Top 10 Greatest Anime Chefs, Ranked!

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Anime is a vast universe filled with fantastic characters, unique personalities, talents, stories, and more. Some will highlight remarkable abilities, while others will emphasize romance and fantasy.

Unsurprisingly, the anime would have developed a theme focusing on cooking. Japanese food is undeniably impactful due to its world-class quality, preparation, and presentation. So we decided to list the top ten anime chefs today.

Best Anime Chefs List!

10. Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist

Rin Okamura- Best Anime Chefs List

Rin Okumura is not a professional cook. Instead, it is one of his many jobs, but he has demonstrated that he is highly effective at it occasionally. In fact, he has been cooking since he was a child, showing that he has extensive culinary expertise.

Even while attending True Cross Academy, he cooks whenever possible. He has amazing cooking talents, which he utilized to defeat the stove spirit Ukobach. So, while he may not be THE BEST chef in anime, he surely possesses the ability to become one if he so desires.

9. Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis- Best Anime Chefs List

Sebastian is a Demon that can make anything flawless. Thus we opted to put him lower than the others on our list because it seemed unfair and overkill for the others. Since the Phantomhive family’s butler, Bard, cannot cook meals, Sebastian is also regarded as the chef of Phantomhive House.

As someone who serves aristocrats and other high-ranking members of society, every meal he provides must be of the finest caliber, from breakfast to lunch to supper to desserts and even his spoilt master’s late-night munchies.

He also utilized his innovation to defeat Indians at their specialty, Curry. A curry bread packed with Phantomhive chocolate that appears to be quite delicious.

8. Bols from Akame ga Kill

Bols from Akame ga Kill is ranked eighth on the list. Bols is a genuinely nice and shy person at heart, despite his dreadful appearance. It was revealed when Bols acknowledged his regret for earlier missions involving blowing up villages and voiced his fear that karma would catch up with him one day.

Despite his enormous size and power, Bols is also an excellent cook, as seen by his frequent appearance making meals for his team. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies well to Bols, who, despite his grizzly past, is a family man at heart and a skilled chef.

7. Ryuuji Takasu form Toradora

Ryuuji Takau- Best Anime Chefs List

This option is arguably the most exceptional on this list because we need concrete evidence of his cooking abilities. However, we’re confident in his abilities. Ryuji does everything alone because his mother is not very helpful with chores.

And, if you’ve seen how hard he works to clean the floors, you’ll understand why he rarely relaxes when it comes to cooking. It is ideal for stay-at-home mothers and fathers. As a result, he has extraordinary culinary abilities.

6. Brock from Pokémon

Brock- Best Anime Chefs List

Brock exhibits the broad range of abilities and environments in which a talented cook may operate. After his father abandoned his gym and his children, Brock was left to care for everything. And, while he was a capable gym leader, caring for and cooking for his younger siblings was his actual test of skill.

This at-home experience aided him in becoming a key member of Ash’s party in the show and a substantial contributor to the variety of exquisite food consumed along the road (Jelly doughnuts, anyone?).

Brock is not only a skilled cook in both the kitchen and the wild but also adept at preparing delectable cuisine for Pokémon, showcasing an interspecies palette that few chefs ever get to display.

5. Liu Mao Xing from Chuuka Ichiban!

Liu Mao Xing- Best Anime Chefs List

Despite his age, Lui Mao Xing, who is not Japanese, is regarded as China’s greatest chef. The story takes place during the Qing Dynasty in 19th-century China when the Emperor was feeble, and the country was on the verge of disaster. Furthermore, it occurs during the fictitious “Era of the Cooking Wars.”

It was a time when elite chefs with diverse cooking techniques worked tirelessly to develop their talents and obtain the title of China’s best chef. The Underground Cooking Society is an efficient organization that aspires to dominate all of China through the culinary, and Lui Mao is trying to fight back.

Mao has the pride of a really experienced chef, despite his lack of expertise, and he learned from his mother that a chef’s mission is to produce a dish that makes people happy. He always prioritizes his customer’s needs and is always able to create a new meal that considerably satisfies them.

4. Kazuma Azuma from Yakitate!! Japan

Kazuma Azuma- Best Anime Chefs List

Kazuma is probably everyone’s favorite pastry chef in anime. Azuma Kazuma’s personality is simple to like. He’s upbeat, witty, talented, humble, and ambitious. His goal is to make the greatest Japanese bread, which he thinks will one day represent Japan and be renowned worldwide.

Azuma Kazuma possesses a Solar Hands trait that aids in creating many delicious loaves of bread. He has consistently created incredibly inventive versions of his Ja-pan throughout the anime.

One of his most remarkable achievements was that when one of the Judges ate his Ja-pan, the Judge actually went to heaven. If it doesn’t demonstrate his talent, watch the series to see what else he has to offer.

3. Komatsu from Toriko

Komatsu- Best Anime Chefs List

Despite his inexperience, Komatsu is presently one of Toriko’s best chefs. Komatsu is a brilliant cook, even at such a young age, who can prepare ingredients that many deem inedible or extremely difficult to prepare.

Toriko has also made delicacies that, according to many, would have taken hundreds or thousands of years to prepare in a matter of years, if not days, with very little assistance from other chefs.

He also has to cook for Toriko, Zebra, and Midora. Who all have tremendous, almost ridiculous, mad appetites that are difficult to satisfy, but he does it anyhow. Despite his outward look, Komatsu is a skillful cook.

2. Sanji from One Piece

Sanji- Best Anime Chefs List

As the Straw Hat Crew’s cook, Sanji is responsible for the crew’s health and well-being. Aside from his ability to cook and provide beverages and food for the crew, Sanji possesses a unique combat style that solely employs his legs. He believes that a chef’s hands should be used solely for cooking.

Sanji is devoted to feeding everyone, whether friends or foes and loves cooking. He genuinely appreciates every meal preparation stage, including the tools and ingredients that helped him become a professional chef.

Sanji deceives military chefs and successfully creates a three-course dinner for the marines using leftover ingredients from Jessica, the chief chef, in episode 197. It emphasizes his exceptional cooking abilities even more. In Shonen anime, Sanji is one of the most well-known chefs.

1. Souma Yukihira from Food Wars

Souma Yukihira- Best Anime Chefs List

Yukihira Souma from Food Wars, the son of Yukihira Restaurant owner Yukihira Joichirou, is one of anime’s most well-known chefs. Despite his 500th defeat to his father, he is already a talented chef at the start of the series and aims to one day surpass him.

But, as it turns out, he must first survive the school his father enrolled him in, Totsuki Academy, where he is ridiculed not just by other young cooks like himself but also by Alumni tests. They are now well-known in the culinary world, as this is how the school improves its students.

Only the most brilliant cooks survive at the Academy, and Souma aims to be the best in order to surpass his father.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the top 10 best anime chefs! You should watch the anime described above if you haven’t already. You’d be hungry after seeing the meal portrayed and served by the chefs featured.

Do you have any other Best Chefs in Anime to recommend? Make sure to mention them in the comment section below.

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