How to Read Monogatari Light Novels in Order?

monogatari light novel order

Monogatari, written by Nisio Isin, is one of the famous light novels out there and with numerous volumes and parts it has, it can be tricky to understand the story. Often people follow the wrong order and get confused in the halfway.

For those people, we’ve prepared a list containing Monogatari light novel order, and if you follow this order, you can grasp the whole story.

Monogatari Light Novel Order!

Release Order (Recommended)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Off-Season: (Side Stories*)

  • Orokamonogatari Volume 19 (2015)
  • Wazamonogatari Volume 20 (2016)
  • Nademonogatari Volume 21 (2016)
  • Musubimonogatari Volume 22 (2017)

Monster Season:

  • Shinobumonogatari Volume 23 (2017)
  • Yoimonogatari Volume 24 (2018)
  • Amarimonogatari Volume 25 (2019)
  • Ogimonogatari Volume 26 (2020)

Notable points: 

Bakemonogatari was published in 3 volumes instead of 2 volumes in English translations. So, make sure not to get confused while reading.

Bakemonogatari’s story takes place after Kizumonogatari, so it’s up to you to decide what to read. Either way, you can grasp the story flawlessly.

Off-Season contains side stories, but it is as important as other parts. So, try to read them after you’re done with all seasons.

Monster Season doesn’t have any official translations yet, so you can wait until they get a translation.

A Quick review on Monogatari Light Novel!

monogatari light novel order

So, are you thinking of getting into Monogatari world? Well, you’ve made the right choice. It isn’t like any Japanese light novel I’ve read. In fact, Nisio’s story writing is so unique, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed.

Although the story moves a little slow in the beginning chapters, you’ll stay and read it just for its narration. I mean, the reader completely immerses himself even for the conversations that take place between the characters.

Overall, It’ll be an amazing read for you. The story isn’t something baseless but takes you deeper as you go through the chapters. So, we recommend you read it at any cost.

Anime or Manga or Novel?

monogatari light novel order

Well, anime, manga, and light novels, all are worth giving a shot. If you’re an anime person, we recommend you watch anime first, then go for novels. This way, you can relate more to the characters.

Even if you read only novels, that’s fine too. So, we hope you’ll have fun reading or watching and also wish our Monogatari light novel order helped you in some way.

But anime is one of the best adaptations out there with the combination of good ost, art, and characters. So, try and watch anime if you can spare the time.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Since we’re concluding Monogatari light novel order anyway, we’ve got something to share with you. Since it has over 20 volumes or precisely 26 volumes, make sure to read in the correct order.

Also, make sure to take a peek at “Notable Points” since they’re important before you start reading any of the novels. Well, if you follow our Monogatari light novel order, we’re sure you won’t be confused at all.

So, what are your thoughts on Monogatari light novel? Have you watched the anime yet? If so, let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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