Tower of God Episode 4: Black March vs. Green April!

Tower of God Episode 4

In the previous episode of Tower of God, we’ve seen Khun’s past, Bam noticing Rachel and such things. It was a satisfying episode with a bunch of surprises. And the ending confirmed our doubts about the girl who is in a hood dress cut. But the previous episode did end with a cliffhanger without knowing the fact whether Bam is going to meet her or not. Well, let’s see what’s exciting and entertaining in today’s episode of ‘Tower of God.’

Tower of God Episode 4 Review!

The Logic of Doorway Game

tower of god episode 4

The doorway has been much interesting than the previous tasks that were given to the participants. But when Lero Ro invited participants by making them an exciting offer to pass all of the tests in an instant time. However, there’s a little trick to it. Since the game depends on the crown holder, it doesn’t matter when they arrive in the arena. But since the number of participants increases as the rounds of the game advance.

And with Anak sitting on the throne with the crown, it has become pretty tough for the other participants. But only one person was able to drag their team to the disqualifying path. And it could be Baam and how’d he do that when he’s weak. It was all Anak’s fault for giving onto her emotions. But it leads to an epic showdown later.

Black March vs. Green April

tower of god episode 4

You might’ve been confusing by the title in the above heading, as well as the title of this post.  Both “Black March” and “Green April” are the names of weapons that belong to the 13 Months Series. Coming back to the topic, while Anak loses her temper after witnessing the Black March in the hands of a weakling like Bam, it did lead to a new bet between those two.

If Bam’s team survives till the end of the game, the weapon he borrowed from Yuri will continue to be with him. Otherwise, it passes to Anak. Since Bam is weak right now, it’s hard for him to defend against other teams. Of course, Khun and Rak are, strong but it doesn’t make it any easier because the team which killed 197 participants in an instant of time awaits to enter.


To be honest, I’m excited to death to see what happens in the next episode. The showdown of Khun at the end was impressive, and I’m still wondering what’s with the suitcase he always holds? Back in episode 2 of Tower of God, it took a bit of time to pass through shinsu. And there are few more questions left unanswered in today’s episode. At the beginning of the episode, Bam yelled out Rachel’s name, and she didn’t respond as expected. But the question is he concluded that she isn’t Rachel and if so, she would’ve responded. Then what is the reason for her not responding to Bam?

Even when Rachel’s teammate stated that she’d kill Bam’s team, she didn’t do anything except spelling out yes from her mouth with a bit of hesitation. It seems like she still cares for Bam as she used to be. But there could be a strong reason behind all of this. If we put out some assumptions, we might get some answers like her past might’ve been like Khun’s, or she could’ve been one of the regulars in the tower. Well, let’s leave these questions to the upcoming episodes of Tower of God. We’ll be back again with the review of next week’s episode. Well then, have a good day!

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