An Accurate Reborn Filler List Guide for You!

reborn filler list

Reborn was one of the most influential anime shows of the last decade. It ran from the year 2006 to 2010. In a total of 202 episodes, there are 29 reported filler episodes in the anime.

Even though the filler percentage is low (14%), you might want to have a filler-free watch. Well, we’re here you guide you with the Reborn filler list. So, shall we get started?

Reborn Filler List!

Filler Episodes

56, 97, 119, 142-154, 177-189

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes

141, 155, 190

Note: Mixed Canon Episodes contain some part of additional content that doesn’t exist in the manga. On the other hand, manga canon episodes define the story that follows the original events of the manga. But to enjoy and understand the anime completely, you need to watch these Mixed Canon Episodes too.

Best Fillers of Reborn! To Watch!

reborn filler list
While Reborn anime has only a few fillers, you can either watch or skip them. Either way, it doesn’t matter much but if you’ve finished watching the series and feel like wanting more, make sure to take a glance at our recommendations on our reborn filler list. Some of these fillers are incredibly hilarious, and others contain some excellent battles. So, overall, it is worth the time you spend.
  1. Gokudera’s Story (Episode 56)
  2. The Great Chase (Episode 97)
  3. Two Successors of the Sky (Episode 148)
  4. Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist (Episode 145)
  5. Memories of Cloud (Episode 187)
  6. Primo’s Will (Episode 188)
  7. Furious Bolt of Lightning (Episode 181)


That’s it. The ultimate guide of the Reborn filler list is concluded. Now you can enjoy a filler-free watch, and there will be no interruptions in your watch.

So, either if you want to skip the fillers or watch them after finishing the anime, our Reborn filler list will be helpful to you.

What do you think of our list? Are you enjoying the anime so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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