10 Amazing Anime & Manhwa like Noblesse Worth Checking Out!

manhwa like noblesse/anime like noblesse

Noblesse, whether it is manhwa/anime, the outcome is Rai’s version of the action-packed ride. Of course, the anime wasn’t as good as the manhwa. Still, it is a pretty good watch for the people who mainly gave it a shot for the sake of overpowered MC.

If you loved Noblesse, then your entertainment shouldn’t end here. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of anime and manhwa similar to Noblesse/webtoons like Noblesse. So, if you’re here by chance or intentionally, make sure to check out the whole article.

Manhwa like Noblesse!

1. Black Haze

Black Haze- Manhwa like Noblesse

Rood is an incredible magician (in fact, the strongest) although he is still young. He goes by the name “Blow” to the outside world, and when a mission goes wrong, he is sent to a famous magic school to protect someone.

While he befriends the person who, people call as a monster, he also discovers something peculiar about the school. Now, Rood has to protect his new friends, and along the way, he shouldn’t reveal that he is “Blow.”

I don’t know why, but whenever the word Op MC comes to my mind, I keep recalling Blow from Black Haze. In some way, he is a lot similar to Rai from Noblesse.

While the story is different, you can read this amazing manhwa like Noblesse just for the improbable main character.

2. Lessa

manhwa like noblesse

Lessa follows a demon hunter named Rano who doesn’t remember much about his past but he looks for his little sister. On his journey, he meets a demon who isn’t affected by sunlight.

This person’s name is Lessa, and he seems to remember who Rano is, but Rano doesn’t know who he is. What could this person’s motive be? And could he be related to Rano’s sister in any way?

Lessa manhwa is a lot closer to the concept of Noblesse when you compare the characters’ representation. Well, you’ll find demons in here whereas you find Vampires in Noblesse.

Since you’re looking for a manhwa like Noblesse anyway, why don’t you consider reading this one? You’re sure to enjoy it, and it has numerous chapters to keep you entertained for a long time.

3. Trace

Manhwa like Noblese

Trace sets in a world where species known as Troubles invades the earth and wreaks the balance of the world. There is no way to stop them, and then people with extraordinary abilities appear.

While Sah Gang-kwon hides his ability from everyone, on the other hand, the world’s fate is dependent on these individuals. What’ll happen next?

This manga can get pretty unoriginal in the beginning but wait for it to get better. Once it gets on the track, you’re bound to love it. As for how it is similar to Noblesse manhwa, the world-setting comes to my mind.

Although it has numerous chapters, the story gets better and better, leaving you in suspense and thrilled all the time. Thus, we think Trace is a manhwa like Noblesse that you must read.

4. Monster Child

Monster Child- Manhwa like Noblesse

Monster Child follows two people Charlotte and Charlie involve themselves in something that they shouldn’t have. Now they both need each other, and on the other hand, other people are trying to ruin their lives.

While Charlotte is becoming strong, Charlie is not himself anymore. What will become of these two if they can’t help each other anymore?

I don’t know whether this one counts as a manhwa like Noblesse, but it felt I should include this on the list. There aren’t many similarities to Rai or the plot, but with the amount of action it has, you’re sure to enjoy until the end.

So, since you’re looking for a similar manhwa to Noblesse, why don’t you try this one out? Its approach and concept are different, but it still is a pretty good read.

5. Crepuscule

Crepuscule- Manhwa like Noblesse

Lark is born different from the other kids and when he was taken in by his relatives, everyone bullies him. When the word spreads around that his mother is a vampire, their relatives decides to send him to an orphanage.

Lark runs away from the home, and on the way, he meets Setz, a vampire noble. Setz invites Lark to live with him…..in a true vampire world. How’s his life going to change from now on?

Crepuscule is another vampire manhwa you can read if you loved Noblesse. It has an amazing main character, and the plot is great too.

So, if you feel like reading a manhwa like Noblesse, feel free to check this one out. It might not be as good as Noblesse, but it is one of the best vampire manhwas out there.

Anime like Noblesse!

1. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy- Anime like Noblesse!

2000 years ago, a war broke out between humans and demons, which brought unseen chaos to the world. To stop it, Anos Voldigoad sacrificed his life, hoping to reborn in a peaceful family.

Now he is born in a peaceful family and joined the Demon King Academy only to discover everything he has done 2000 years ago was in vain. Can he set everything right once again?

Rias and Anos Voldigoad are incredibly Op main characters, and you can see some kind of sparks in them. While the story isn’t vampire based, the concept is a lot similar to Noblesse.

So, if you’re looking for an anime like Noblesse, then you need to watch this amazing anime. If you want more anime similar to The Misfit of Demon King Academy, check them out here>>

2. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate- Anime like Noblesse!

Hellsing Ultimate sets in a world where mythical creatures devour humans in the dark and, to exterminate them, an organization named Hellsing has been formed. The head of the organization is Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing.

She has a powerful military that can even suppress an independent country, but it isn’t her strongest weapon. Her ultimate weapon is a vampire named Alucrad who solely exists to eliminate these creatures.

Like Noblesse, Hellsing Ultimate is also a vampire anime and both the main characters are Op as hell. This anime is simply awesome, or I’d say it is even better than Noblesse anime.

Since you’re looking for an anime similar to Noblesse, we got a better one here. So, add this one into your list right now.

3. Castlevania

Castlevania- Anime like Noblesse!

Castlevania follows Dracula who takes on a revenge path when the people of Wallachia burns his wife by accusing her of witchcraft. With this incident, Vampire Dracula vows to avenge her and summons demon armies in the process.

These armies overrun the entire country, and now people leave in fear. Is there anyone who can stop him? Well, I guess you can find it out once you’ve watched this amazing anime.

Castlevania is an awesome anime, but it is written by Western so it might not be for Otakus. But if you’re looking for an anime like Noblesse, then this one is definitely for you.

It has an amazing main character and story is very well written. But we recommend you watch it in English dub instead of the Japanese sub, though.

4. Vassalord

Vassalord- Anime like Noblesse!

The story follows Charles, a cyborg vampire and Johnny, who leads a playboy life. Charles acts as a vassal for Johnny and does all the dirty work for the Vatican. Hence, it is titled “Vassalord.”

Although Johnny deals with an issue from his past every now and then, on the other hand, can Charles resist his craving for the blood? Watch how this duo goes up against various factions.

Vassalord is one of those anime series where the adaptation is successful and you can re-watch over and over again. Although it covers only 1 chapter for the OVA, you can see how great it is.

So, since you’re looking for an anime like Noblesse, you might as well watch it right away.

5. Tower of God

Tower of God- Anime like Noblesse!

There is a Tower where people are chosen and divided as “Regulars.” Some are granted powers according to their desires as wealth, fame, and incredible supernatural abilities.

In such Tower that belongs to the God, Bam, a boy searches for Rachel who left to see the stars. Can he find her? Especially when there are too many obstacles on his way.

Tower of God is one of the best manhwa out there and also one of the best adaptations in 2019 despite a few flaws. In a way, it is similar to Noblesse. The world-building, the character development of the main character are the same in both anime series.

So, if you’re on a hunt for more anime like Noblesse, you can try this one out. Since both Noblesse and Tower of God are manhwa-based ones, you’re sure to find them similar.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Whether you’re looking for a manhwa like Noblesse or anime like Noblesse, you can find both of them from our list. These recommendations might not be exactly similar to it, but you can find a lot of aspects being closer to that of Noblesse.

So, what do you think about our list? Do you think any other one should be on the list? If so, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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