Manga, Manhua, and Manhwa: What’s the Difference?

manhwa, manga and manhua

You might have watched numerous anime but ever thought where they’re originating from? We’re sure you have a pretty good idea about it. Your answer would be manga.

Have you ever tried other comics like manhwa and manhua other than only acquainting with only manga? But believe me, they’re (manhua and manhwa) are as amazing as a manga in every way.

Even if you’re not accustomed to the words like manga, manhua and manhwa, we’re going to help you get a clear idea about them. So, the question is what exactly are manga, manhua and manhwa?

And what are the differences between them? Let’s find out in the below post simply and shortly without any unnecessary talk.

Difference Among Manga, Manhua and Manhwa!

Manga (Japanese)


Manga is nothing but the source of our favourite and lovable Japanese anime. Or simply manga is the word used to represent the Japanese graphic novels from which our life saviour anime arise. While some of the anime still adapts the storyline from the video games and visual novels, about 60% of the anime still depend on the successful manga as their source. Here’s how a manga works:

  • It is from Japan
  • It consists of Multi-Panel
  • Almost all the manga come in Black and White except for special editions
  • Read Right to Left

Recommendations: One Piece, Demon Slayer and Tokyo Ghoul.

Manhua (Chinese)


Manhua is a word which we use to refer the Chinese illustrations. There are several anime that depend on these Chinese comics. However, even though only a small amount, those have a large demand. They are on the rise because anime fans always expect something new and unique. You could say Manhua is another type of graphic novel that focuses on stories from China. Here’s how manhua works:

  • It is from China
  • Coloured but some of the panels are rendered with painting
  • It is a Single issue format

Recommendations: Song of the Long March, Feng Shen Ji, and SQ: Begin W/Your Nam!

Manhwa (Korean)


Finally, we have the last and one of the best diverse tastes of anime fans. If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, you might’ve had a little knowledge about Manhwas. These are also called as “Webtoons.” If you could recall the latest anime (Tower of God) that released and hit quite a popularity, you can at least notice the difference from the normal anime. I’d say manhwa has the best artwork than manga and manhua because they almost draw it like how the characters are presented in the original anime. Here’s how Manhwa works:

  • It is from South Korea
  • Coloured and Single-Panel
  • Horizontal- Top to Bottom and Left to Right

Recommendations: Solo-Leveling, Tower of God and Bastard.

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Conclusive Thoughts!

There you go! A simple and short explanation of the differences among manga, manhua and manhwa is here. To put it simply, manga, manhua and manhwa are same but differs in artwork, language and some other features.

However, all of these sources are highly valuable for making tons of anime in the present and future. So, we hope they keep introducing new ones every year and we’ll be pleased to spend some time with them.

While everyone has their own opinions on each of these comics, we Anime Ukiyo would love to know what you think about it. In the recommendations above, we shared our favourite list of manga, manhwa and manhua.

So, be sure to share your favourite ones. And also which has better aspects like artwork and story elements? Let us know your blossoming thoughts in the comment section below.

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