Fruits Basket Episode 1: A Lovely Start for Season 2!

fruits basket episode 1

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 1 review

Almost after a year, one of the best anime of the genre “Slice of Life” is back with the second season. The first season of the Fruits Basket was beautiful and heartwarming. And the least we can expect is that the second season will be as good as the first one. If we can recap the first season of Fruits Basket, we’ve seen many beautiful and meaningful things. Moments like Toru giving hope to everyone around her, Somas helping Yuki, and the incidents between Yuki and Tohru are so precious.

Besides fun and beauty, it even showed a glimpse of Yuki’s past on how Akito treated him since he was young. It was a nightmare for Yuki, and it just hardens our heart by seeing Yuki without a smile. But with Tohru around, he always smiles. And with the trailer of Season 2, our excitement got doubled, and here’s the first episode of Fruits Basket, and let’s see how it is and what will happen in the next one.

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The New Opening and Ending

fruits basket

To be honest, I didn’t think that I would like the opening right from the start. But It happened to attract me with the beautiful voice and stunning visuals. The ending of the first season, “Lucky Ending,” was simply beautiful, and after that, I wondered whether the opening or ending would be as good as the old one. But luckily, both opening and ending were good both visually and musically. Make sure to add the new opening and ending to your playlist.

Season 2 brings True Smile on Yuki’s face

fruits basket season 2

Ever since the first season aired, we’ve seen Yuki being cheerful. But in the end, Yuki’s past kept us weeping. With Tohru around him, Yuki always seems so happy, and most of the fans ship them, of course, that includes me. And the first episode of the second season showed a significant change in Yuki’s character. As he becomes the Student council president, he gets embarrassed by his vice-president and soon recognizes he’s friendly. The Yuki we’ve known has always kept his feelings inside and suffered in his whole life. By seeing such a significant change in his character makes us feel comfortable.

There is one more thing we didn’t expect in the episode. And that could be showing Minagawa positively and emotionally. We’ve always considered her as a little annoying character who hated Tohru. But she finally got to see Yuki’s smile, and she’s even grateful for Tohru for making Yuki into the person now he is. It’s a good thing seeing Yuki care for a girl who he barely notices. That’s what I call character development. And Kyo being angry, Shigure being cool and Tohru being adorable as always are yet amazing aspects the Fruits Basket didn’t fail to execute.


Considering the hype of the second season, Fruits Basket gave a kind of fantastic start. And with excellent opening and ending, we’ve got no reason to be upset even by a little chance. It feels satisfactory by seeing the animation and the presentation of each scene. The visuals are beautiful as usual, and the voice actors also did quite a good job.

Overall, the episode was fantastically filled with humor, emotions, and beauty. And in the end, everything was settled, Minagawa staring at the picture of Yuki with her Unrequited love kind of made me sad. But still, the real ship always stays to heart. As we expect, there will be no preview for the next episode. But let’s see what will happen in the next week’s episode of Fruits basket. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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