TK performs Tokyo Ghoul Op song “Unravel” for YouTube’s “THE FIRST TAKE”! (2020

Tokyo Ghoul Op Unravel at The First Take

The era of Unravel(Opening of Tokyo Ghoul), when it used to be everyone’s favorite, has been one of the best moments of every Otaku’s life. Probably most of us still feel the deepness of the song and how beautifully it was sung. And we have seen many live performances from our favorite singers Uverworld, Lisa, etc. But TK has never been in any live performance of Unravel except for a single official video of the Tokyo Ghoul’s opening song.

If you have no idea of “THE FIRST TAKE” youtube channel, we recommend you to check their channel on youtube. They present you with the various artists’ live performances in one-take. It has pretty good content, and it will be worth your time.

In this week’s video of The First Take, Toru Kitajima(vocalist/guitarist of the three-member rock band Ling Tosite Sigure) performed the one-take version of Unravel. Even though it’s only been less than one day since it uploaded, the views hit up like a storm. It’s already reached 758k views in a single day.

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The song was released by Toru Kitajima as his first solo in 2014 and has been a significant success both as an anime opening and as his solo hit. In 2015, it was nominated as one of the best theme songs and secured 9th place. And also, it reached to the top of the Japan Hot 100(Billboard) for six times. It’s not at all surprising since, as the opening of Tokyo Ghoul, Unravel has more than enough potential to reach the top of the billboard.

TK even conveyed his message for his fans and thanked the “THE FIRST TAKE” for having him. He also said that The First Take is the only channel on Youtube that can convey such moments for the fans over the world who can’t attend the concerts. I guess he is as grateful as we are for giving us such amazing content for us. If you want to look for a short version of Unravel MV, you can watch it below.

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