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Anime takes many forms and invokes various emotions in the viewers, like goosebumps, laughs, cries, and sometimes even makes them sexually aroused. However, most of these fan-service anime that contain a lot of nudity are often censored, masking the best aspect that many admire in these.

There is still a way to watch uncensored anime, even if you mostly find them censored. While there are plenty of websites on the internet you may have tried, we have compiled a simple list of websites that are accessible in almost every region. So, here are the five best websites to watch uncensored anime.


Watch Uncensored Anime in Crunchyroll
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Crunchyroll is always the number one choice if you want to watch anime. You may be wondering why it streams uncensored anime. Well, Crunchyroll does have censorship policies, but not to the point; it censors every anime that is only suited for the mature audience.

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For example, it features uncensored content in the form of some shows like Golden Boy, Yosuga no Sora, and The Legend of Black Heaven. So, unless the country you’re residing in has some strict policies on uncensored content, you’re likely to find a few of these anime shows on Crunchyroll.


Watch Uncensored Anime in Funimation
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While Funimation isn’t your safest bet in finding uncensored anime shows, it always releases uncut versions, and sometimes that also includes the scenes which are censored on other platforms.

However, since Funimation majorly deals with dub releases, you may want to confirm your choice before heading out to purchase it. Regardless, it has such a huge library, and your chances of watching uncensored anime are quite high.


Watch Uncensored Anime in Hulu
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The best thing about Hulu is they don’t necessarily censor the anime content from their end. So, unless their licensing partners already censored the content, you will find plenty of uncensored anime in the streamer. As far as we know, Hulu has several amazing, uncensored anime series, including High School DxD, High School of the Dead, and Prison School.

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While it has a limited library of anime and they mostly contain different genres of anime shows, if you happen to have a Hulu subscription or want to watch a few anime on the weekends, it’s worth giving a try, although we’re honestly sure how many uncensored anime it exactly has because it varies from a region to another region.


Watch Uncensored Anime in HIDIVE
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It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to try out HIDIVE, but it used to offer plenty of uncensored anime shows like Redo of Healer and Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time. However, after AMC took over the streaming platform, most of these shows have been censored.

If you’re the kind that is only interested in uncensored action anime, HIDIVE doesn’t specifically censor them as they’re not apparently as disturbing to young men these days. So, it’s up to you to try it out and see if it works well.

Anime Planet

Watch Uncensored Anime in Anime Planet
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Anime Planet is a tricky one in this case because it is an anime wiki site that only offers streaming options for certain anime shows. So, while we can’t be sure which anime series is available in your region, it does have uncensored versions for several anime shows like Hellsing Ultimate, Perfect Blue, and Paprika.

As we said, if you want to pick the best legal website to watch uncensored anime, it’s better to go for the ones which offer more titles, and the other four are definitely the better options.

Final Thoughts

It’s understandable that anime services in certain regions are not as convenient, and the viewers find it easier to search for other websites on the internet where they can watch them for free. However, seeing as Crunchyroll and other platforms like Muse YouTube channel are making progress in bringing anime to every country, we prefer to promote the legal streaming sites.

Ultimately, it all comes down to buying DVDs if you genuinely want an anime without censorship. So, we highly recommend you try buying one if you can, or else you can also have free trials on almost every website we recommended above. In any case, we’ll also provide a few DVD links to some great uncensored anime if you want to buy them on Amazon.

Best Uncensored Anime to Buy on Amazon:

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