All Demon Slayer Twelve Kizuki Ranked from Strongest to Weakest!

Demon Slayer Twelve Moons

The anime adaptation of Demon Slayer has Twelve Demon Moons who are the strongest, chosen by Muzan Kibutsuji himself and are under his direct command, which we call them Demon Slayer Twelve Kizuki!

These demons are very powerful as they receive Muzan’s blood, which maximizes their power and allows them to use Blood Demon Art. The twelve moons or kizukis are divided into two groups – the Upper Ranks and Lower Ranks, consisting of six members each.

The Lower Ranks have their respective numbers engraved in one eye, whereas the Upper Ranks have their number in one eye and the kanji of Upper Rank in the other. The Upper Rank are the strongest and the power decreases according to the numbers assigned. 

Demon Slayer Twelve Kizuki/Moons Ranked!


Kaigaku (The Upper Moon Six)

Kaigaku (The Upper Moon Six)- demon slayer twelve kizuki

Kaigaku replaced Daki and Gyutaro after their defeat in the Entertainment Arc. Formerly a Demon Slayer and the senior of Zenitsu, he trained under the Thunder Hashira Jigoro Kuwajima.

He is a coward and opportunist, who after losing to Upper Rank One was prepared to become a demon to survive. Kaigaku’s Blood Demon Art is Electrokinesis, which allows him to control and manipulate electricity at his will, which is lethal in nature.

Gyokko (The Upper Moon Five)

Gyokko (The Upper Moon Five)- demon slayer twelve moons

Gyokko is the most narcissistic of the twelve and gets offended if one makes fun of his art and craft. This most grotesque looking demon has small hands over his back.

Where one would expect eyes are three green mouths while his eyes are vertically placed on his face. When the need arises, Gyokko can transform into his original form, which enhances all his abilities and allows him to transform anything he touches into a fish.

The Blood Demon Art that he possesses is associated with porcelain vases which helps him in transportation, summon fish like monsters, manipulate the cells of those trapped inside and manipulate the water created from these vases. 

Nakime (The Upper Moon Four)

Nakime (The Upper Moon Four)

Nakime was originally a demon who would summon other demons to the Infinity Castle at Muzan’s command. When the original Upper Rank Four Hantegu was defeated, she was promoted to his position.

She can create and detach several eyeballs from her body, which are used to spy on others. She is a talented biwa player with immense speed and reflexes.

Her Blood Demon Art is Infinity Castle, which has various rooms that can be altered and changed with a strum of her biwa. She also creates portals to transport Upper Ranks and help in the undetected travel of Muzan.

Akaza (The Upper Moon Three)

Akaza (The Upper Moon Three)

Akaza is a demon who believes in the survival of the fittest and loves to battle. He has a great desire to become the strongest and enjoys every moment of the battle.

He is responsible for the death of Hashira, Kyojiro Rengoku and numerous others. Akaza is a master in hand-to-hand combat and wields the Blood Demon Art of destructive death.

With the fastest regeneration capacity among the 12 Moons, along with a jest to battle, makes him an intimidating opponent. 

Doma (The Upper Moon Two)

Doma (The Upper Moon Two)

Doma is the second strongest of the Kizuki, who comes off as charismatic and friendly in the first appearance, but is very sadistic and has psychopathic tendencies.

With high intelligence and being clinically apathetic, he absorbs the body of his opponents when need arises. He is greatly skilled in Tessenjutsu and has immense speed and reflexes.

Through the Blood Demon Art of Cryokinesis, he can generate ice and frost from his body that can be manipulated at his will to make it poisonous for those who wish to inhale it. Through his attack of Bodhisattva, he creates a statue which has deadly freezing attacks.

Kokushibo (The Upper Moon One)

Kokushibo (The Upper Moon One)

Kokushibo is the strongest Demon Slayer Moon and is the right hand of Muzan. He has been mentioned many times, but is yet to make an entrance in the anime.

He uses Moon Breathing and was the twin of the legendary Sun breather Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He has extremely fast reflexes, can use the Transparent World which helps him predict the attacks of his opponent, can form Katanas from the detached parts of his body.

Also, his Blood Demon Art allow him to create sharp, blade shaped crescent moons from his flesh Katana. His three sets of eyes are his distinct feature and along with his menacing aura makes him the most formidable of the enemies.


Kamanue (The Lower Moon Six)

Kamanue (The Lower Moon Six)

Kamanue replaced Kyogai, who was excommunicated by Muzan for not being strong enough. After reading his mind, Kamanue was killed by Muzan almost instantly.

Rui (The Lower Moon Five)

Rui (The Lower Moon Five)

Rui was a small boy, introduced in the Mount Natagumo arc, who is calm and polite. With a desire to form a “family”, Rui gave his blood to the monsters of the mountain along with his spider-like qualities.

He can also change the appearances of those monsters to fit his liking. Thread Manipulation is Rui’s Blood Demon Art, which allows him to create sharp threads from his fingers that can cut through anything. Its strength can be increased by pumping his blood through it. 

Mukago (The Lower Moon Four)

Mukago (The Lower Moon Four)

Mukago was the most cowardly of the Lower Rank, who was instantly killed by Muzan inside the Infinity Castle.  

Wakuraba (The Lower Moon Three)

Wakuraba (The Lower Moon Three)

Wakuraba also had little screen time, but he was shown to have enhanced speed, used by him to flee when all the Lower Moons were massacred.

His regeneration abilities are not up to par, as he could not regrow his body after being decapitated by Muzan. However, he was caught by Muzan and killed instantly. 

Rokuro (The Lower Moon Two)

Rokuro (The Lower Moon Two)

Rokuro got the position when Hiaro, the previous Lower Moon, was killed. The character had very little screen time and was killed by Muzan, who felt insulted when Rokuro asked for more of his blood.

Enmu (The Lower Moon One)

Enmu (The Lower Moon One)

Enmu is a sadist who likes to make his opponent have a pleasant dream and then change it into a nightmare. After Muzan killed all the Lower Moons, Enmu was the only one surviving with the mission to kill Tanjiro.

The Mugen Train Arc shows how he can fuse himself into inanimate and large objects. The Blood Demon Art of Sleep Inducement allows him to enter others’ dreams with intractability and ease.

After entering the dream, Enmu can destroy their spirit core which leaves the humans as empty shells, making them easier to be killed in their dreams. 

Final Thoughts!

the Twelve Demon Kizuki all have unique Blood Demon Art, while sharing most of the demon attributes. Their backstories are quite tragic and make the viewers feel for them.

The anime viewers are not aware of all the 12 Moons as they were not included, but the manga readers have much knowledge about them. The Lower Ranks do not have as much screen time as that of the Upper Ranks; yet they do have some impact on the viewers.

Some of them are yet to make an appearance in the anime, and  the confirmation of the third season makes the wait all the more agonizing. So, what do you think about the article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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