Tower of God Episode 2: The Chosen One Arrives!

Tower of God Episode 2

In the previous episode of ‘Tower of God’, we’ve seen how Bam and Rachel parted. And thus, the journey of Bam to find Rachel began. In his way, he met a ‘Regular,’ and she lent him the sword of her’s to pass the Test 1. As Bam entered the next level, test 2 began, and since the test was about survival, it is ended mostly as a cliffhanger. We don’t know yet whether Bam survived in the test or not. Well, let’s see what happened in today’s episode.

There are a lot of things that happened in the second episode of ‘Tower of God’, which lead to interesting assumptions. With every episode, this anime will definitely get better as episode 2 proved it.

Bam meets Khun and Rak

tower of god episode 2 At the end of the first episode, Bam seemed to be in trouble. But when Khun appeared, as a Webtoon reader, I can expect what’ll happen next. And luckily, Bam is able to survive in the second test. The Alligator man-Rak seemed quite interesting, and he reminded me of Inosuke from Demon Slayer. He is more like a person who wants to fight against a stronger opponent than being friendly.

And there were other participants like Anak Zahard(Green girl) and Hatsu(Swordsman), who are way more potent than other participants. And when the test came to an end, they had to choose allies. Probably, this is the turn that’ll take the anime into a whole new level because showing the pivotal characters like this is guessable on how the anime will turn out.

The Chosen One

tower of god episode 2The Chosen One-I meant Bam. Even though he doesn’t know how to fight like a warrior. But deep down his consciousness, there is an answer waiting for him on who he is going to become. When a ranked from the Tower comes to welcome the qualified participants, he presents a challenge before them to determine how many of them will be chosen by the Gods. Well, the Divine water ‘Shinso‘ is used to create a barrier by pushing everyone back, and only a few were able to pass through it. Besides that, Shinso didn’t even move Bam an inch, and that’s how Ranker knows that a monster has entered the race.

Since the first episode, the story has shown us the relationship between Rachel and Bam. And more that, there is a slight glimpse of how the character development of Bam will take place. For now, we’re not able to see Bam in action. But probably in upcoming episodes, we’ll get to view it. And besides that, there are yet more characters to shine in front of us in this unlasting journey of ‘Tower of God.’


Even though we get to see only a few action sequences from the past two episodes, the pace of the anime is incredible. And the introduction of characters seems to excite us even more. With a few entertaining characters and beautiful animation, we got to admit, episode 2 of ‘Tower of God’ has improved in a lot of ways. Overall, the episode was great, with some pretty good scenes and character entries.

These two episodes began with a series of mundane visuals and left us with many unanswered questions yet gave us a glimpse of what lies ahead. Despite these, the most exciting part is how Bam is going to get stronger.

And some incidents from the episode even raised a few doubts about Khun. Especially when the Ranker says, Bam not to trust Khun. Since there is no preview for the next episode, the least we can do is assume the aftermath events or simply wait for it.

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