Prison School Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Plot, and More Updates

Prison School season 2
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“If you’re looking for info on Prison School season 2 release date and other details, you’re in the right place.”

Prison School is a wonderful anime with an equivalent amount of adult comedy and thrill, which many comedy fans love to indulge in. The first season offered the viewers a terrific experience, but sadly, it was very short, with only 12 episodes to binge-watch.

After finishing the anime’s first season, viewers instantly search for a second season, which results in disappointment as there are no more episodes to watch. With that in mind, we’re here to answer all your questions, including the Prison School season 2 release date, plot, and more updates.

Prison School Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

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The first season of Prison School starts with Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo joining the all-girls high school and quickly becoming the outcast due to their perverse attempts. Despite facing numerous hurdles, the main characters earned their freedom from the Underground Student Council led by Mari Kurihara.

The first season ends with the bad guys getting what they deserve as the boys find their purposes and Kate leading the new underground student council to keep the academy functioning like usual. So, the second season will most likely provide us with a backstory of Kate and why she hated Mari, leading to her alliance with Kiyoshi and the boys. However, her character seems too good to be true to harbor only positive intentions.

So we can expect another round of thrilling mind games between Kiyoshi and the boys as they go against the new underground student council due to some unforeseen circumstances that will show up in the second season. Maybe they will form an alliance with Mari someday, leading to another exciting storyline.

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Prison School Season 2 Release Date

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Unfortunately, the studio J.C. Staff or the licensors Funimation has yet to announce an official release date for the anime, and given how soon anime shows are released after their release date announcements, there is a possibility we may get an official release date once the anime is announced. So, the question is, will there be Prison School season 2 in the first place?

Is Prison School Season 2 Cancelled?

The anime shows are usually not canceled simply because another season is yet to be announced, and it is the same case with Prison School. While anime like The High School of the Dead are canceled due to the lack of source material to move forward, this is not the case with Prison School anime. So, the second season is not canceled, and we can expect it to be in production soon enough.

Will There Be Prison School Season 2?

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Prison School is, without a doubt, one of the most popular anime shows, and although there is no announcement of the anime being in the works, we can expect one soon enough. This is not just a blind assurance because plenty of unexpected anime releases have seen sequels recently, such as Classroom of the Elite and The Devil is a Part-Timer.

With the ever-growing popularity of anime, there are plenty of new studios emerging to take on the projects, so there is a high chance of getting a second season for Prison School, although it may not be in 2023 or 2024 but sometime in the future.

Prison School Season 2: Trailer

There is no confirmation of getting a second season yet, so there is no trailer either. However, there are plenty of YouTube channels that create animated formats of manga continuations or just some exhilarating fan-made trailers. In any case, we will make sure to add the trailer once the announcement becomes official.

Prison School Manga Continuation After Anime

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Prison School manga has a total of 28 Volumes, which ends with chapter 277.5, titled “End of Play.” The first season of the anime covered halfway to Volume 9, which is Chapter 81, titled “Cool Hand Kiyoshi.”

So, if you’re planning on reading the manga from where the anime has concluded, you can start with Chapter 82 and then proceed toward the end until you finish 28 Volumes.

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Prison School Season 2: Where to Watch?

Prison School is available to watch on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. Given how both streaming services are available in most regions, it shouldn’t be too hard to watch the anime. However, you can only watch the first season as the second season is not released yet.

Final Thoughts

All is said and done, Prison School is a kind of anime that deserves a second season and even another season upon that. As we mentioned in the article, there is a high chance of receiving a sequel sometime soon in the future, so you can feel assured. We will update the article once more details surrounding the anime are revealed, so make sure to keep an eye on our website.

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