8 Most Amazing Anime Like Your Name to Watch!

Best anime like Your Name

One of the most heart-breaking anime, Your Name, makes us wonder about emotional bonds and love. Although it has an emotional open ending, it does have many sad moments.

So, what are some of the best anime similar to Your Name? If you’re looking to watch some delightful anime like Your Name, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

Best Anime like Your Name!

8. One Week Friends

One Week Friends- Best Anime like Your Name!

This anime follows the life of a Sixteen-year-old boy, Yuuki Hase, and his crush, Kaori Fujimiya. He learns that her memory is reset every week due to an accident, and thus he tries to become friends with her every week. Will Kaori keep pushing everyone away forever, or will something change?


  • Both anime are based on the idea of memory to a certain extent.
  • In both anime, we understand having crushes and loving someone.
  • The kindness and funny attributes of the main characters are captured in both the anime. 

7. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time- Best Anime like Your Name!

This hilarious Sci-fi Romance anime deals with the idea of a girl who finds the ability to travel through time. Her power might be impacting people more than she realizes. Will she ever realize the impact of her power?


  • Both are romance-based anime with different genres mixed in them.
  • Both bring you surprising twists and turns in the story.
  • The main characters take time to figure out the power they hold and its impact.
  • Both have time-traveling ability as one of the most important abilities, while Your Name also includes a space-traveling ability.

6. Garden of Words

Garden of Words- Best Anime like Your Name!

This anime focuses on the life of a teenage boy who chooses not to attend his class one day and instead goes to the sitting garden, where he ends up meeting a 27-year-old mysterious woman. This beautiful anime focuses on the life of these two people who feel alienated.


  • This anime, similarly to “Your Name” focuses on people who feel alienated by their environment. 
  • The visual effects in both anime are beyond the effects used in most anime.
  • The impact of love, hope, and change is seen through the character’s development.
  • The ending of both anime is open to interpretation.

5. Erased

Erased- Best Anime like Your Name!

A 29-year-old man, Satoru Fujinuma, can leap back in time to a small extent to prevent fatal accidents known as revival. He moves 18 years into the past after the murder of a loved one. Will he be able to save the one he couldn’t save before?


  • This anime focuses on the time-traveling ability like “Your Name”.
  • Both anime focus on stopping a major disaster or death.
  • The idea of corruption, love, and hope is seen in both anime.

4. Orange

Orange- Best Anime like Your Name!

This anime follows a 16-year-old character known as Naho Takamiya. She gets letters from her future self to stop her from making the mistakes she was about to make.

It has a little supernaturalistic element due to this. She learns that she is supposed to save Kakeru Naruse, the new transfer student, from killing himself. Will she be able to save him?


  • This is an anime filled with sad moments.
  • The characters portray the power of friendship, love, and other bonds.
  • The slow realizations of love from the protagonists make the anime series as interesting as the movie “Your Name”
  • The time and space converging abilities of different types are seen in both anime.

3. Weathering With You

Weathering With You- Best Anime like Your Name!

This is the story of an orphan, Amano Hina, who is befriended by a runaway from a rural home in Tokyo, Hodaka Morishima. He finds out that Hina is capable of controlling the weather. Her powers lead the plot of this movie.


  • This is a very heart-breaking movie that will make you bawl your eyes out.
  • The difficulties of the power the characters hold and their impact on the people around them are noticed.
  • In both anime, the main characters are torn apart by the unnatural power.
  • We also see a crossover reference to the main character from “Your Name” in this anime.

2. 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second- Best Anime like Your Name!

Distance tests the love and friendship of two characters, Toono Takaki and Shinohara Akari. After Akari shifts to another city, they keep in touch by letters. However, Takaki is moving further away from her, so he decides to meet her for the last time. Will their feelings reach the other? Will they keep in touch?


  • Both anime consists of people who love each other, separated by distance and time.
  • Like Weathering With You, Garden of Words, and Your Name, this anime is the work of Makoto Shinkai.
  • Both “Your Name” and “5 Centimeters Per Second” are stories of young love and missed connections.
  • With similar visual impacts, this movie is just as heart-wrenching.

1. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice- Best Anime like Your Name!

One of the most emotional anime of all time, “A Silent Voice” speaks about the reality of bullying and its impact. A deaf girl is bullied mercilessly by a boy named Shoya Ishida, who wishes to make amends after many years. Their unlikely friendship leads to uncovering a lot of emotional clarity and realizations among the characters. 


  • In both the anime, there are many sad and heart-wrenching scenes.
  • Both the anime have a beautiful open ending that leads the viewer to reflect on life.
  • The thematic content in both anime is very similar.
  • The end is kept open to interpretation, but is understood to be positive in both films.

Final Thoughts!

“Your Name” is one of the famous works of Makoto Shinkai. This anime is not just visually appealing, but also emotionally engaging. The time-traveling aspects of this anime add to the mystery of the film.

So, what do you think about this list of anime like Your Name? Do you have any other anime on your mind? Want to watch more emotionally impactful anime? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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