Otakon 2020 is Cancelled and It will Return in August 2021!

For the people who are looking forward to Otakon 2020, we have bad news. On the official website of Otakon, they recently announced that the highly anticipated anime convention Otakon 2020 is canceled. And the main reason for that is the current situation of the world due to COVID-19. Besides the date, even the convention center is being converted into an Alternate Care Facility for the victims of COVID-19. Well, there are many things they want to explain to us, and we all know we should understand them well. Let’s get into the news then.

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What is Otakon 2020?

Before we wonder what Otakon 2020 is, Otakon is an annual convention that goes on for three days every summer to celebrate the Asian Pop culture. When I mean Asian pop culture, anime, manga, music, movies, video games, and such things as its fandom come under it. Mostly the event runs from Friday to Sunday with most exciting stuff and filled with crowd. No wonder they canceled it. Otakon 2020 is the anime convention that should’ve been held this summer straight for three days. And it includes our favorite Cosplays from our favorite anime with lots of beautiful things. I wish I had gone for one at least once.

The president of Otakon Nick Avgerinos and convention chair Andrew Zerrlaut expressed a joint statement regarding the cancelation of Otakon 2020. And the official twitter account of Otakon’s tweet confirmed it. You can view it here:

You might’ve had many doubts since almost all the registrations are completed. All the registrations for the Otakon 2020 will automatically be registered for Otakon 2021. And if you want a refund, you can fill out the Refund Request form on the official website before May 31st. Keep this in mind if you can’t attend the next convention.

It’s not just about Otakon 2020. There were two more big conventions like Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con that got canceled. And it is the first time in the history of anime conventions that almost all of the popular ones have been canceled. I suppose the pandemic is the first time to be severe, I guess. And the postponed conventions will be held in 2021 by the following dates:

  • Otakon 2020- August 6-8, 2021
  • WonderCon Anaheim- March 26-28, 2021
  • E3- Yet to announce 
  • AnimeExpo- July 2-5, 2021

Well, I guess everything is for our good. These anime conventions are like a yearly fest, mainly for Otakus like us. But we got to save the world from COVID-19, and I suppose we can’t do it unless we possess some kind of anime-related powers. The least we can do is staying at home and stopping the spread of this epidemic. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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