Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Confirmed Release Date, Plot, and More Updates

Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date
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“If you’re looking for release date and more info on Hunter x Hunter season 7, keep on reading.”

Hunter x Hunter, although quite long, with 148 episodes to watch before you reach a conclusion, was a spectacular anime in every sense. It is one of the few mainstream shonen anime that has become the face of the anime industry, and many viewers are watching it at a ridiculous pace.

That being said, it’s been almost a decade since the anime aired its last episode, leaving the viewers much to be desired. With such a masterful anime, we expect more episodes, especially with the manga’s ongoing story. So, here’s everything you need to know about Hunter x Hunter season 7, including its plot, trailer, release date, and more updates.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Plot: What to Expect?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 plot
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Hunter x Hunter season 6 has seen the tragic and epic battle between Netero and Meruem, which resulted in the death of both of them as the latter is poisoned by the flower bomb. On the other hand, Gon sacrifices his entire aura (Nen) in order to achieve the adult transformation, from which he defeats Neferpitou easily to avenge Kite.

So, the anime successfully ended the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc with Pariston Hill, the 12th Vice Chairman, and a Triple-Star Hunter becoming the 13th Chairman. According to the manga, the anime will move into the Dark Continent Expedition arc in the seventh season.

At the end of season 6, Ging shows the map of the Dark Continent to Gon, revealing how it is the single most significant part of the entire Hunter x Hunter world. Apparently, the Dark Continent Expedition arc reveals how Isaac Netero and his son Beyond Netero’s expedition to the Dark Continent previously went haywire and how they barely made it alive.

This time, Beyond Netero launches another expedition, hoping to uncover the mysteries of the Dark Continent, and Zodiacs will try to stop him with the help of Kurapika and Leorio. We’ll most likely see the return of Gon and Killua, along with Ging Freecs, in the seventh season of Hunter x Hunter.

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Will There be Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 speculation
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We don’t see a reason why there won’t be another season of Hunter x Hunter apart from, of course, the decade-long wait of the fans. The main reason an anime gets canceled is either due to not having sufficient source material for continuing forward, like The High School of the Dead, or failing to reach audiences’ expectations, like Deadman Wonderland. Hunter x Hunter falls into none of these categories, so it is not a question of whether it gets a seventh season, but when?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 release date
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If things went according to plan, we would already have a seventh season of Hunter x Hunter in 2015. However, the anime had to halt due to the frequent hiatus concerning the manga and the creator Yoshiro Togashi’s health.

Although it has been many years, there is no official release date announced yet, but we can sure hope it will arrive soon in the future. We’re talking about 2024 or 2025 because the author has recently resumed work after recovering from his health issues. These are merely our speculations based on recent sequels of long-awaited anime shows such as Classroom of the Elite, and The Devil is a Part-Timer.

Is Season 7 the Last Season of Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter Season 7
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As of now, the anime stands at 148 episodes. So, technically, season 6 is the last season of Hunter x Hunter, but even if the seventh season comes along, it won’t be the last one for several reasons.

For one, the next story arc the anime adapts will be the Dark Continent Expedition arc, which is not the last arc in the manga as another arc (Succession Contest arc) after that is already running in the 33rd volume and successfully reached 400 chapters in the manga’s entirety.

Given the massive world of Hunter x Hunter, it is highly possible that the story could go on for plenty more chapters, and obviously, there is a great deal of content the anime can use as source material to produce multiple seasons.

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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Trailer

Since there is no official announcement of the anime being in production or a release date, no trailer has been released as of yet. However, you can watch some great fan-made trailers using manga panels on YouTube and relish them for the time being until the anime arrives. We’ll update you on the trailer once the official confirmation arrives regarding Hunter x Hunter season 7.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Where to Watch?

Depending on your region, Hunter x Hunter is available in several streaming services, including Prime Video, Peacock, Tubi, Hulu, and Netflix. So, it varies according to the country you reside in, but we’ll provide a streaming link below.

If Hunter x Hunter season 7 is to be released soon enough, it should be available on Crunchyroll or any of the above streaming platforms, depending on the licensing decisions.

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