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GL Webtoons, otherwise known as Yuri manhwa/GL comics, have a lot of impact on the modern world. These have become one of the most beloved manhwas out there. Since they comprise of the beautiful art of hot and steamy girls, it is not surprising.

If you’re into GL Webtoons/lesbian comics, then you should check these out. We made a list of GL webtoons that can keep you awake all night reading, and they even help you in unleashing your desires.

Without any more bragging, let’s get into the list of best Girls Love or GL webtoons, and we suggest you read the whole article in case you might miss an amazing yuri manhwa from the list.

Best GL Webtoons/GL Comics to Read!

13. Lilith

Lilith- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Lilith follows Chun Jae Hee, a school teacher who is addicted to masochism. Once she’s out of school, she likes to get whipped by her friend and chief director, Ju Hae Rim. Ju Hae Rim is more than happy to do that, and in fact, she enjoys it.

When Yun Sul-Hwa joins as a teacher at Jae Hee’s school, who already met her a few years ago, secret feelings she has buried all these years begin to unshackle. Now starts the story of two women where one desire domination and other desire love.

If you’re into a whole thing called Girls love, then you’ll love this yuri manhwa to your heart’s content. The story is pretty compelling, and the characters are so damn amazing. With every scene, it gets lewd, and in the end, you can’t stop but get addicted to it.

It is one of those NSFW GL webtoons with tons of hot stuff that makes you completely forget you’re straight. Make sure to have a lot of fun with your girlfriend after reading this amazing GL manhwa.

12. Elixir

Elixir- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Eunha and Siyeon are two love birds in high school until Eunha discovers that Siyeon used a magic potion to make her fall in love. Heartbroken, Eunha splits away from Siyeon, and they both reunite at a business meeting after ten years.

When Siyeon asks her for a second chance to prove her love, Eunha decides to consider the proposal after a bit of hesitation. However, just when they both are about to get back together, more magical forces interfere in their lives.

Elixir starts as a sweet high school romance story and suddenly hits you with a fantasy twist. The setting of this yuri manhwa is as usual, except that it adds spells and stuff. In a way, it is suitable for both the older and younger audiences.

Although there are many GL webtoons/GL comics out there, Elixir stands out from most of them. The only reason we can think of is its execution and the romance it incorporates. So, it is one of the best GL webtoons you need to read.

11. Everyday Lily

Everyday Lily- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Everyday Lily follows two lesbian college girls, where one of them is a realist who is more associated with real-life romance and another one is only used to enjoy 2-D art. When the realistic one hits on the closeted one, they both form a bond of love.

But how cute it would be to have a relationship like that? Facing the obstacles together or, at the very least, taking care of a closeted partner is one of the most beautiful things that can only be seen in GL webtoons.

This GL manhwa is a type that is suited for everyone. It is light-hearted, cute, and funny, making you love it over time. The chemistry between the characters feels so real and especially when they have intercourse.

The art is exceptionally well done, and within no time, you’ll be enjoying it. So, it is one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics that you can’t afford to miss. Try reading it and see how good it is for yourself.

10. The Third Party

The Third Party - Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

The Third Party is about a love triangle of three women who immerse themselves in desires. One of them is about to inherit the GBS broadcasting center. The other ones being an anchor and a backstage producer.

What happens when this trio fall for each other? Especially when one of them is holding a secret that could turn the whole story upside down? Watch how this trio of lesbians experience heaven through mutual exchange of love.

Unless you’re looking for an enthralling and lascivious drama, we recommend you skip this one. It isn’t your typical yuri manhwa, but with continuous lesbian scenes and turns in the story, it never fails to surprise the reader.

It might not give you the best experience out there, but you’ll definitely love the story and interaction between the characters. After all, it is one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics out there.

9. Us Right Now

Us Right Now- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Rina and Noa are a sweet couple living together for four years now. While Rina is busy with her work, she often couldn’t understand how Noa feels about not spending time with her. One day Noa decides to put their relationship to the test.

When Noa confesses to breaking up with her and runs away from her home, she leaves a note behind. If Rina couldn’t find her in 48 hours, there won’t be any “Us” anymore in between them. Can Rina find her and prove that she truly loves her?

The best thing about this Yuri manhwa is, it hooks you up right from the beginning. While the artwork and characters are amazing, the story doesn’t fall behind in the process.

If you’re into GL webtoons/GL comics with a standard storyline and always provide you good lesbian entertainment, then this one should be your no.1 choice. So, make sure to read it on webtoons.

8. Just Right There!

Just Right There- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Just Right There” starts with Min Do Yeon, who was in a normal relationship until his boyfriend broke up with her. Heartbroken, Do Yeon desperately reaches out to her only best friend, Bo Kyung, and they both go out for a drink.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), they visit “Girls Bar,” and Min Do Yeon ends up kissing her best friend, and you know, they don’t just stop with a kiss. Watch how this steamy relationship turns into a beautiful romantic drama.

People often realize some things too late. Like how Do Yeon doesn’t know she is a lesbian until she broke up with her boyfriend. Later on, it depicts how they both take their relationship on to the next level.

With continuous lesbian action, it makes you stay up late, and if you’re reading this with your partner, you’re going to have a great time too. The art is beautiful, the characters are pretty good, but the way it shows you the chemistry is really something.

Overall, it is an amazing romance yuri manhwa and also one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics out there. So, make sure you read it and have some good quality time.

7. What Does the Fox Say?

What Does the Fox Say?- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Yet another yuri manhwa with a triangle love story. The story follows Sumin, a team leader at a mobile game studio and it is owned by her ex-girlfriend, Seju. No matter how many times she breaks up with her, Sumin always ends up with Seju(at least Seju makes sure it happens).

