11 Unique Manhwa like Tower of God You Need to Read!

manhwa like tower of god

Tower of God, one of the most popular webtoons in the world which also inspired an anime with the same title and proved even manhwa adaptations could become big hits.

We made a list of manga/manhwa similar to Tower of God which you might have not known that they’ve existed. Then, shall we get into this unique list of webtoons like Tower of God/manhwa like Tower of God?

Manhwa like Tower of God!

11. City of Dead Sorcerer

City of Dead Sorcerer- manhwa like tower of god

In 2014, a group of Russian scientists discover a mysterious substance, SDE01 otherwise referred to as “Mana.” With this discovery, the world starts researching it and after 16 years, it is finally the age of magic. Any person can cast the magic just by downloading an app on their phone and learning some basics.

But, some restrictions have been issued to maintain balance in the world. Still, a man with an obscure red robe goes around killing evil-doers by using forbidden magic spells. On the other hand, a detective named Kim tries to catch him with his genius brain. Read this amazing manhwa like Tower of God to have a great thrill ride.

While ‘City of Dead Sorcerer‘ is not much similar to Tower of God, it shows resemblance in many ways. The art style totally differs from it, but it gives you the same experience even though the premise is different.

Just like the Tower of God, the characters are solid and make you love them more as you go through the chapters. In Tower of God, you get a lot of surprises like introducing Rachel too soon when we thought Bam might take forever to find her. So, we think ‘City of Dead Sorcerer‘ is a ‘manhwa like Tower of God’ in more than a few aspects.

10. Side Kicks

Side Kicks- manhwa like tower of god

Side Kicks is a type of manhwa where you laugh like hell besides its amazing action premise. The story follows Lamia (also known as Dream Girl) who has the ability to make people fall asleep. However, to become a superhero, she must first serve as a sidekick to a superhero.

Soon, she becomes a sidekick for Darkslug, who isn’t a great hero, despite his reputation. But with her cooperation, this duo boards on a journey to get rid of the villains so that they can save the world. Isn’t the concept appealing?

Even though the plot isn’t similar to Tower of God, there are a lot more aspects to compare. Like how Tower of God shows us a completely better story in the second season than the first one, Side Kicks gets a lot better over time.

While both are action fantasy manhwa/webtoons, there are tons of catchy moments in this manhwa that makes you read it more than once. So, if you’re into action fantasy manhwa like Tower of God with a tiny bit of humor, then suit yourself to explore this amazing webtoon.

9. Dice-The Cube That Changes Everything

Dice- manhwa like tower of god

Probably DICE is the most similar one to Tower of God on the list in terms of premises. The story revolves around Dong-tae, who leads a tough life by getting bullied by others until he meets Taebin who sits next to him.

Tae-bin always brings a strange blue cube with him and one day he asks Dong-tae to play a little game. But when he does, he realizes that a second chance in his life is waiting for him as the cube offers one to boost their attributes just like in a video game. But doesn’t great power come with great responsibility?

DICE manhwa makes the reader wish for exact things that the main character gets and at the same time, tells the consequences. And don’t you see that in Tower of God as well? The protagonists are quite similar in personalities as they grow strong from being weak.

In DICE, Dong-tae always idolizes Eunjoo just like how Bam does with Rachel in Tower of God. This manhwa introduces a unique type of ranking system to determine the abilities of the characters like in Tower of God. So, we think it deserves a spot on the list of manhwa like Tower of God.

8. Flow

Flow- manhwa like tower of god

Flow manhwa/webtoon presents you with a great combination of action and supernatural themes with a conventional plot. The plot sets in a world where every child is born under a god and classified as a higher god and a lower god. Children under the protection of lower gods can’t attend high school and they must get a job after middle school.

And the children born under higher gods will study in high school, and they even have the ability to grant a wish by paying an equal price to it. Lee-rang turns back time using this ability and pays dearly for it. The only way to set everything back is by attending high school once again and using his cat god powers.

To be honest, this manhwa is too underrated and these days, you don’t get a story-driven webtoon like this one. Though it is an old manhwa that ran from 2013-2014, it has a lot in common compared to Tower of God.

Just like Tower of God, it gives you hints and makes the story a bit predictable. However, later it turns the tables and surprises you with the level of details in the story.

The story flows very well from the beginning and in the mid chapters, even the author gives you a few hints, you won’t be able to anticipate what happens next. Later, the true beauty of the manhwa comes out and thus we conclude this one as not only one of the best manhwa like Tower of God but the best on the list.

7. Soul Cartel

Soul Cartel- manhwa like tower of god

Soul Cartel is pretty much the kind of manhwa where you feel like everything is going as you suspected but then ends up having a pleasant surprise. The story follows Sihoon, a boy who has lost his parents and is currently living with his older sister.

His normal life becomes exciting when he meets Mephisto that came to this world searching for Faust. Sihoon makes a deal with Mephisto and helps on its mission. If you’re into supernatural manhwa, then this is a good manhwa to read.

The best thing about this manhwa is you can binge-read the whole chapters (episodes) since it is finished. While the ending of this webtoon isn’t for everyone, it still develops various opinions in the audience. The setting and characters highly resemble Tower of God.

The world-building is pretty awesome, and the story is very intriguing. In other words, it hooks you up right from the beginning without much introduction of the characters. So, if you’re interested in reading manhwa like Tower of God, then this one is a good option to choose from.

