7 Best Yuri Anime Movies Worth Watching!

Best Yuri Anime Movies

There are plenty of yuri anime series like Bloom into You, Citrus, Adachi and Shimamura, etc. However, it is insanely hard to find a good yuri anime movie.

So, what are the best yuri anime movies? Although there are only a few, we’ve managed to gather the best lesbian anime movies with some research, and here we go.

Best Yuri Anime Movies List!

7. Happy-Go-Lucky Days

Happy-Go-Lucky Days- Best Yuri Anime Movies!

Happy-Go-Lucky Days is an anime with compilation of three different storylines. The first one focuses on Yuri, and the rest doesn’t matter to you anyway.

The first story between two women is really enticing, and you definitely can’t hold back your urge to kiss a girl if you’re a lesbian. As for the remaining, they aren’t that good, and you don’t need to watch them at all.

So, you can just watch the first story and get it over with. Although this movie in whole is terrible, the first story is quite delightful to watch, especially if you love yuri genre.

6. ICE Movie

ICE Movie

In the far future, the Mir space station fell to the earth and destroyed every man on Earth. Women began moving with their lives, but when bioterrorism arises, they seek for a protector.

Enter Hitomi Landsknecht, who discover a new technology known as “ICE” along with her comrades. Although this technology gives rise to humanity once again, it also has consequences.

We’re giving our straight out opinion: This movie isn’t great, but decent to the point you can give it a one-time watch. The main story lacks a solid base and the animation doesn’t seem much special either.

However, the concept of the anime will definitely pique your interest. Earth without any men and just women, it is a lesbian heaven. It is pretty hard to find yuri anime movies, so, you can at least give this one a try.

5. The Mark of Emi

The Mark of Emi

The protagonist has a dream of touching her friend Emi, and she couldn’t face her. However, since it is pool day for the class, she ends up borrowing Emi’s swimsuit.

The swimsuit is too small and tight; She ends up feeling the warmth and fragrance from the suit. Is this love? Or just lust?

The Mark of Emi is an award-winning film which has a duration of only 4 minutes. In just four minutes, it executes how feelings mess with people’s mind and how they’re attracted to same gender.

It is not about details, accuracy of shapes or the animation, it is about conveying the truth. It is very short, and you’ll definitely appreciate the message behind this yuri anime film.

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4. Kanamewo


When a young woman returns from the bank, she happens to see a weakened tree goddess whose shrine is under demolition due to a construction work. Feeling somewhat sad, she brings her over to the house.

After a little while, they both get closer with each other and form a delicate relationship of love. But what happens when the Goddess’ shrine gets demolished entirely?

The only reason we bring you with this anime is it is an OVA with a 5-minute duration. Since there aren’t multiple episodes, consider it a web movie and give it a watch.

It was so beautiful and adorable watching the couple act cute and fluffy, even it is only for a short time. There is caring, kissing, crying, comforting, spending time at night by staring at the sky, and what else? Despite how short it is, it is one of the best yuri anime movies we’ve come across.

3. Fragtime


Although Misuzu Moritani is a shy girl and leads a quite ordinary life, she has an ability to stop the time for three minutes a day. She does some pretty naughty things with the ability, like looking under the skirt of other girls.

However, her ability doesn’t seem to have an effect on the school idol, Haruka Murakami. She gets caught by her and even though odds are quite high, a sweet relationship blossoms between them.

Fragtime is one of the most beautiful and emotional anime movies. Instead of focussing the story on her ability, it focuses on their relationship. The animation is quite decent, but the characters are adorable together.

But its ending really beats everything as it leaves you in a desperate state. If you’re looking for the best lesbian anime movies, you should start with this one.

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena

Utena Tenjou has just transferred to Ohtori Academy and not long after, she’s thrown into duels after becoming “the mark of the rose.” On the other hand, Himemiya Anthy is Rose Bride and whoever wins the duels, will receive her.

The one who wins all the duels not only gets her but also power to create a revolution. Utena strives to secure Anthy while trying to figure out the secrets behind the Academy. Will she succeed in either of them?

Branding this movie as a Masterpiece is by no means an exaggeration. Although the story is random and makes the whole movie a bit complex, the rest of the aspects make up for it.

The animation is stunningly beautiful, and you’d fall head over heels for the lesbian couple in the movie. It has been an incredibly rich experience watching The Adolescence of Utena for us, and we hope you’ll have the same.

1. Kase-san & Morning Glories

Kase-san & Morning Glories

Shy and girly Yui Yamada starts dating tomboyish and popular Tomoka Kase. While Yui’s fondness lies in plants and gardens, Kase is the star of the school’s track team.

Despite being the complete opposite personalities, they begin to learn more about each other and as their closeness grows, so does a beautiful relationship.

We’ve always seen romance anime series where the couple try to ask another one out, but this one is different. It throws us into the start of a relationship, and you’ll witness how it troubles them with issues.

However, every relationship needs to overcome a few obstacles. The movie is stunning visually and the characters are so delightful to watch together. If you haven’t watched a good yuri anime movie in a while, this will make up for it.

Final Thoughts!

There you go—The best yuri anime movies list. There are barely any known lesbian or LGBTQ anime shows out there, and it took a lot of time to find these and watch.

So, make sure to give them a try and see whether our opinion on these lesbian anime movies align with yours. Do you happen to know any other yuri anime movie apart from the ones on the list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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