played an important role in the history.


As for the theme of the anime, it sets in the environment that suits the historical plot. But it builds up the central concept as Non-Violence which has not seen in history. In the case of Askeladd, he is a fictional character that represents the people who struggled to survive and settle in a place in either a violent or non-violent way.

vinland saga

Probably, the author would’ve thought it would be better to rewrite some parts of the history of the story. And here’s a fun fact. Thorfinn wasn’t the main character in the history of Vikings even though he played quite an important role as an explorer. But every anime needs a push to make it worthwhile.


Well then, we hope all of your doubts have cleared. Most of the information we have shared might not be accurate since we gathered it from different sources. But it is closer to the facts of history, or we would say at least 95% of it is accurate. So, what do you think of our post? And are you excited for the second season of Vinland Saga? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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