The Best “K Anime Watch Order Guide” to Follow!

K anime watch order guide

K” is one of those anime shows with the coin natures where it seems average from one perspective and amazing from the other. Since it has movies and anime episodes, it might seem a bit confusing to you.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back with our K anime watch order guide. In this article, you’ll be witnessing the easiest order of K anime, and make sure to follow it so that you won’t be confused.

K Anime Watch Order Guide!

The below list is made for the first-time watchers, and it is based on the release order. But don’t worry, we’ve modified the list that is suitable to make you understand every jot of the story.

Release Order (Recommended)

1. K/K-Project (Season 1)

K-Project- k anime watch order guide

The first season of K anime is titled “K” or “K-Project” and nothing else. So, if you’re thinking of watching the anime, start with this part. Later on, you can catch up with the other ones.

2. K: Missing Kings (Movie)

K: Missing Kings- k anime watch order guide

Normally, you’ll watch the second season after done with the first one, but according to the story and timeline, it would make more sense to watch this movie. At least that’s what we recommend from our K anime watch order guide.

3. K: Return of Kings (Season 2)

K: Return of Kings- k anime watch order guide

Once you’re done watching both the first season and the movie, jump right into the second season. If you follow this K anime watch order guide, we’re sure you won’t be getting into any trouble.

Movies to Watch in Order

In addition to a movie and anime series, there are other six movies worth watching. Even though they don’t follow the storyline, or simply some involve recaps from the anime series.

k anime watch order guide

If you do want to watch the movies, then make sure to do only if you have watched the anime series and K: Missing Kings film. Here’s the watch order, and these are called Seven Stories with including K: Missing Kings movie.

  • R:B
  • Side: Blue
  • Side: Green
  • Lost Small World
  • Memories of Red
  • Circle Visitors

Chronological Order (For 2nd-time watchers)

For the people who wish to watch the anime for the second time, you’re probably looking for the chronological order. So here it is:

  • Seven Stories 4: Lost Small World
  • Seven Stories 1: R: B
  • Seven Stories 2: Side: Blue
  • Seven Stories 3: Side: Green
  • Seven Stories 5: Memories of Red
  • K-Project/K
  • K: Missing Kings
  • K: Return of Kings
  • Seven Stories 6: Circle Vision

A Quick Review on K Anime!

If any questions are popping up in your brain, like whether it is worth watching, we recommend you start watching it right away. Visually, it is fabulous, and the show turns pretty interesting in the mid-way.

k anime watch order guide

Although you might have heard a few negative reviews, let loose of the thoughts and give this amazing anime a try. You’re sure to have a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts

Since we’re winding up the list once and for all, we want to share a couple of thoughts that might come in handy later on. If you’re the first time watcher and want to watch in chronological order, that’s fine too.

It just gives you a more in-depth understanding of the story. But we still recommend you go on with the release order because it is easier to follow. At least, that’s what our K anime watch order guide recommends you.

So, if you think our article helped you to find the correct watch order, we’d appreciate it if you keep visiting us and if possible, make sure to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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