5 Times Naruto Suffered Through Trauma Alone (and 5 When He Had Help)

Naruto Uzumaki
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Naruto remains one of the best anime despite airing around two decades ago. It dives into a darker side through sad backstories, especially for the main character, Naruto Uzumaki.

If you’ve watched the anime, you should know how many traumas Naruto endured to build a peaceful life in this wrecked world. So, we’ve compiled an article about Naruto, where he suffered alone and when he had help from others.

5 Times Naruto Had To Go Through a Great Ordeal Alone!

Image via VIZ Media/TV Tokyo

Everyone Hated Him Because of Nine-Tailed Fox

People might say Naruto had a lot of help from Iruka Sensei during his childhood, but not until he got into the academy. From the moment his parents sealed Nine-Tailed Fox inside him, villagers shunned him. He had to do all kinds of disturbing things to get them noticed, and in the end, he was alone again. He grew up on the streets and sometimes had to go without food for days.

Naruto Carries Pain’s Burden Alone

Although Naruto made a cool appearance during the Pain invasion, it didn’t last long. He put up a great fight and saved Konoha from Pain until he found out the true goal of Nagato. All the suffering he went through is now on Naruto’s shoulders to carry on and alone.

Had No “Home” To Go Back To

When Naruto used to enjoy playing alone in the evening, everyone had their mother or father to pick them up. Seeing the kids happily leave, holding the tender hands of their parents, would have killed him from inside. There was no one to comfort him and nothing to make him cheerful.

Naruto’s Lack of Talent

Sasuke always had shiny moves to defeat opponents, but Naruto had none. He tries hard to get everybody’s attention, and in the end, all he gets is discouragement. It feels like he takes it positively, but he suffers inside and cries to his heart’s content when alone.

Naruto Never Got to Befriend Others

When we get into Naruto’s flashback, we see how other children stay far from him. Childhood is a sensitive age, and if no one is willing to become his friend, imagine how horrible his days were.

5 Times Naruto Had Help to Get Over Trauma!

Image via VIZ Media/TV Tokyo

Iruka Sensei Becoming a Father Figure

If there is anyone who supported Naruto wholeheartedly, it is Iruka Sensei. Even when Naruto stole the forbidden scroll of Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu, Iruka Sensei almost sacrificed his life. He always fed Naruto his favorite Ramen and stayed by his side during tough times.

Comforting Naruto After Jiraiya’s Death

Jiraiya, without a doubt, played the most critical role in Naruto’s life and brought out the best in him. When his death was known to Naruto, he crumbled and couldn’t take it, but he had friends (Shikamaru, Sakura), elders (Tsunade, Kakashi), and his father figure, Iruka Sensei, to rely on. If it weren’t for them, Naruto would never make it.

Battling With the Person He Cares the Most About

Sasuke was the only driving force for Naruto since Shippuden, and he strived incredibly hard to save him. Ultimately, he had no choice but to get into an all-out battle with Sasuke, where they both lost. He couldn’t have survived the trauma if it had been in the past. However, it was almost at the end of the series, and he had everyone to look after him.

Kakashi & Jiraiya Propelled Naruto To Become His Best Version

Right after Naruto became a member of Team 7 alongside Sasuke and Sakura, he knew Kakashi would become an incredible teacher, apart from continually showing up late. Later, he becomes Jiraiya’s disciple and becomes a stronger version of himself. During the whole time, Naruto didn’t have to go through any ordeal by himself.

When Naruto Freed Obito From the Pain & Responsibility

During the final fight with Kaguya Otsutshiki, Obito is almost nearing his death, and he requests Naruto to end the pain soon. They both had the same dream: to become the Hokage, and as his final words, Obito says, “You better become Hokage.” If it weren’t for being in the middle of a fight, he would’ve crumbled, and the whole Team 7 is there to support him.

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