How to Watch Disney Animated Movies in Order [Chronologically and by Release Date]

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If you’re looking for the best guide to watch all Disney animated movies in order, this article will help you with certainty.

Disney is a name that everyone would be highly familiar with, even if they’re not quite into animated movies and series. Perhaps, its long history of creating animated films has spread its name throughout the world, resulting in its immense popularity. Speaking of animated movies, Walt Disney started a phenomenon when they initially created films like Pinnochio and Bambi during the late 1930s and early 1940s, which are still remembered as classics among fans.

It has been over eighty years, and Walt Disney is still dominating the animation film industry with constant hits like Encanto, and it doesn’t plan to stop as fans love more of these masterpieces. In any case, if you’re new to Disney movies, it can get pretty challenging to decide on what to watch from its immense catalog, or better yet, you want to watch them in a certain order not to miss any crucial details. So, here’s the best guide to watching all Disney animated movies in order, both chronologically by release date.

Disney Animated Movies in Release Order

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In a technical sense, there are hundreds of Disney-produced animated films but not all are related apart from around sixty or so. So, we only recommend everyone to watch these films as they are considered strict Disney-esque films.

Disney Animated Movies in Chronological Order

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Apparently, as far as the story is concerned, there is the perfect chronological order for these movies, especially considering that almost all the movies have no noticeable connections apart from a few easter eggs, such as the wish that appears in every film.

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So, it is not recommended to go through the chronologically as there isn’t one in the first case. However, if you’re curious to know what timeline these films take place, there is a straightforward guide from one of the Reddit users named GeeseCheesePlz, who arranged all the necessary Disney films according to the age they are set in: Here.

What Order Should I Watch Disney Movies in?

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As we mentioned above, there is technically no chronological order for Disney movies since they are openly connected to each other both story-wise and universe-wise. However, you might get an idea of watching in the order from the doc we shared above.

It somewhat gives you an overview of the Disney world as the stories take place all the way from the ancient world to the modern settings. However, unless you consider it a unique experience, it is not worth the hassle, so we still recommend watching the films in the release order, following our list if possible.

Where to Watch Disney Movies?

Most films under the Walt Disney Studio are available to watch on Disney+ in most regions unless you have a few restrictions related to the app. However, if you can’t find some movies on Disney+, most of them are available to watch for free and through rent on Prime Video. We’ll leave a button below to make it easily accessible for you, just in case.

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