6 Sad Banana Fish Scenes That Will Break Your Heart!

Banana Fish Sad scenes

Banana Fish is about Ash Lynx, a 17-year-old gang leader in New York who gets caught in the middle of a mob war and a plot to make a drug that can control people’s minds. With that as the starting point, we can be sure that the story won’t be full of laughter and happiness.

But despite all the bad things that happen to Ash, six scenes break everyone’s hearts even more. Because of how the list of sad Banana Fish scenes has been put together, there will be spoilers, so consider this your warning.

6 Sad Banana Fish Scenes!

A Pedophile Raised Ash

Banana Fish Scenes

When Ash runs away from home, men who sell children for sex pick him up. So, he has put to work at the Cape Cod restaurant, which is a place where people get sexual services. Dino Golzine sees Ash while he is working at Cape Cod.

Golzine is the boss of the mafia, and he takes Ash in as a pet. Golzine takes care of Ash and raises and teaches him, but their relationship is much like that of a father and son. Unfortunately, ash had sexually abused by Golzine, and his obsession with Ash only gets worse as time goes on.

Ash Fights for His Freedom

Banana Fish Scenes

Even though Ash is his gang’s boss, he belongs to Golzine. Golzine has been training Ash to take over his criminal empire, and he never forgets to tell Ash that he is his property and pet.

Ash had often been compared to lynx, “A wild animal that can’t be tamed”. When Golzine puts him down, he often says, “The Lynx has been caged,” which clarifies that Ash doesn’t have any freedom. Ash has to fight against this sad truth all the time.

Banana Fish Hurt Ash’s Brother

Banana Fish Scenes

Griffin, Ash’s older brother, is a soldier who has served in Iraq. During his time there, he had given a drug called Banana Fish, which made him go crazy and kill his squad. Griffin is completely helpless because of what the drug does to him.

Griffin lost his job, and Ash was left to take care of him when he returned. He can’t take care of himself, so he sits and repeats “Banana Fish.” He doesn’t even recognize his brother, so Ash searches for the mysterious Banana Fish because of this.

Ash Recognizes He Is a Threat to Eiji

Banana Fish Scenes

When he meets Eiji, Ash finally finds someone who sees him for who he is. Behind the boss of a gang’s tough act and front. With Eiji, Ash can be an average teenager, have fun, and laugh.

As Ash finds comfort in Eiji, he doesn’t want to lose him quickly. But the sad truth is that Eiji’s life is in danger as long as he is with Ash, and Ash may not always be able to protect him.

Ash Nearly Loses the Only Person He Cares About

Banana Fish Scenes

Instead of going after Ash directly, Yut-Lung keeps going after Eiji, the thing Ash loves the most. Finally, he sends two men to kill Eiji. They don’t kill him, but they hurt him very badly.

Ash goes crazy when he sees Eiji lying on the ground unconscious. He is angry because he fears losing the only person in his life who has never asked him for anything. Both Eiji’s life and Ash’s happiness are in danger.

Ash’s Last Goodbye

Banana Fish Scenes

The gang war is over, the Banana Fish research is gone, and Eiji is returning to Japan. He sends Ash a letter with a ticket so that Ash can meet him at the airport, and they can live together happily ever after.

As Ash reads the letter, he smiles, gets off the bench he was sitting on, and starts running toward the street… and then gets stabbed by a furious Lao, who says, “Why did you let your guard down now?”

We see Ash’s last moments as he goes to the New York Library and writes a goodbye letter to Eiji. The scene is intercut with Eiji’s happy goodbye and promise to come back to Ash, and it’s a scene that will make sure no one in the audience can keep their eyes dry.

Final Thoughts

Choosing which scenes are the most heartbreaking or sad banana fish scenes can be difficult when every character has a painful past, and the villains use their trauma to make their drug more powerful.

As a result, we’d like to hear which ones are your personal favorites. Do you agree with us, or do you have other choices? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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