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Yes, the action manhwa we’re about to present you have insane plots. Although you might not find everything to your taste, most of them incorporate some extravagant action scenes.

Since the action genre is loved in every field, whether it be animemangamanhua, or manhwa, we made research thoroughly to create this list. So, we hope you’ll find this list of action manhwa/action webcomics interesting, and here we go!

Best Action Manhwa List!

1. The Breaker

Shi-Woon always gets bullied by a gang of thugs at his school and almost reaches a stage where he wants to commit suicide. But since it requires even more courage, he decides to become strong.

He asks for his teacher’s help, who once beat up a gang like it was nothing. But Chun-Woo isn’t going to accept Shi-Woon as a disciple so easily. How will Shi-Woon get stronger this way?

The Breaker is a pretty awesome manhwa and definitely a good one to start our list with. Although its art gives you Japanese manga vibes, it is still a manhwa. 

It has some amazing characters, and most of the chapters end with a cliffhanger making you anticipate the story. In the end, it is the best action manhwa with an op mc I’ve read.

2. Peerless Dad

 Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons- Peerless Dad

The story follows Noh Gajang, a martial artist who gets through his life challenges and not giving up at all. His journey includes lots of battles along the way, deals with marriage and fatherhood issues. Still, why doesn’t he give up?

Peerless Dad had to be the most unique one on the list. If not for its plot, implementing the action deserves such praise.

The artwork is pretty good, and the characters are drawn very well, including the expressions they make.

Overall, it will be an incredible journey for you if you’re into stories that aren’t much complex and provide scope for action scenarios. Well, it wouldn’t be on the list if it isn’t one of the best action webtoons out there.

3. Burning Effect

Burning Effect-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

The story sets in the Cth century where anyone is sentenced to death for minor crimes like even spitting on the road. Yes, it is a struggle between law enforcement and a revolutionary army.

In the worst block where the administrator is cruel, the protagonist Burner is born, and she becomes a punching bag for the rich people and waits for the day to strike back.

If you love insane action scenes in the middle of every chapter along with some badass characters, then this one is a wholesome action manhwa for you.

The plot is standard, and the artwork is pretty impressive. Since it has like 198 chapters, for now, it is worth catching up to the story, and we assure you that you’ll love it wholeheartedly.

4. The God of High School

The God of High School-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

The God of High School” is the most famous martial arts tournament in Seoul, Korea. Every year, people from across the country participate in it to become the best martial artist.

Jin Mori, the protagonist with top-notch martial artist skills, enters the tournament to fulfill his Grandfather’s wish. To achieve that, he needs to face a lot of obstacles that will uncover a whole lot of mysteries.

The artwork in The God of High School is one of the best ones for sure. In addition to that, action scenes are no joke since it presents the action aspect with maximum effort.

The story varies wholly from time to time, giving the viewer a good experience, and overall, it is a splendid action manhwa that you need to read at any cost.

5. 4 Cut Hero

4 Cut Hero-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

Toven Zeed is the hero who defeated the demon king and saved the princess but surprisingly, it turned out to be a prince. What’s more surprising is he is a Shut-in NEET who plays the games all day.

But since he believes strongly in his dream, he gets caught up in a world of mystical creatures, and even it gets tougher, he goes on challenging every obstacle.

This isn’t some kind of isekai or reincarnation plot but the simple life of a gamer. On the surface, it feels like an action manhwa but don’t get fooled because it is ridiculously hilarious.

But why do you think it is on the list of best action webtoons? Well, you’ll find out soon once you read it!

6. Trace

Trace-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

When some unidentified species invade earth and cause chaos by destroying everything in their way, the only people to face them head-on is Traces. Traces are people with extraordinary powers whom government tries to control.

Sah Gang-kwon is a high school student born with “Trace” ability and Kim Yun-Seong, a thirty-year-old person who acquires this ability recently. The plot revolves around these two characters and sees how they set back everything.

In the beginning, it feels like you’re reading some kind of western comics with superheroes and stuff. At least that’s how I felt, but once you get through a few chapters, you’ll witness its insanity.

The more you read, the more you get attached to the plot and characters. So, if you’re looking for an epic action manhwa, then this one is for you.

7. Red Storm

Red Storm-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

The story follows the life adventures of Yulian Provoke, the Chieftain of Pareia Tribe who desires to become the best warrior in the Red Desert and face the monsters that plague the desert.

The setting of the manhwa is pretty much set in a desert and the characters aren’t that outstanding either. But you’ll be able to enjoy every chapter with some ridiculous action sequences.

The story gets better and better as it gets through each battle. With some pretty interesting side and main characters, Red Storm makes a fantastic choice on the list of best action manhwa/action comics.

8. Vagrant Soldier Ares

Vagrant Soldier Ares-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

The story sets in a world, that is similar to ancient Rome, and the country is known as “Chronos.” A group of Temple Mercenaries and AresMichael, and Baroona are three young warriors with unknown pasts come together.

Read how these three individuals surpass their limits and eventually become the best among their peers. It is an insanely action-packed manhwa with a good storyline.

Although it has background stories for most of the characters, they will only be a short time, and the story gets back on track. So, if you’re into character-driven webtoons, then this one is for you.

9. Afterschool War Activities

Afterschool War Activities-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

Normally, the school’s extracurricular activities will be games, or library, or cultural clubs. However, in this manhwa, that isn’t the case because the characters’ extracurricular activity is military service.

On top of that, they aren’t fighting normal humans but alien species that invaded earth. Can it get any more interesting? I love how they designed the characters giving us the feel of fighting against human-like orbs.

It is a spectacular action manhwa, but this statement only gets justified if you read it until the end. The reason is that story development takes the priority over action scenes.

So, you can pretty much get an idea of how good this manhwa is, and thus, you’re about to witness one hell of an action-thriller manga/manhwa.

10. Flow

Flow-  Action Manhwa/ Action Webtoons

Flow manhwa sets in a world where people are born under two gods: weaker and stronger. Children born under the weaker god cannot study in high school, and instead, they should get jobs after middle school.

In this high school, the children are born under stronger god train to get one thing: an ability to grant a wish if the price is paid correctlyLeerang makes use of this and turns the time back only to regret himself. What can he do to undo it?

Flow is a fantasy-action manhwa with some crazy action scenes dumped in it. The flow of the story is tremendous befitting for the title and with the character evolution, you’ll be amazed for sure.

The author initially gives us hints for the upcoming plot twists, but still, we wouldn’t be able to guess them. It shouldn’t be the last one on the list, but somehow, it fits well in the fantasy genre than action with pretty amusing action scenes.

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Concluding Action Webtoons!

Action webtoons are amazing than any other genre since it is hard to express action in the form of art. But the authors always do a great job in making it possible.

If you’re new to reading action manhwa, then go with one which priors action over other aspects like Red Storm or Solo Leveling. So, this is the end of our list, and we hope you’ve found what you’re looking for.

What do you think about our list? Do you think any other manhwa should be on the list besides these? If so, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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