The Best “Free Anime Watch Order” Guide for You!

Free anime watch order

Most people say that the anime Free! is meant for only girls. But I think everyone can enjoy it regardless of how the characters’ appearance lean more towards females’ taste.

Either way, you need to watch it in the correct order to enjoy it to the fullest. So here is the Free anime watch order we have compiled to make your watch easier and better.

Free Anime Watch Order!

1. Free!

Free Anime Watch Order!

Right after you made up your mind to watch this anime, you need to get into this first part as it is meant to be watched first.

Although you might find some chronological order and stuff, this is the most accurate order we know. Its release order speaks for itself if nothing else.

2. Free!: Eternal Summer

Free Anime Watch Order!

Once you finish watching the first part of the franchise, Free!: Eternal Summer is the one on the line. It also won the 2014 Animage’s Grand Pix Award.

So far, you need to follow our Free anime watch order, and although you’ve seen a different order somewhere, we suggest you stick with this one as it gave me a clear view of the story.

3. High 🌟 Speed!: Free! Starting Days

Free Anime Watch Order!
  • Episodes: 1 Movie
  • Aired: 2015
  • Watch Here: Netflix!

Actually, Free! Starting Days is a prequel that you need to watch before Free!: Dive to the Future. So, we decided to put it after the “Eternal Summer” and before “Take Your Marks.”

Don’t get any wrong idea that we’re misleading you because this is the most recommended order by even top sources like Reddit.

4. Free!: Take Your Marks

Free Anime Watch Order!

Free!: Take Your Marks takes place exactly between the events of Eternal Summer and Dive to the Future. As we said, you can watch after watching the movie (Free! Starting Days) to get a brand new experience.

That’s what we Anime Ukiyo suggest from our Free anime watch order. So, make sure to do it the right way.

5. Free!: Dive to the Future

Free Anime Watch Order!

With this part, you’ll be saying Farewell to the franchise, but if you’re going to watch any specials and OVAs, that’s a different matter.

So, once you’re done watching Free!: Take Your Marks, continue your watch with this one.

As I said, you can watch specials if you want, and here is the list of Special episodes. These are optional, though!


  • Free! FrFr-Short Movie
  • Free! Eternal Summer- Kindan no All Hard!
  • Free! Dive to the Future Episode 0

A Quick Review on Free! Anime!

Free! anime tells you more about Swimming sport and also brings the beauty of this sport to you. Kyoto Animation and Animation Do studios have done a splendid job with the animation.

With the art being extremely detailed and tedious, it is hard for the studios to represent them as in the manga. Still, we need to appreciate their efforts in providing such beautiful visuals.

If you love swimming, you’ll fall in love with this anime and its characters. So, it’ll be a refreshing yet amazing experience for you. So make sure you watch this anime at any cost.

A Word from Us!

There you go! An accurate and easiest Free anime watch order is here. Before you go and watch the anime, make sure to remember a couple of things.

Firstly, Free! Starting Days is a prequel, but to get the ultimate experience, watch it in the above-recommended order. Secondly, the movies we haven’t mentioned above are mostly recaps of the previous seasons.

So, make sure to keep these in mind and have a great watch. If you have any queries or thoughts, make sure to drop them in the comment section below!

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