10 Best Anime Like Cowboy Bebop to Watch, Ranked

Anime like Cowboy Bebop
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Cowboy Bebop is a great anime that has made a lasting mark on our culture. It’s often hailed as one of the finest anime creations ever. Director Watanabe created a unique mix of Western, science fiction, and sci-fi elements. It has etched the show into the viewer’s memory.

What sets CB apart is its incredible diversity. It shuffles action, humor, heartbreak, and intensity with finesse. It’s a tapestry of bounty hunters drifting through space. But the anime universe is vast, and other masterpieces exist to explore.

Here are the ten best anime like Cowboy Bebop that share themes, tones, or characters. They all offer a fascinating journey into the world of anime.

10. Lupin The Third (1971)

Lupin The Third - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Discotek Media

“Lupin The Third” isn’t just any anime; it’s a legend. Follow Arsene Lupin III as he strives to live up to his grandfather’s criminal legacy. With a horde of adversaries on his tail, Lupin’s adventures are an absolute riot. From start to finish, this anime will keep you hooked.

Both shows boast pairs with undying loyalty yet emotional distance. And sassy, independent, and drop-dead gorgeous ladies (Fujiko vs. Faye). Plus, the uncanny knack for expertise when it’s crunch time (Goemon vs. Ed). Furthermore, CB’s groovy 70s vibe syncs perfectly with Lupin III’s jazzy, carefree spirit.

9. Carole & Tuesday (2019)

Carole & Tuesday - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Sentai Filmworks

Carole & Tuesday is in the same universe as Cowboy Bebop, and it was created by the maestro himself, Watanabe. This time, it’s a bit further down the timeline. Meet the bizarre music duo Carole and Tuesday. They are chasing their dreams in the music industry.

If you’re a Bebop fan, you’ll groove to the musical vibes and relatable characters. While it may lack Bebop’s action, it compensates with the transformative power of music. Like Bebop, it explores social issues fearlessly. Released in 2019, its exploration of AI-generated art hits home in today’s world.

8. Psycho-Pass (2012)

Psycho-Pass - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Funimation/TOHO animation

Psycho-Pass is a recent anime that feels like a kindred spirit to Cowboy Bebop. It kicked off in 2012, followed by Season 2 in 2014 and Season 3 in 2019. The stage is set in a futuristic Japan, circa 2112, where people are under the thumb of the high-tech Sibyl System.

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This computer network assesses people’s mental states and personalities. Our protagonist, Akane Tsunemori, is a rookie in Unit One of the Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Department. She dives into the dark world of psychopaths alongside her Unit One comrade.

7. Space Dandy (2014)

Space Dandy - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment

Space Dandy was created by Watanabe, the genius behind Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Unlike its predecessors, Space Dandy takes a comedic turn.

Dandy, our MC, is an alien hunter with a killer pompadour and a weakness for curvy space gals. He’s not alone in his quest. He’s got his trusty sidekicks, QT, and Meow, the cat-like alien. They roam the galaxy aboard the Aloha-Oe on a mission to find rare creatures.

Just like Watanabe’s other creations, music is the star of the show. The soundtrack is out of this world, from jazz to pop, techno to rock, and even disco. So, if you’re craving an anime like Cowboy Bebop, prepare for lift-off with Space Dandy.

6. Michiko & Hatchin (2008)

Michiki & Hatchin - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Funimation

Michiko & Hatchin is a 2008 anime series that channels the cool vibes of Cowboy Bebop. It features the dynamic duo of Michiko and Hatchin. At first glance, they might seem like a mother-daughter pair, but there’s much more to their story.

They’re on the run. They are living life on the edge, and they will take us on a ride through society’s hidden corners. Think of it as a fresh take on the CB. Even the director of Cowboy Bebop hopped on board. And create some fantastic tunes for Michiko & Hatchin.

5. Baccano! (2007)

Baccano - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Aniplex of America

Baccano! is a fascinating compilation series. It is a journey across America with various timelines. In this anime, you’ve got this eclectic group of people whose paths cross unexpectedly. The glue that ties them all together is an elixir of immortality.

Now, if you loved Cowboy Bebop, then you will love this show because Baccano! explores the theme of self-discovery. And it’s got a multiple cast of characters that add spice to the mix. So, if you’re on the lookout for an anime like Cowboy Bebop, Baccano! should be on your watch list.

4. Black Lagoon (2006)

Black Lagoon - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Geneon Universal Entertainment

Black Lagoon is a perfect match for Cowboy Bebop fans. It’s an anime that shares Cowboy Bebop’s pulse-pounding action, clever banter, and vibrant characters. It all begins with Rokurou, a salaryman abducted by the Lagoon Company Pirates.

When his employers don’t pay the ransom, he’s forced to join them in Roanapur. Roanapur is a crime-ridden city dripping with corruption. Like Cowboy Bebop, the chemistry between Rokurou and his new crew shines. Fantastic gunfights and heartfelt moments make it a must-watch after Cowboy Bebop.

3. Outlaw Star (1998)

Outlaw Star - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Bandai Entertainment

Outlaw Star is like a cosmic cousin to Cowboy Bebop. They both share the space opera stage with pirates, assassins, and galaxy-roaming bandits. Gene Starwind and James Hawking are buddies running an odd job business.

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One day, a bodyguard gig catapults them onto a stolen spaceship dubbed the Outlaw Star. Their mission is to uncover the Galactic Leyline, a universal library. Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop were made by the same production house in the same year.

2. Samurai Champloo (2004)

Samurai Champloo - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Funimation/Geneon Entertainment USA

Samurai Champloo is a creation by Cowboy Bebop’s visionary, Shinichiro Watanabe. It takes place in an alternate Edo Period Japan. It is about three heroes searching for the mysterious “samurai who smells of sunflowers.”

With its engaging story, good fight sequences, and fine soundtrack, it is an anime masterpiece. It is an anime for all fans looking for an anime like Cowboy Bebop.

1. Trigun (1998)

Trigun - Anime Like Cowboy Bebop
Image via Funimation/Geneon Entertainment USA

The first on our list is Trigun, which is an absolute must-watch. The story takes place on a dusty desert planet called No Man’s Land, bathed in the eerie light of five moons. Now meet Vash the Stampede, a charismatic blond gunslinger. He’s a pacifist, but there’s a colossal bounty on his head.

Trigun doesn’t just pack action; it’s got humor, too. From witty jokes to hilarious visual gags, it’s a lot like CB in that regard. If you’re hankering for an anime like Cowboy Bebop with a Western twist, you should watch Trigun.

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