Why is Sakura Hated? Here are Six Sensible Reasons

Why is Sakura Hated?
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“Here is the solution to one of the most perplexing questions: why is Sakura hated?”

If you’re a ‘Naruto‘ fan, Sakura Haruno needs no introduction. She’s a character that’s sparked both love and hate in the fandom. Some folks stand firmly in her corner, while others scratch their heads at her character arc.

Sakura’s journey seems to be a rollercoaster of independence and dependency. Initially, she was designed to be submissive and helpless despite having the potential to take charge. Her perpetual reliance on others rubbed many fans the wrong way.

In this post, we will break down six reasons why Sakura has left a bitter taste in some ‘Naruto’ fans’ mouths.

The Burden Without a Purpose

Why is Sakura Hated
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Before Sakura mastered medical ninjutsu, her usefulness was often questioned. Sakura didn’t have any Jutsu, except for her knack for throwing a punch that could knock your socks off. This lack of skills made her a liability on missions. She frequently cries out for aid.

She’d complain about being a burden but rarely put in solo training time like Naruto and Sasuke did. They both had clear goals. But Sakura seemed adrift, which might explain her relative weakness. It almost felt like her sole purpose was being by Sasuke’s side rather than growing as a ninja.

Sakura’s Shallow Response to Rock Lee

Why is Sakura Hated
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Lee courageously confessed his feelings to Sakura. But he received a painfully harsh rejection. We’ve seen Sakura’s treatment of admirers (excluding Sasuke), but this instance stands out. Perhaps it’s our bias as Lee’s fans, but this revealed Sakura’s shallowness.

Kishimoto noted Sakura’s lack of purposeful love for Sasuke. It makes her seem more obsessed than genuinely caring. Lee, a kind soul who treated her like royalty, got turned down for not being “cool” enough. She also criticized him because of his eyebrows and looks.

Sakura Hesitated and Missed the Chance to End The War

Why is Sakura Hated
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In the Naruto War Arc, Sakura had a golden opportunity to break free from her “useless” label. And become a true hero in the series by ending the entire war arc. This was her moment to shine, but alas, hesitation gripped her tightly.

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She had the power to save countless lives and turn the tide of the war single-handedly. However, she faltered. It allows Madara to snatch the Rinnegan and almost plunge the world into chaos with Kaguya’s emergence.

There seemed to be no valid reason for her hesitation. If only she had acted decisively and struck down the Rinnegan, she might have redeemed herself. Had she acted decisively, her character might have evolved differently. But alas, hesitation won and left us questioning her true worth.

Sakura’s Treatment of Naruto

Why is Sakura Hated
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Sakura knew Naruto had a massive crush on her, yet she often brushed him aside. We’re not saying she had to reciprocate his feelings, but a little more kindness wouldn’t hurt. Instead, she’d unleash her fists on Naruto for trivial reasons while showering Sasuke with praise.

Oddly enough, Naruto cared more for Sakura than Sasuke did at that time. It’s clear she could’ve treated him better. She portrayed Naruto as the annoying one, but truth be told, her actions were sometimes rather grating.

We get that her punches were meant as humor, but in retrospect, they seemed rude. Let’s just say a little more empathy would have gone a long way in those early days.

The Irritating and Annoying Persona of Sakura

Why is Sakura Hated
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Hating a character often boils down to them being either too feeble or their behavior being insufferable. When it comes to Sakura, it’s a unique blend of both, making her an easy target for fan animosity.

Furthermore, the whole “Sakura punching Naruto” thing started as a playful gag. But it spiraled out of control. Many anime feature gags that fans adore. But Sakura’s constant anger toward Naruto became excessive.

It became a relentless cycle of punches and beratings. This cycle is a prominent reason why fans developed such strong hatred. In the world of anime, balance is key, and Sakura’s antics tipped the scales unfavorably.

Sakura Lied to Naruto

Why is Sakura Hated
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As we all know, Sakura’s love for Sasuke was crystal clear. And Sasuke was deeply absorbed in his mission to kill Kage and anyone obstructing his path. On the other hand, Naruto’s determination to rescue Sasuke was unshakable. He refused to take “no” for an answer.

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In a desperate attempt to divert Naruto’s relentless pursuit, Sakura resorted to a lie. She claims her affection for Naruto and her indifference toward Sasuke. While her intentions may have been noble, this deception raises ethical questions.

Love and friendship are precious bonds. But manipulating them, even for a noble cause, is a sensitive matter.

Final Thoughts

The big Naruto universe is teeming with interesting characters. But let’s be honest, Sakura feels like the black sheep here. Sure, there are a few die-hard Sakura fans out there, but they’re kind of like rare Pokemon.

Every time they tried to spice up her character, it backfired, and she became less charming. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher why Sakura couldn’t get the redemption arc treatment like the others. But hey, opinions vary. So, What’s your take on Sakura’s character? Leave your thoughts below.

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