10 Best Anime Like Anohana You Must Watch, Ranked

Best Anime like Anohana
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Are you in search of anime that can evoke the same emotions as Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day? Anime possesses a remarkable ability to touch our hearts and leave a lasting impact.

Released in 2011, Anohana tells a powerful story about a group of friends. They reunite to fulfill the final wish of their departed friend. We bet you are moved by the emotional depth and heartwarming moments of Anohana.

You may be yearning for similar anime experiences that can evoke a similar range of feelings. Luckily, there are several remarkable anime like Anohana.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 series that share the same heartfelt journey. Get ready to shed some tears as you dive into these captivating shows.

10. Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect - Anime like Anohana
Image via Sentai Filmworks

The Student Cultural Society is a haven for misfit students who have found solace in their shared sense of not fitting in elsewhere. Among them are Aoki and Yui, who one day wake up to find themselves in each other’s bodies.

After that, the club members went on a journey to uncover the secrets behind this phenomenon. As the body-swapping continues, these diverse friends forge an unbreakable bond. They struggle with the hardships they face. While also discovering the depths of their friendship.

This anime delves into the complexities of identity, empathy, and acceptance. Consider this series for your next binge-watch after Anohana. You will be sure to be moved by its heartfelt storytelling.

9. Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover - Anime like Anohana
Image via VIZ Media

Love’s complexities shine through in Anohana and Honey & Clover. Three college students, Yuuta, Takumi, and Shinobu, find themselves sharing a cramped apartment. They are handling the challenges of a broken college life.

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Their world shifts when Yuuta meets Hagumi. Hagumi is a talented and intriguing individual with hidden depths. As their stories unfold, heartache, moving on, and personal growth become central themes.

Both anime revolves around a group of friends. They navigate hidden love interests and personal growth. They offer a satisfying watch with a mix of drama, romance, and comedy.

8. Toradora!

Toradora - Anime like Anohana
Image via NIS America, Inc

Ryuuji is a misunderstood individual burdened with the reputation of a delinquent due to his intense gaze. His heart yearns for Minori, a captivating enigma who remains just out of reach. But destiny has other plans as he crosses paths with Taiga, a feisty yet fragile force in his class.

With clashing personalities and conflicting tidiness, sparks ignite between them. Little do they know that secret infatuations for each other’s closest friends are hidden within their hearts.

Both series have similar art styles. Both have relatable, everyday characters and explore the impact of friendships on their lives. The depth of storytelling in both series is bound to leave a lasting impression.

7. Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Natsuyuki Rendezvous - Anime like Anohana
Image via Sentai Filmworks

Ryousuke is in love with Rokka Shimao, a charming flower shop owner. He works part-time at her shop to forge a deeper connection. But it appears that Rokka is unable to move on from her past. Her late husband’s ghost lingers in her apartment. 

Her deceased husband, Atsushi, has been watching over her while she remains oblivious. Ryousuke becomes the first person to notice Atsushi’s presence. It sparks an undeniable tension between them as they both vie for Rokka’s affection.

Both anime showcases the impact of losing a loved one and the struggle to move forward. In both series, the departed loved one is visible to one person, which creates a unique set of challenges and conflicts.

6. Orange

Orange - Anime like Anohana
Image via Crunchyroll

Orange is a tale that would leave Junta envious of Naho’s extraordinary knowledge. Naho receives a peculiar letter from her future self. It warns her of a transfer student named Kakeru’s tragic fate.

Orange is an anime like Anohana that delves into unfinished affairs and regret themes. Naho feels guilt and helplessness as she reads the letters, while Junta and friends carry shame over a friend’s death.

Time serves as a common thread between Anohana and Orange. Menma’s death casts a lingering shadow over her friends. Naho’s foreknowledge places immense pressure on her to make calculated choices. If you’re seeking a romance anime that incorporates the element of time, Orange is a must-watch.

5. A Lull In the Sea

A Lull in the Sea - Anime like Anohana
Image via NIS America, Inc

In a bygone era, humanity thrived beneath the waves. But a faction dared to venture to the surface, forfeiting their ability to breathe underwater.

Enter A Lull in the Sea, where a group of youngsters reluctantly attend an above-water school. They grapple with self-discovery and the weight of discrimination.

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Anohana revolves around a fractured friendship torn apart by guilt and love triangles. While A Lull in the Sea’s tone is lighter, drama permeates every scene. Yet the love triangle takes center stage, where unrequited affections intertwine.

If you’re looking for anime like Anohana, A Lull in the Sea is the right choice. And there’s no doubt that it will move you in similar ways.

4. Clannad

Clannad - Anime like Anohana
Image via Sentai Filmworks

Tomoya Okazaki is a former delinquent. He yearns for a fresh start, but his past keeps pulling him back. Everything changes when he encounters Nagisa Furukawa. Nagisa is a girl who dreams of reviving the school’s drama club.

With nothing to lose, Tomoya decides to lend a hand. As the tale unfolds, he crosses paths with other girls. They each have their own unique struggles and stories.

Both series have a blend of comedy, romance, and drama. They promise to captivate you with a shared focus on similar themes and a common age group.

3. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice - Anime like Anohana
Image via Eleven Arts/Kodansha

Love often blossoms in the most unexpected corners. And Anohana and A Silent Voice masterfully explore this theme of unlikely romance. It’s not uncommon for anime to delve into childhood connections and budding love. But these two series take it to another level.

Shouya finds himself at the center of attention for his bullying of Shouko, a deaf student. But he realizes, as a young adult, that he, too, shares the blame. Now in high school, he sets out to reconcile with Shouko. He seeks forgiveness for his past actions. What unfolds is a remarkable friendship and a beautiful story that will touch your heart.

In both series, a group of characters bears the weight of childhood traumas. Both explore the journey of seeking inner peace and coming to terms with the weighty burdens they carry.

2. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April - Anime like Anohana
Image via Aniplex of America

Prepare to be inspired by Your Lie In April. This anime will ignite your passion and drive. Like Anohana, it explores the profound impact of loss on individuals.

Kousei is a gifted pianist who has lost all desire for music following his mother’s passing. But fate intervenes when he encounters the talented violinist Kaori. Like Junta and his companions, Kousei must embark on a journey of healing and rediscovery after experiencing the weight of death. 

Both anime also delves into the struggles of the supporting characters. Your Lie In April has a more concentrated focus on music compared to Anohana. But both series beautifully utilize music as a powerful tool for communication, which unites people and enables profound self-expression.

1. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! - Anime like Anohana
Image via Sentai Filmworks

If you’re seeking an anime that blends death and mystery, Angel Beats! is an absolute must-watch. Brace yourself for an afterlife adventure anime like Anohana. Our hero, Otonashi, finds himself in the afterlife. He encounters a gun-toting girl named Yuri. 

She leads the Afterlife Battlefront, locked in a fierce war against Tenshi. Yet, Otonashi isn’t easily swayed by Yuri’s portrayal of Tenshi as evil. He decides to give her a fair chance. As Otonashi unravels his forgotten past, he discovers the connection he shares with Tenshi.

In both series, the concept of the afterlife takes center stage. Friendship serves as a powerful theme in both anime. Both shows underscore the significance of embracing personal growth and self-expression.

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