6. Kubera

Kubera- manhwa like tower of god

Kubera‘s story sets in a world where humans exist under powerful gods also known as “Sura.” With the name of Kubera (one of the gods), a girl is born and her destiny points her out to change the world.

While coming from a small village, Kubera hones the skills, and one day she finds out that some high-ranking Suras burnt her village down to the ground.

Though she feels devastated, she is alone and it is impossible to avenge them. At least that’s what she thought until an elite magician named Asha promises to aid her. Along with this magician, Kubera sets her path to avenge the perpetrators.

By presenting us with some powerful supernatural entities like Suras, Kubera straightforwardly tells us that it is a manhwa like Tower of God. The separation of realms resembles “irregulars” in Tower of God manhwa.

While the art is pretty cool and just for a change, you have a female main character in here. But that doesn’t change the fact that this manhwa is filled with pure epicness. If you’re interested in manhwa like Tower of God, it is worth a read.

5. Red Storm

Red Storm- manhwa like tower of god

If you ask which manhwa on the list consists of more action scenes, then without hesitation, we’d spell out “Red Storm.”The story follows Yulian Provoke, the Young Chieftain of Pareia Tribe, and his life adventures.

As he dreams of becoming the strongest warrior in the whole Red Desert, he finds a master that comes from another dimension. When he gets strong enough to give a shot at his dream, he sets out on a journey to prepare a team of exceptional warriors across the world.

Both protagonists become stronger in the same manner, except, Bam in Tower of God is a lot weaker in the beginning. The art style in this manhwa is like the main aspect and it is even more noticeable by emphasizing some stunning action scenes.

While some webtoons give you an incredible start and go downfall in the midway, this one gets better and better as you go through the chapters. So, if you think you’re into action-fantasy manhwa like Tower of God, then this is a must-read for you.

4. Feng Shen Ji

Feng Shen Ji-  manhwa like tower of god

Feng Shen Ji is a Chinese manhua with a top-notch quality of art and character designs. The plot, art, characters, and everything in this manhua is literally near perfection. The world-building and the setting both are so close to that of Tower of God.

Just a reminder, the story starts a bit slow (just like every Chinese novel) in the beginning but it gets a lot better later on. But make sure to read this amazing manhwa like Tower of God when you’re in the mood for appreciating the quality of it.

The Great Shang dynasty has been ruling the human realm for many years but the Gods didn’t like the new emperor. Instead of submitting to them at the expense of humanity, he decides to face them head-on.

Here comes a rival, Zhou, who follows every order from the Gods just for his benefit. The fate of the dynasty which also decides the fate of humanity is solely in his hands now. The next battle decides the outcome of whether he should give up or fight until the very end.

3. unOrdinary

unOrdinary- manhwa like tower of god

In a world where only strong people with special abilities survive, John Doe is born without any power. He attends Wellston High along with ability users and elites.

But John’s got a secret past which can turn the whole social order of school upside down. What could be so mysterious about his past?

Both Tower of God and unOrdinary show obvious similarities in how they actually depict a supernatural phenomenon. While the setting is completely different since this manhwa sets in an advanced world, you can actually see the similarity between both main characters.

Like how Bam has hidden power in him, the protagonist in this manhwa is quite similar. In the end, it all comes to whether it is a good read or not and we say, you go for it. After all, it is one of the best manhwa like Tower of God.

2. Gosu

Gosu- manhwa like tower of god

Gang Ryong, the best disciple, receives unbearable news about his mentor being killed by his own underlings. Later on, he makes his life purpose to avenge his mentor but unfortunately, finds out that none of the murderers is alive.

With nothing left in the world, he decides to live his life as a dumpling delivery boy. But can he make it just like that without any taste of battle in all of his days? Well, read this exciting manhwa like Tower of God that gives you the ultimate pleasure.

It might not lead the story at a good pace, or it might not show any character development in the first half but everything associates well in the second half. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get bored in the first half because it entertains you with some hilarious scenes.

It explores elements like martial arts and combat which you won’t normally come across. And also uses some fascinating conceptual elements similar to Shinsoo from Tower of God.

1. Black Haze

Black Haze- manhwa like tower of god

Rood Chrishi is a black magician popularly known as ‘Blow‘ and he is also one of the strongest and youngest magicians in the world. As a member of “Opion,” he achieved a lot but now he was sent to helios, a magic school to unveil the mystery of a kid who’s being called a monster (of course by keeping his identity safe).

But things don’t go as he planned and in the end, he ends up discovering some pretty dark secrets of the magic school. It blends a lot of genres and never fails to entertain you.

This manhwa’s strongest aspect isn’t art or story but the main character. Blow is such an amazing MC who deals with situations in the best way possible. Well, this isn’t so like Bam from Tower of God. But in what way it resembles Tower of God?

Well, the supernatural theme, pace, and more importantly, its story improves just like Tower of God. Not just story or characters but the humor in this webtoon is really something else too. So, we think it deserves the #1 spot on the list of manhwa like Tower of God.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Getting the reader hooked up right away when he wants to drop it are the things only possible with Tower of God manhwa. It is an exciting manhwa with an immense world-building, complex characters, and more importantly, the standard plot which constantly surprises you.

In addition to these, the mix of fantasy elements and executing the plot twists at the right time took this manhwa to a whole new level. Just like that, the list we demonstrated above contains amazing manhwa like Tower of God. So, read the article/post completely and choose one that is suitable to your taste.

Anyway, since you’re here for some similar recommendations, why don’t you share your views on Tower of God manhwa? And what will you pick from our list of manhwa like Tower of God? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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