Digimon Adventure Episode 1: Digital Crisis in Tokyo!

digimon adventure

Digimon Adventure has been one of the best anime series during the 90s. To be honest, I never watched the old Digimon Adventure series. But from the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a  lot of people mentioning the series in Social Media. And when I did a little research, I felt terrible. Why didn’t I watch it? Let’s leave the past because we can’t achieve anything just worrying about it. So, let’s see how was the first episode of Digimon Adventure.

The first thing that caught my eye from the episode is its opening. It somewhat gave off the vibes of watching our favorite cartoon when we were kids. I did listen to the original opening of 1999’s anime, but this one seemed better to me. The visuals are pretty good, and the pace of the opening is remarkable.

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Agumon meets Taichi

digimon adventureFrom the starting of the episode, this is the moment I was waiting to happen. When Taichi tries to save her mother and sister, in some way, he gets dragged into the Digital world. And then when I happened to see Agumon, It was a wonderful moment. It was like watching a pokemon show, and when you suddenly see Pikachu meeting Ash, that’s what I felt for the first time.

Agumon is the first Digimon we ‘ve seen in the first episode of Digimon Adventure. There are yet many of them, and probably we’ll see them in the next few episodes. And can’t wait to see the ultimate forms of those Digimon.

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Agumon’s Evolution-Greymon

digimon adventureAt first, I thought about why it was fighting like it’s a weak Digimon. But when it evolved into Greymon, which was epic. According to the original series, Agumon gains the ability to digivolve into many powerful forms, and each of those forms will include a different name and special attack. We’ll see more exciting Digimon and their ultimate forms in further episodes.

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In this episode, the attacks Agumon used are ‘Baby Flame,’ which lets it shoot an orange and red fireball from its mouth. And ‘Claw Attack,’ which it uses to slash the enemies with its claws. We could see it when Agumon cuts that tiny Digimon that took control over the digital world.

And one more special attack we’ve seen from the Agumon is when it evolved it into Greymon. It’s called the ‘Mega Flame‘ that lets it to Spew ultra-high temperature flames from its mouth to reduce anything in front of it to the ashes. And if Agumon hadn’t transformed into Greymon, they wouldn’t have been able to stop the digital crisis.


Overall, this episode was great with an exciting plot, excellent opening, and good action sequences. The very first episode can’t be more good than this. I loved the new aspect, the story passing in 2020 with modern technology and involving Digimon to fight against Cyber villains. Yet there are a few questions to be answered, such as Will this reboot be able to connect emotionally as the old one did? Will we have a Digiworld like in the original version? And will they introduce some of the old villains instead of just Virus Digimon? Let’s see what awaits ahead.

And for the next week’s episode, the preview showed us a new enemy Digimon, which is trying to take control of the U. S army and destroy the world. Well, can Taichi and Agumon defeat that humongous Digimon to save the world? We will have to wait to watch it. Next week, we will come with more exciting content and until then stay tuned for more updates.

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