Horimiya Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and More Updates

Horimiya season 2
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Horimiya is a super popular romance series. It is all about Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. These two high school students are like night and day when it comes to their school and home lives. It’s based on a manga by Hero and Daisuke Hagiwara that was published from 2011 to 2021.

Horimiya got the anime treatment, thanks to CloverWorks. It ran on our screens from January to April 2021. It covered the entire manga story, but fans are buzzing with curiosity about a potential Season 2. That’s because the manga has a webcomic. This webcomic takes Hori and Miyamura’s story even further after their graduation.

So here we’ll spill the beans on Horimiya Season 2, its release date, trailer, plot, and more.

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date
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We’re all eager for more of our favorite shows, and Horimiya fans are no exception. They are all hoping for that second season to drop. But the production studio of Horimiya hasn’t given the official green light for Season 2. So, there’s no update on the release date.

While Horimiya Season 2 remains in the shadows, a new anime called “Horimiya: The Missing Pieces” aired in July 2023. Now, don’t get too excited thinking it’s a sequel. It is more like a bonus round. This mini-series is about the scenes from the manga that got left out of the original anime season 1. So, if you want more of Horimiya, you should watch this new addition.

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Will There Be Horimiya Season 2?

Will There Be Horimiya Season 2?
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Unfortunately, we don’t have good news for the second season. No release date is in sight for now. Here’s what we know: Season 1 covered the entire manga in 13 episodes. So, with no source material left, the second season is a long shot.

The manga ended with Hori and Miyamura graduating in Chapter 122. To keep the anime going, studio CloverWorks needs to create its own storyline. That takes time. We’re talking a few years before any Horimiya: Season 2 announcement might drop. It’s a waiting game, but who knows what the future holds for our favorite duo?

Horimiya Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

Horimiya Season 2 Plot
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The first season pretty much covered the manga, with just a few bits left out. And that left-out part was adapted into a mini-series titled “Horimiya: The Missing Pieces.” The manga is based on a webcomic by the creator, Hero, and the manga only gives us about 20 percent of the whole story.

Now, there’s more in the webcomic after the manga’s ending. Hori and Miyamura tied the knot and even had a son named Kyouhei Miyamura. But the webcomic is still rolling, thanks to the author.

So, is there a chance for Season 2? Well, if they decide to adopt the webcomic’s goodness, we might just see it happen. Keep those fingers crossed because while the manga’s done, there’s a glimmer of hope that our favorite duo’s journey might not be over yet.

Horimiya Season 2: Trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Horimiya Season 2 trailer yet. Keep checking this page for updates. And if it’s up, you can watch it on our site. In the meantime, why not check out the Season 1 trailer while you wait?

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Horimiya Season 2: Where to Watch?

When Season 1 came out, it wasn’t everywhere. But after a few months, you could watch it all over the internet. So, for Season 2, you can expect to watch it on Funimation, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and even Netflix when it’s ready.

Final Thoughts

So, here’s the deal on Horimiya Season 2: It’s in a bit of a pickle. You see, there’s source material in the form of a webcomic. But it means the studio, CloverWorks, has to whip up loads of new stuff to keep the story rolling.

It’s doable, but it’s not a quick fix. So, Horimiya fans, patience is key here. You might need to wait a tad longer than usual for Horimiya: Season 2.

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