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Pulse Manhwa review

I never thought I’d find a perfect yuri manhwa ever again, and here I come with the Pulse Manhwa review. I’ve always come across this one many times but never really gave it a try. Well, at last, I’ve made up my mind to read it.

The result is pretty obvious. This manhwa has become an obsession for me, and there were all these emotions coming out of me that I couldn’t control. I really don’t know how to express how beautiful and heartwarming manhwa Pulse is in mere words. But in this Pulse manhwa review, I’ll give my best.

Pulse Manhwa Review!

There are a few things I loved in this manhwa, and there literally are none that felt like flaws. So, I’ll be listing the things you can look forward to in this webtoon.

1. A Delightful Story of a Surgeon and a Heart Patient

Pulse Manhwa Review!

Firstly, the story was admirably good. The doctor who doesn’t believe in love and hits on every girl she comes across with no strings attached and a heart patient who doesn’t have much time to live.

The way the story was laid out from the beginning was pretty decent. I’ve read my fair share of yuri/lesbian manhwa or manga, and I can say that this easily stands apart from every single one of them. The story is just so delightful and obsessive.

2. Adorable Main Characters Mel and Lynn

Pulse Manhwa Review!

Here comes the best part. Mel and Lynn, I would give them my heart if it’s possible to witness their daily lives. Mel is a bit dominating, like initiating the kiss and all, while Lynn is a shy and adorable girl who easily gets blushy.

It felt like the author had an experience in how lesbian couples feel about each other if they’re in love. Every moment with these two was so heartwarming and emotional (not going to lie, I cried and went “Aww” in many moments).

They understand each other so easily and even get prepared to sacrifice everything for each other. I’ve never been in love before, but maybe they really care that much about each other if they know that’s what it takes to see other person happy.

3. Unwavering & Sensual Romance

Pulse Manhwa Review!

Firstly, there was no NTR stuff in this manhwa, which made me quite relieved. The romance feels as if we’re witnessing two couples in real life. The kisses, words they tell each other during the romantic scenes, and everything about it felt pleasing.

At the same time, every scene was filled with erotic tension between the characters, and I have to say, this is way better than the stuff we read every day. I’d love to see a few more chapters of Mel and Lynn being all lovey-dovey, only if it’s even for a moment.

4. Elegant & Fine Artwork

Pulse Manhwa Review!

There wasn’t anything outstanding about this webtoon’s artwork. But that’s what made it even more perfect. It maintains stability in every aspect, and just as ever, the artwork was at its finest.

I have no complaints about the art, and I felt so happy seeing the moments between the main leads in cute character designs. A tip: don’t miss the .5 chapters because even though they’re really short, it makes a difference.

5. Brilliance of the Author

Pulse Manhwa Review!

Finally, we have come to this one. The author truly knows how to make the readers anxious and obsessive. Just when we thought we could read chapters slowly and steadily, it gets intense, and we can’t help but continue it.

The most amazing thing is the bait-n-switch card the author played. I remember, just a few hours ago, how I was screaming to stop the things from happening, and I said to myself, “Please, don’t be it.” I’m not going to break any more suspense, so don’t worry.

More Thoughts!

So, I’ve elaborated on the things I’ve loved in this manhwa. I’ve always felt I need a manhwa which can make me cry, feel heartwrenching and heartwarming at the same time, and obsessive at all times. Well, I finally found it, and if you haven’t read this one yet, you’re missing out on a lot.

The way the relationship was developed between the two girls made me wonder why couldn’t I have been a lesbian so that I could have a beautiful relationship like Mel and Lynn.

So, the best thing I’ve found in this webtoon is, “It doesn’t matter who you love as long as the other person makes you feel that you’re the only one I can live the rest of my life with!” This series made me appreciate and support the LGBT community even more, so just read Pulse manhwa.

Here are a few moments from the manhwa (Spoiler Warning!)

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