The Best “My Hero Academia Watch Order” to Follow!

My Hero Academia watch order

My Hero Academia is one of the best action anime shows to come out in this decade. It is only expected that most people are drawn towards it.

So, are you confused about how to watch My Hero Academia? We are here to guide you through our My Hero Academia Watch Order.

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

I. Season 1

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

As you’d watch any other anime, you watch MHA with the first season as it introduces you to the world of heroes and characters.

II. Season 2

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

Once you finish watching the first season, you can jump right into the second season by ignoring OVA and Specials.

If you can afford to watch them, we suggest you try them after finishing the whole series.

III. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

Some people might not agree if I say this movie is canon and a must-watch. But if you’re going to imprint every fantastic moment of My Hero Academia in your head, you shouldn’t miss this movie.

Chronologically, it would be best if you watched this movie right after you’re done with the second season.

IV. Season 3

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

You can watch the third season of MHA either after the second season or after the Two Heroes movie.

I mean, the Two Heroes movie is just an additional action content and only covers a small part of the canon part.

V. Season 4

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

Now, you can continue with the seasons without any movies to interrupt. 

It is by far the latest season of My Hero Academia and the fifth season will come out soon on March 27, 2021.

VI. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

Anyway, you’re going to watch this movie sooner or later because it is fabulous and has a good box office collection.

So, why don’t you do it in chronological order and watch this movie right after the fourth season?

VII. Season 5

My Hero Academia Watch Order!

After watching the fourth season, you can jump right into this one and it’s completely okay even if you skip the Heroes Rising movie and watch this one. But make sure to watch the movie sooner or later.

So, after watching the Heroes Rising movie, get into the fifth season of the anime for endless action-packed entertainment.

As far as I know, specials and OVAs are okay to watch, and if you can’t afford to spend time, you can completely ignore them.

Anyhow, here is the additional filler content of My Hero Academia you might want to watch. To skip filler content, check out our “My Hero Academia Filler List!


  • (Jump Festa) My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training!
  • My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead


  • My Hero Academia: Make It! Do or Die Survival Training

If you’re unfamiliar with the terms OVA and ONA, refer to our article on “What is OVA and ONA?


  • My Hero Academia 2: Hero Note
  • My Hero Academia: All Might: Rising (Two Heroes Special)

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A Word from Us!

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes>> My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising>>MY HERO ACADEMIA THE MOVIE: WORLD HEROES’ MISSION

Well, that’s all for the My Hero Academia watch order, and it is clear that you only need to watch the seasons and a couple of movies from the franchise.

You can skip the other filler content if you want. Suppose you couldn’t watch the movies in chronological order; it’s completely fine because you can watch them later.

So, what do you think about our post? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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