10 Best Anime Mothers of All Time

Best Anime Mothers

Every great anime character has a mother who worked behind the scenes to shape them into who they are (for better or worse). While mothers in real life are frequently nurturing and loving, mothers in anime can be downright evil. 

Have you ever wondered what qualities make the best anime mother? Mothers are typically secondary characters in anime, but their presence is essential. Sometimes they serve a greater purpose, such as the development of the MCs.

We have compiled a list of the 11 best anime mothers you will love.

Please note that all names are not listed in any particular order. We think that all mothers are equal and the best!

List of Best Anime Mothers

Bell-Mère from ‘One Piece

One of the most moving tales from the early episodes of One Piece is the one about Bell-mère, which gives Nami much-needed character growth and shows her to be more than just a selfish person.

Bell-mère makes the greatest sacrifice by putting her daughters’ lives before hers. When Luffy slaps Along with all of his might, this arc ends on a nice note of redemption.

Hana from ‘Wolf Children

Hana is left to take care of two kids on her own after her werewolf partner passes away unexpectedly. In addition to dealing with the usual challenges of being a single parent, she has to work to keep her kids’ werewolf side a secret from others. Although Hana accepts the challenge and continues to be a great parent to her kids, this proves challenging.

Despite being human, she tries to comprehend her children’s werewolf nature. She encourages her son when he decides to fully accept his werewolf side and go live in the wild (though heartbroken).

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Carla Jaeger from ‘Attack on Titan’

Making sacrifices is a significant part of parenting. People must give up many of their favorite activities when they are also responsible for raising a child—the ultimate sacrifice made by Carla Yaeger from Attack on Titan. One of the most unforgettable episode endings was seeing her being killed by a Titan. 

Despite Eren’s questionable actions in the most recent season, she had an everlasting, absolute love for him, so she was included on this list. To Carla, “Being born into the world is a unique event that deserves praise and love.” 

Hanako from ‘Pokemon’

We all had that one mother as kids whom we adored. The first person to assist Ash in his quest to become the next legendary Pokemon Trainer was Hanako.

She has continued supporting our beloved Pokemon trainer Ash in the newest Pokemon Journeys up until now. And whether he won the championship or not, Hanako will always warmly greet her son with love and support when he returns home.

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Ojiya from ‘Dororo’

Tragic events have a long history in Dororo’s family. Dororo’s parents, both bandits who oppose the violent samurais, are forced to leave after being deceived by a close friend. Ojiya continues to be brave even after Dororo’s father passes away; she travels through the village with Dororo and takes care of her in any way possible.

This is best explained in a scene where, without a bowl, she lets Dororo pour boiling soup into her hands so that he can eat. It demonstrates how far a mother would go to protect her kid.

Miyako Ishida from ‘A Silent Voice’

It is well known that Miyako Ishida is a strong, devoted mother who will stop at nothing to defend her son, Shoyo. Miyako Ishida is the kind of mother who will defend you when you do something wrong and make them right.

Despite Shoyo’s actions, Miyako never attempted to beat him; instead, she was constantly concerned for her son and tried her best to help him. She truly reflects a mother who will endure hardship to keep her children safe.

Sachiko from ‘Erased’

Sachiko is a potent single mother. She works hard and gives of herself. She works tirelessly and selflessly, watching out for her son Satoru when he was a child and a youngster. Besides that, her abilities as a news reporter are crucial in stopping more children’s deaths by serial killers.

The most amazing aspect is how she shows love and care to Kayo, who comes from an abusive family. Sachiko exemplifies that a mother’s love surpasses biological boundaries.

Trisha Elric from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist

Hohenheim and Trisha Elric got married to start a family. However, Trisha’s husband left her and the children on their own. Trisha realized the harsh reality and decided to protect her children from it. She was a very devoted mother who looked after her children well.

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Trisha showed courage by raising them all by herself. Ed and Al were devastated when she passed away from an illness, and their love for her was so great that they decided to resurrect her.

Sanae Furukawa from ‘Clannad’

Despite being a crybaby, Sanae is a cute mother, and we couldn’t leave her off our list of the best anime mothers.

She occasionally tries out new ideas with bread. She also tutors students at the Furukawa Cram School. Furthermore, Sanae and her daughter have a sweet, loving, and friendly relationship. She looks very young, so she frequently misinterprets her as Nagisa’s big sister.

Inko Midoriya from ‘My Hero Academia’

Inko’s son Deku is presented as the symbol of justice, constantly standing up for what is right and defending those close to him. Without a doubt, his one and only role model is All Might (a Superhero). However, his mother, Inko Midoriya, is the only person who has ever supported him.

Inko encouraged Deku and shared his hope that he would someday acquire a Quirk (special ability) that would assist him in fulfilling his desire to become a hero. And when he realized his dream seemed unachievable, Inko shared every bit of Deku’s pain.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the end for our young hero; instead, he continues to fight alongside his friends, with his proud mother encouraging him along the way.

Kyoko Honda from ‘Fruits Basket’

In the timeline of Fruits Basket, Kyoko Honda has already died. But that doesn’t lessen Kyoko Honda’s charm as Tohru’s mother. She’s smart when solving problems and navigating the difficulties that life throws at you.

Throughout the anime, Tohru expresses some of Kyoko’s wisdom and experiences, providing insight into the sort of mother she was when she was alive.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto).
  •  Hinata Hyuga (Boruto).
  •  Emi Handa (Barakamon).
  •  Akari Kawamoto (March Comes In Like a Lion)
  •  Yukari Nitani (Bunny Drop)

Final Thoughts

We have covered the 11+ Best Anime Mothers that will win your heart. We hope you found the list interesting. While these mothers are wonderful, we would love to know which anime mothers touched your heart. 

If you liked the list, please make sure to share your thoughts about this list of Best Anime Mothers in the comment box below.

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