My Hero Academia Episode 81: The School Festival Begins and So a new Threat!

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My Hero Academia Episode Overview!

The previous episode of My Hero Academia  Season 4 was fun and entertaining. It mostly felt like a warm-up episode in the prior action episodes. And this week, My Hero Academia is back the School Festival.

We’ve been waiting for the school festival since the end of the previous arc. Well, It’s finally here with more exciting stuff and revealing two new characters which made us excite even more for the next episode.

The episode began with Mina Ashido showing off her dancing skills to her friends of Class A of U.A high school. And Deku shows interest in learning those incredible dance moves, which he thinks might be cool if he uses them in action.

That’s what we expect from Deku anyway. And as class begins, Mr.Aizawa announces to them about the school festival and goes back to sleep in his funny sleeping bag. And students get freaked out about what they’re going to do at the festival.

As a class representative, Iida takes the responsibility of making the students choose their preferred stalls for the fest. And this is the funny part, just like their characters; the stalls they wanted are very picky.

Deku picks Hero Quiz, as you know, no one knows about heroes better than him. Bakugo chooses deathmatch, which is weird in a fest to have, I mean it’s Bakugo.

Well, as everyone chooses their exciting stalls, in the end, Iida suggests them to make this festival a stress relief one. Now everyone got to choose an event that can be enjoyable for every student in U. A high school. And surprisingly, Todaroki suggests about a concert where everyone can relieve themselves.

However, everyone looks at Jiro since she has a hobby of playing musical instruments, she feels nervous at the start, but in the end, she decides to perform in the concert. You bet, the school festival is going to be good refreshment for the upcoming episodes.

And as the episode moves forward, Deku and Lemillion meet Eri in the hospital because she gets worried about them, which is sweet and cute of her. And even though Eri is lovely and kind, she didn’t smile when Lemillion asked her to do it. Instead, she gave a cute expression pretending to laugh. Deku decides to take her to the school festival to see her smile.

Yeah! Upcoming episodes are going to fill with fun and enjoyment. Probably, this is what everyone thinks! But it wouldn’t be as exciting as action episodes. And with a video that releases on the internet, the heroes yet have another threat to face.

You would don’t want me to spoil for you, and I can’t do that. Well, two new characters reveal, the upcoming is going to be epic and exciting. And the introduced characters are:

In our previous post on My Hero Academia’s School arc, we mentioned the new characters and some of their abilities. Well, if you’re interested in knowing more about the school arc, you might want to check it out.

My Hero Academia's Cultural Festival Arc!

Besides the fun, there is a ten billion percent chance that the upcoming events will be as epic as the previous ones. If you have read the manga, you would’ve already been excited more.

With the League of Villains waiting for the right time to strike and the new threat that’s going to arise at the school festival, the next episode will be a promising one. Overall, this episode is a good starter for the forthcoming events.

Well, let’s look forward to the next chapter of My Hero Academia and hope to see you again next week with the overview of Episode 82. Stay tuned for updates!

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