But when a new employee with charming looks joins the team, Sumin falls for her. Does this make her happy? Yes. But not Seju, who is still in love with her. See how these three entangle in a love story that they don’t even know how it ends.

One would call it an amazing piece of work if he/she read it completely. Not just once, but you can read it over and over, yet you won’t get bored. The artwork and translations are pretty amazing for a yuri manhwa.

The chemistry between the characters is truly fascinating that it turns you gay even though you’re a straight person. Once you’re done reading it, we’re sure you’d be craving more GL webtoons like these.

6. Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Ring My Bell is a cute and fluffy yuri manhwa that follows Mai Sohn, a webcomic writer. When she gets a proposal from a major publisher about a webcomic on relationships, she hesitates because she was dumped by her girlfriend recently.

Then she meets her Homophobic neighbor, who behaves normally for a minute and gets awkward the next minute. However, Mai takes an interest in her and decides to get into a relationship which, also helps take upon the webcomic offer.

If you’re a GL manhwa lover, then you should definitely need to check this one out. It is one simple webtoon yet makes you exaggerated. The characters and their interactions feel so real, especially during lesbian moments.

It is truly a webtoon made for women by another woman, and if you’re looking for some steamy girl-on-girl action, you’ve got that plenty too. Overall, we recommend you not to miss these types of GL webtoons/GL comics.

5. Mage and Demon Queen

Mage and Demon Queen- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Mage and Demon Queen is about a mage who always gets in a Demon Queen’s turf of the fight, but only the loss remains in the end. But she doesn’t give up, and the sole reason is that she wants to go out with her.

While she’s trying to take her hand with full of love, adventurers are seeking for Demon Queen’s head. Read how this story progresses with many hilarious, beautiful, and romantic moments.

On one end, the mage character feels annoying, but at the same time, you can’t stop loving her. Although it has a few plot holes in it, you’ll get to read one entertaining GL webtoon. So, in the end, it comes to whether you had fun with it or not.

Thus, we consider it one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics, and if you want to read a good entertaining manhwa, then definitely go for it.

4. Pulse

Pulse- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Mei is a renowned heart surgeon with quite a good life. While her job life is busy and stressful, all the time, she finds sex as a means of joy. She has never been in a real relationship but finds pleasure regularly with different women.

Then she meets a girl named Lynn in the hospital corridor, and this incident turns her view on relationships. It is not that far until she realizes that relationships aren’t for pleasure but affection.

The first thing you would love in this yuri manhwa is how it satisfies your desires with a romance showdown. Later on, the plot gets into love mode, but still, you’ll be able to witness some great girl-on-girl scenes.

The artwork is decent, and the characters are pretty amazing. Overall, it is one amazing manhwa and also one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics out there that you must read.

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3. Her Tale of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Her Tale of Shim Chong” is about two women who wish for the same thing as to leave the world behind and be a free bird. Shim Chong is a beggar who takes care of her blind father, and the other is the bride of a Chancellor who got sold off for the sake of her family.

One day Shim Chong saves her from the river when she attempts suicide. With this incident, a bond of love forms between these women, and eventually, they both fall for each other. But will the world accept them?

Personally, I loved reading this beautiful GL webtoon and never felt like dropping it in the middle. It is so underrated for its beautiful storyline and once you read it, you’ll recognize that it is one of the best GL webtoons out there.

If you haven’t come across this amazing yuri manhwa, then you’re missing something that you shouldn’t. So, make sure to read this one when you feel like reading GL webtoons with alluring characters.

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2. You Were Worth It

You Were Worth It- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

You Were Worth It” is a short yuri manhwa that revolves around a couple- Keiva and Rose. Keiva is a timid girl who always troubles herself mentally and freaks out for small things. On the other hand, Rose makes sure to help her, whatever the situation may be.

How cute would it be to witness such a cute romance with a slice of life storyline? Well, I guess you’ll find it out once you’re done reading it. These two characters literally make the whole manhwa worth it.

While the plot is short and its storyline isn’t that standard, it’ll make sure you don’t get bored even for a second. With tons of cute and steamy moments, it presents you with an astonishing drama of love.

The artwork is fantastic and so unique that you rarely get to such masterpiece artwork. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do it right away because it is one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics out there.

1. Moonlight Garden

Moon Light Garden- Best GL Webtoons/Yuri Manhwa

Moonlight Garden‘s story sets in a brothel where flower maidens provide sexu@l pleasure beyond everyone’s imagination. Dohwa is a girl who hasn’t yet bloomed, and she doesn’t want to live as a flower maiden. So, she decides to change her fate.

She starts making potions that can help her in the future but unfortunately got caught by a mistress named Hyewon. But little did she know, Lady Hyewon is also holding some secrets. Watch how this story turns into a pure romance.

Truth be told, Moonlight Garden is a masterpiece. The art feels so delicate and detailed makes you love it madly. You don’t even realize that you’re shipping too many characters and the romance scenes are OMG!

Once you’re finished reading this amazing yuri manhwa, we’re sure you feel bad for completing it too soon. Don’t worry, though; you can read it over and over again, yet it feels pretty amazing. Thus, it is one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics out there.

Concluding Lesbian Manhwa!

Well, that sums up the list of best GL webtoons/GL comics for now. Since we’re winding up the list anyway, we want you to know that the titles mentioned above are made according to our views. So, make sure to read the complete article and choose the best one.

GL webtoons are meant to read for everyone, and you shouldn’t be ashamed or anything because, in our view, GL relationships are beautiful and more affectionate. We hope you enjoyed our list of best GL webtoons/GL comics.

What is your opinion on lesbian relationships? Do you adore them? If you have any thoughts on our list of GL webtoons to share or spare, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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