Your Lie in April Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Plot, and More Updates

Your Lie in April season 2 release date
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“If you’re looking for release date and more info on Your Lie in April season 2, read on to find out.”

“Spring will be here soon. Spring, the season I met you, is coming. A spring without you…is coming.” If this quote makes you tear up like a baby, then the chances are you have already watched the entire season of Your Lie in April. Although it has been years, the anime genuinely affected many lives — in a positive way, of course.

While it is degrading to call the anime less than a masterpiece, some may argue it has a bland start, etcetera. Nevertheless, the ending left us void, devoid of any other emotions other than sorrow, and we naturally desire a second season. So, we have both good and bad news, and we’ll cover them clearly, including Your Lie in April Season 2 release date in the article below.

Your Lie in April Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

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The first season of Your Lie in April has seen the deliberate attempts of Kaori Miyazono to bring Kousei Arima back to music and re-establish him as a young prodigy. Although she found it hard to fit in due to Kousei’s situation, she sacrificed her feelings for him to do what she intended before passing away.

Considering the second season follows up on the aftermath of Kaori’s death, we will most likely see the events that unfold related to Kousei’s career. For example, he could become the world’s greatest pianist, and every song he plays will be dedicated to Kaori Miyazono.

The anime could also take an entirely different route and explore Kaori’s story before she died in detail, showing us her delicate childhood moments and how she admired Kousei with a clear representation.

Although there is no storyline set for the second season yet, given the manga was pretty short, with only 44 chapters of content, our speculation may seem like a far-fetched dream. It would be nice to see the story play out in that manner once the second season comes out.

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Your Lie in April Season 2 Release Date

Image via Aniplex of America

As of now, there has been no official confirmation of Your Lie in April season 2 release date, and the studio that beautifully animated this masterpiece is currently busy with several other projects, such as Mashle’s second season and Solo Leveling anime.

So, we may not see an exact release date in the coming few years, as there has been no word of a continuation for the first season. So, the real question is, will there be a second season for Your Lie in April?

Will there be a Season 2 of Your Lie in April?

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In order to determine whether an anime gets a sequel, there are a few ways. Almost every anime depends on its source material unless it is an original like Cowboy Bebop or Violet Evergarden.

Your Lie in April is based on manga, and considering that it adapted all the chapters from the manga, there isn’t any source material left to rely upon to produce another season.

So, there is only one route: the author has to create a new storyline for season 2 of Your Lie in April to happen. The bottom line is that getting a second season for Your Lie in April is almost impossible.

Is Your Lie in April Completed?

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Although the ending of Your Lie in April gives you hope of a continuation, like as we discussed a story surrounding Arima Kousei becoming a professional pianist, the anime has officially ended. However, don’t be sad because the good news we’ve mentioned earlier will be revealed here.

Apparently, an alternate ending for Your Lie in April was made by a fan on YouTube, and you can find that in the video below. If you’re still not satisfied, there are plenty of fan-made manga chapters that give you a happy ending of Kousei and Kaori getting together as a couple and living a happy life.

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Your Lie in April Season 2 Trailer

Since there is no second season for the anime, no trailer has been made or released. However, in case they decide to release a couple of OVAs or another season in the future, we will make sure to update any details, including its trailer, so keep visiting our website as we also cover sequel possibilities for many anime series.

Your Lie in April Season 2: Where to Watch?

You can watch Your Lie in April on Crunchyroll globally, but in case it is not available in your region, there is a high chance you can stream it on Netflix as well. That being said, there is no season 2 available to stream yet, so we can only hope that the author works on a new story, returning this masterpiece to the fans once again.

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