Sinbad Anime Season 2 Release Date: Here’s an Exact Situation!

Sinbad anime season 2

While magi has been a fabulous anime, we did enjoy Sinbad a lot. Unfortunately, it only has 13 episodes, and we haven’t seen anything more for over five years now.

So, the question is, will there be Sinbad season 2? Or Sinbad anime season 2 release date announced already? In this article, we’ll clear up all the queries for you.

Sinbad anime Season 2 Release Date!

Sinbad anime Season 2 Release Date!

Sinbad sequel, in a sense, is actually Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic since it sets before the events. Well, besides the humor that doesn’t make you laugh, Sinbad season 2 has never been announced officially.

There is no doubt Adventure of Sinbad anime got quite a lot of recognition worldwide but not in Japan itself. So, will it ever get another season? What are the possibilities?

Will Sinbad anime get Season 2?

Sinbad season 2

So, if you’re wondering whether Sinbad anime will get another season, it is implausible even to expect one. There are a few reasons why we’ve come to such a bitter conclusion.

  • Firstly, anime studios/franchises give preference for the anime statistics in Japan even more so than international.
  • Adventure of Sinbad anime’s sales were below average (not sure about the numbers, but they are really non-satisfactory).
  • The manga of Adventure of Sinbad has ended a longtime ago— thus, there is no actual reason to promote the manga anymore.
  • It has been over 5 years since the first season ended, there weren’t enough sales in Japan to justify Sinbad season 2

Sinbad manga continuation after Anime!

Sinbad manga continuation

Since there seems to be no hope for Sinbad season 2, you might as well move on and start reading the manga. The anime ends at Chapter 54, so you can start reading it at Chapter 55 and read chapters 35-38, since the anime skipped those.

Even in other chapters, it left out a few things. So, we’d recommend you start reading the manga from the beginning, as it makes more sense.

Conclusive Thoughts!

It might seem like we’re blowing your expectations & hopes down by declaring that Sinbad season 2 is most unlikely to happen; however, that’s the truth, and the only way to continue your adventure is through the manga.

So, have you enjoyed watching all the previous seasons of the anime? How badly do you want to hear Sinbad season 2 release date? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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